Wikileaks – Interpol Issues Global Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange for “Sex Crimes”

Distribute information on questionable tactics on the Iraq war, no problem… Embarrass the United States with the release of its cables, no repercussions… Threaten to expose the banking cartel, get warrants issued for being a sexual predator… Wanted … Julian Assange. Photo: Reuters Interpol Issues Global Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange for “Sex Crimes” Interpol, … Read more

Flashback: Wikileaks Chief Said He Has 5GB of Secret Docs on Bank of America

Flashback: Wikileaks chief said he has 5GB of secret docs on Bank of America By Sahil Kapur In an interview published Monday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange revealed that his whistleblower website intends to publish a trove of secret documents exposing the corruption of a major American bank. He declined to say which bank, but he … Read more

Lehman Brothers Special Financing Inc v. Bank of America NA et al – Lehman Sues BofA, Barclays Over $150 Million Assets

Complaint attached below… Lehman sues BofA, Barclays over $150 million assets NEW YORK (Reuters) – A unit of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc (Other OTC:LEHMQ.PK – News), which filed the largest U.S. bankruptcy, has sued Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC – News) and a Barclays Plc (LSE:BARC.L – News) affiliate to stop the liquidation of $150 … Read more

Bloomberg – BofA Mortgage Morass Deepens on Promissory Notes Issues

One risk to investors when notes remain with sellers acting as custodian is that an acquirer or creditor of those companies could walk in and take the notes, the banks that disclosed the practice in mortgage-bond prospectuses warned. ~ BofA Mortgage Morass Deepens on Promissory Notes Issues By Prashant Gopal and Jody Shenn Testimony by … Read more

Wikileaks: It Could Take Down a Bank Or Two

Here we go… Just as I suspected… The Market Ticker – Wikileaks: It Could Take Down a Bank Or Two Oh oh… now we know why everyone’s calling for the government to try to arrest Assange: So do you have very high impact corporate stuff to release then? Yes, but maybe not as high impact…I … Read more

M.E.R.S. – It’s Not a Planet

By Trevor Hitchin I would like to ask that you read the message below, with a slow eye, until it makes sense. Then read it again. At the end of the day, M.E.R.S. is not a planet, it is a Corporation, born in Delaware, United States not too long ago. It doesn’t have tentacles, it … Read more

4closureFraud – A Full In Depth Report on Fraudulent Mortgage Assignments by Todd Ruger of the Herald Tribune

Excellent investigative reporting here… Now we’re talkin. Let’s keep this issue hot and forward this story to other media outlets and encourage them to do the same type of investigative journalism in their readership. Offer to help them, link the Foreclosure Fraud Guide on this site to assist them in their task. Once the masses … Read more

Foreclosuregate – U.S. Trustee Taking On Banks in Mortgage Mess – NYTimes

“The U.S. trustee’s perspective is that they exist to stop borrowers from cheating banks. Perhaps they are coming to the realization that banks can also cheat borrowers.” Fair Game Don’t Just Tell Us. Show Us That You Can Foreclose By GRETCHEN MORGENSON Published: November 27, 2010 AFTER examining their foreclosure practices for flaws in mortgage … Read more

FANNIE MAE RESUMES FORECLOSURE SALES four days after its “Help the Homeless” Walk

So a few days ago they “WALK” to help the homeless and shortly thereafter they resume their foreclosure sales… Fannie Mae to Restart Foreclosure Sales on REO’s First some commentary from Kimberly Miller from the Palm Beach Post… Fannie Mae restarts foreclosure sales Mortgage giant Fannie Mae sent a memo to brokers late last night letting … Read more

CitiMortgage – Family w/ Autistic Daughter, Father with Alzheimers, Homeless Despite Making Payments

They made 11 trial payments on time, sent in paperwork as requested and stayed in close touch with Citi. ~ “Citibank gave them a HAMP loan modification and took it away from them – because the house is worth more than the loan, so Citi will financially benefit from foreclosure” ~ Here we go with … Read more

FL 3rd DCA – Sewer Service REVERSED RE Opella v Bayview

“We also direct the clerk to forward a copy of this opinion to the Florida Bar for consideration of conduct in violation of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.” ~ Third District Court of Appeal State of Florida, July Term, A.D. 2010 Opinion filed November 24, 2010. Not final until disposition of timely filed motion … Read more

Fannie Mae to Restart Foreclosure Sales on REO’s

First some commentary from Kimberly Miller from the Palm Beach Post… Fannie Mae restarts foreclosure sales Mortgage giant Fannie Mae sent a memo to brokers late last night letting them know it’s OK to restart some sales of foreclosed properties. While lockouts and evictions are still on hold for foreclosures serviced by GMAC, Bank of … Read more

The Market Ticker – We Were All ****d: Close The Big Banks

We Were All ****d: Close The Big Banks I’d say “I told you so”, but this isn’t exactly news…. what is news is that despite these rulings and admissions – including intentionally covering up bid-rigging – these institutions are not under indictment for Racketeering and closed down. In an 11th-floor federal courtroom in Manhattan on … Read more

Elizabeth Warren’s Job ‘Undermines’ Constitution According to GOP Lawmakers

  GOP Lawmakers: Elizabeth Warren’s Job ‘Undermines’ Constitution In the letters Reps. Spencer Bachus and Judy Biggert sent to the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, the GOP lawmakers challenge the legality of Elizabeth Warren’s authority to set up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. By appointing Warren as special adviser in September, the president “undermined” … Read more

Another Class Action RE Deceptive Loan Modification Practices – Forster, et al. v. Wells Fargo, et al.

Lawsuit Alleges That Loan Servicer Engaged Deceptive Loan Modification Practices New York, New York, November 23, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The law firm of Harwood Feffer LLP ( today announced that it filed a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (NYSE:WFC), and its loan servicing division, America’s Servicing Company (“ASC”), for fraudulent and … Read more

Fraudclosure – Marcy Kaptur on Dylan Ratigan, Inside the Country’s Mortgage Mess

Click Through to View These video clips keep getting better and better… Be sure to watch it in its entirety… ~ Tweet

Thursday, on Thanksgiving day, Casco and her family will officially be homeless

“We’ve never missed a payment on our home in over 17 years,” said Casco. “But JPMorgan Chase wants to evict us from our house.” ~ Facing holiday eviction, group protests bank LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) — A group of homeowners facing eviction over the holidays held an emotional rally in Long Beach Wednesday. The group … Read more

Foreclosure Fraud – Bank of America, GMAC Suspend Foreclosures in Maine

Bank of America, GMAC Suspend Foreclosures in Maine (Updates with Maine attorney general in second paragraph.) Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) — Bank of America Corp. agreed it won’t complete foreclosures in Maine and Ally Financial‘s GMAC Mortgage unit said it will halt sales of foreclosed homes in the state, Maine Attorney General Janet T. Mills said. … Read more

Another Bombshell Interview – Matt Taibbi and Chris Hayes Discuss Foreclosure Crisis

Rachel Maddow Banks burned by their own fraud ~ Tweet

Illinois Class Action on Service – David L. Washington, v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Bank of America, N.A., Country Wide Home Loans, Inc., TCF National Bank and Indymac Federal Bank

Class Challenges Foreclosures in Chicago CHICAGO (CN) – Wells Fargo, Bank of America and other mortgage lenders have been improperly serving summonses in Cook County foreclosure cases since 2007, and a class action demands that everyone served under a court-ordered procedural change be “deeded their properties back.” The class claims that the presiding judge of … Read more