Fannie, Freddie, Storm Stern’s Office, Seize Foreclosure Files

Looks like the foreclosure king has been dethroned…

From a David Stern “insider”…

DJS just lost FANNIE and FREDDIE accounts.
DJS Employees told to gather all relevant files.
Banks will be by to box and remove files later this week.

Most employees on 6th floor are crying knowing that they will probably soon lose their jobs.

The Wall Street Journal

Fannie, Freddie Take Loan Files From Florida Law Firm


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have terminated their relationships with a top Florida foreclosure law firm and began taking possession of loan files on Monday afternoon from the firm, which processes evictions on behalf of the mortgage-finance giants.

Fannie and Freddie had previously suspended all foreclosures that had been referred to the law offices of David J. Stern in Plantation, Fla., a suburb of Fort Lauderdale.

Freddie Mac took the rare step of removing loan files after an internal review raised “concerns about some of the practices at the Stern firm,” a Freddie spokeswoman said.

“We have begun taking possessions of all files on Freddie Mac mortgages simply to protect our interest in those loans as well as those of the borrowers,” the Freddie spokeswoman said. A Fannie spokeswoman declined to elaborate.

Fannie and Freddie said they will move those files to other law firms in the state but that they hadn’t yet identified where they would be redistributed. The firms said they had notified Florida’s attorney general about the decision to remove the files and that the Stern firm had cooperated with the action.

A lawyer for Mr. Stern didn’t immediately respond to inquiries.

The Stern law firm has been at the center of allegations by the Florida Attorney General’s Office of improper foreclosure practices. The office has released depositions of former law-firm employees who have alleged that the firm forged notarized documents and that employees signed files without reviewing them in an effort to speed through foreclosure filings.

Rest here…

Wonder how DJSP stock is doing?


That’s gotta sting…

Now I wonder how many of these future unemployed “deadbeats” from the firm will be facing foreclosure going forward?

If you find yourself unemployed because of this and need someone to talk to, we are here to listen…

Maybe if you talk, you won’t go to prison…

Which mill should be targeted next?

They all operate in similar fashions…



I sure could use some…

41 Responses to “Fannie, Freddie, Storm Stern’s Office, Seize Foreclosure Files”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    Some former FDIC Leader says few banks were involved in creating thie crisis and he parcially might be right, “SEVERAL” is more accurate. Founders of MERS are a dozen at least. but there was more regulatore and other bought congressmen served the banking industry well. And Settlement with 50 AG’s and banks was only worth Two months rent for harmed homeowners. No wonder they didn’t accept. If 60 million were yet fraudulently foreclosed they are not quite done. One very harmed former homeowner.

  2. juicejuice11550 says:

    @C don’t believe that hype!!!!!!!! Are you one of those employees?

  3. C says:

    A lot of the people affected by the layoffs at this firm have nothing to do with the foreclosure department at all. They are not all deadbeats. Most are hard working, down to earth people that are trying to make a living.

    • Seriously! says:

      @ C –

      Seriously – get real!!!! If you, or they, work there and you walk into the building, then you are part of the foreclosure department. The only way, as I see it, is to be excluded from that department you must be a janitor or parking valet.

      “They are not all deadbeats”. Guess what? Neither are the VICTIMS of these mills and the mess the banking and lending institutions have concocted.

      “Most are hard working, down to earth people that are trying to make a living.” And again – so are we!!!!!

      Hopefully you will not lose your job as most of the HONEST Americans have, and hopefully you will never have to deal with the crap that mills such as Sterns, Shapiro & Fishman, and Florida Default Law Group have done to those that are fighting so hard to keep a roof over their heads and provide shelter for their families.

      It’s obvious to me that you are somewhat blinded by the hype from the mills and have not experienced the hell the victims have experienced. And I truly hope you never have to experience it!!!!

      • juicejuice11550 says:

        Right On Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They knew and just didn’t care. Let them cry their eyes out. That’s exactly what they get for making a pact with the devil. Now the devil turned on them….HA HA HA

    • Marla says:

      I agree with what Seriously wrote. If you are an employee and did not know what was going on, find that hard to believe, you all now know what they were doing. They caused a lot of pain to thousands of people. They kicked out babies, children, the elderly, the sick, people who cannot fend for themselves, and hard working people who were put into situtations they had no control over. And the sad part of this is they didn’t care and the only thing they were interested in is the money, houses, cars, boats and whatever made them feel in power. How anyone who still works at the place of horror knowing what went on and still feel good about themselves is beyond me. I understand that people need to made a living, however, when you walk with the devil you become as guilty as the devil. To all Stern employees you better start looking for another job because that place will be going down.

  4. Officer of the Law says:

    It seems like the crooks who run Freddie and Fannie may be trying to hide some evidence from the Florida Attorney General’s office. Naturally, Stern would be in favor of that, too.

    Of course, after Freddie and Fannie get through reviewing everything, all of the incriminating evidence relating to them will disappear, but will they be so kind to Stern? Will Stern be so kind to them and so foolish as to not keep key records for his protection?

    What about State Attorney Michael J. Satz? Satz is supposed to prosecute crimes like fraud, perjury, bribery and official misconduct in Broward County, but apparently, he has been too busy collecting cash to pay any attention to the pleas for help of those tens of thousands of his constituents who have had their homes and life savings stolen. Oh, that’s right. That’s a civil matter, right?

    Is Satz going to continue to look the other way at all of Stern’s crimes or will he take action to make sure that evidence of his relationship as the local protector for the banksters and their mill attorneys doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? Will Stern make sure that evidence is safe for his protection?

    Who will take the fall? I’m betting that it will be Stern although in this type of situation it is likely to be a boating accident. The Bermuda Triangle is a dangerous place especially when the men who run the justice system want to tie up loose ends.

    • Officer of the Law says:

      It looks like a beautiful fall weekend for boating. Will Stern fall over the stern this weekend or does he still have some cash for Satz and Ferrer?

      Seriously, David, you know that you will take the fall if you don’t expose the facts that you were asked to commit crimes for the bankers and that they also paid off the prosecutors to look the other way. You know that old fraud is a civil matter, complain to the regulators BS.

      Naturally, that would be dangerous, but if you don’t want to take the fall one way or the other, you better think about taking your boat and some evidence to protect you on an extended vacation out of the country. You know where to go to avoid extradition, don’t you?

  5. Please check out the following site for signed documents, depositions, Assignment of Mortgages, Allonges, Notes, etc.

    Also, feel free to contribute anything you have. This allows others to compare and share and together, we WILL win this fight.

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