Now it has come to this? Wells Fargo Reposses Fully Paid Off Car

She owns the car but the bank repossessed it

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TACOMA, Wash. – “I don’t know what’s going on. I thought they couldn’t take my car, but it’s gone!”

Yes, Adlantus Newton’s car is gone. Long gone. It was repossessed. Now she and her kids are parked on the porch, with no ride in sight.

“This was my only car,” Newton said. “We’re missing out on a lot of stuff, I can’t take them to choir practice.”

This sad song gets worse. Adlantus thought she had made every payment on the car.

“I paid $299 monthly,by money order every month.”

Even though she has a clear title to the 1999 Chrysler LHS, Wells Fargo bank still took the car and dropped it off in a Kent auction yard.

I called the police, showed them my title, and they still let them take my car,” Newton said.

That’s right, the bank was moving towards selling the ride without having the title.

“And they are telling me to make a payment, no!”

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9 Responses to “Now it has come to this? Wells Fargo Reposses Fully Paid Off Car”
  1. Recoveryless Recovery says:

    “Here is a solution: just form a bank and go on a crime spree.”

    Here’s a BETTER solution; form an armed militia, shower your political leaders with rocks & eggs. Attack & burn down federal government buildings. STOP participating in the mockery of political elections whose outcomes have already been decided far in advance of citizen’s own preferences & votes. Dressing up in tricorns and revolutionary war-era uniforms will only get you laughed at. Try holding up an AK-47 on your next protest if you REALLY want to get their attention.

    And bring extra clips’ll be needing them.

  2. pelucheven says:

    Dear officer of the law,

    you are right, in fact we should all go and buy Mr. Bill Black’s book, I believe the title is “If you want to rob a bank own one”.

    all debts including your car loan were securitized, in fact the same trouble we all have with our titles in our homes we have iy with the cars.

    This person should sue the banksters, their lawyers and the police department.

    No one should be able to take your property without due process.

    all debts, home mortgages, HDLOCS, car loans, student loans, commercial loans, etc. were securitized, if you challenge their standing youmost likely will be able to show they pretender felonious banksters have no right to your property. they destroyed the documentation as well.

  3. Alan Greyson lost in this elections i guess that way people are voting is against there own interest, Grayson was one of the few congressman that was for the people and the people vote him out, I guess that is why they said every country has the government they deserve if we keep voting with our feet instead of our head we are voting against ourselves and even more in Florida were they need more people like Mr Greyson to fight against record Fraudclosures and they vote him out? wow ! what a shame I hope MR Grayson finds another way to keep serving the American People because people like him is the kind of people we need in the government what a shame : (

  4. incognito123 says:

    I guess blood will have to be shed before the police do their job and enforce THEFTS of property and BURGLARIES to homes. These are NOT civil matters, they are CRIMINAL and MUST be investigated and prosecuted as such. PERIOD.

    • RAMONA says:

      so the police dont need to get involved at all when people do not leave their home or go back into their foreclosed home.

  5. Alina says:

    …and Wells says they have no problems – “nothing wrong with our paperwork.” HA!!!

  6. Officer of the Law says:

    When a banker commits theft or fraud, they are no longer crimes. Instead, they are civil matters. However, if you try to take your car back, you go to jail because you are not a bank. Here is a solution: just form a bank and go on a crime spree. After all, theft and bribery are the new ways to make money in America.


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