REPOST Video – Someone is Upset about H.R. 3808 The Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010

Foreclosure Fraud H.R. 3808

(Strong Language Warning)


I sure could use some…

9 Responses to “REPOST Video – Someone is Upset about H.R. 3808 The Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010”
  1. RAMONA says:

    I know it s terrible but when a bank gets robbed I am cheering on the bank robber !!

  2. l vent says:

    They are not going to pass shit. The scums who want to pass it know what will surely happen to them if they do. The American people will then impose their own form of justice on these tyrants. We will truly know then, who these people all are. They are afraid of us now though and are hiding and are afraid to come out because they know what they will get. I did go through the motions though of e-mailing my congressman and expressing my hatred for this evil Bill, HR 3808, and asked him to please, murder this bill tommorrow or else the American people surely will murder them. Everyone wants these people to die a slow painful agonizing death along with BILL HR 3808. Yes, the same kind of death they tried imposing on all of the people through their fake financial crisis bullshit. The NEW WORLD ORDER, being portrayed as Hitler in the video above is nothing more than an evil, hate filled old man that is slowly dying and will one day soon hopefully shrivel up into a dead corpse and never return to bother us ever again. They know their reign of tyranny, hate, death and destruction is coming to a grinding halt. They just do not want to die but God’s will is prevailing and will ultimately prevail. We can never stop paying attention to what these people are doing though, because as history has taught us, they will come back from the dead to try it all again.

    • RAMONA says:

      you know they love tokeep us divided , if everyone, race,religion,political differences,etc. all joined together and was as ONE .we could rule our goverment like we are supposed to be doing.WE THE PEOPLE!!! THATS IS WHY THEY KEEP US DIVIDED BY PITTING EVERYONE AGAINST EACH OTHER.

  3. usjustice4all says:

    I say if they pass this thing, we should revolt. Our homes are in trouble, the county and state governments, the Federal Government (I would have paid more in Income Tax if my interest was not so inflated for years I know it looks bad but this is our alternative in the making), Our retirements are toast, securities are bogus anymore, all feit money, and they want to just wave it okay and make us pay more. I DO NOT THINK SO. We will 86 anyone who votes for HR 3808. Everyday I will go to the office if need be and anyone who can take half a day, lunch, or even a field trip, go, go, go, please help educate your neighbors too. It will mean explaining what they are doing and you don’t have to say you won’t pay, they will not take the money even if you had a payment to mail. That is the sad part.

  4. Susan DeSimone says:

    I contacted New Jersey Rob Andrews and informed him that alot of Americans are aware of the fraud and instructed him to vote accordingly. His response was that he would take into consideration my attempts to
    Quash this bill forever. He is on notice that the people are watching the rulings.

  5. david black says:

    I called congressman baird who is out of office in january . he retired here in washington state. his office seemed surprised that I knew about hr 3808 and the move is on to pass it again. I told him that perjury is perjury and the bums should all be thrown in jail.

    David B.

    • david black says:

      and of course DO NOT PASS or OVERRIDE VETO. There is a guy on bloomberg called Calomeris that claims to be the head of the SHADOW Federal Reserve who thinks that obama should be impeached for daring to veto this bill.

      Aint that special .. all the bums come on Blooberg to talk but NOT ONE advocate for homeowners is ever on they show .

      WSJ AND NYT and WASH POST are all the same way.

      GEEZ I GUESS the PRESS is controlled by the same string as always.

      • RAMONA says:

        you remember when the billionaires gates and others were donating their billions ? where did they donate that money? that was during bush right? quite a few were in the news in meetings and on televison in the news. i havent noticed them as much since obama but they were all involved in this . are they all builderberg?

      • RAMONA says:

        also there was a meeting with all the goveners… I dont remember if that was with obama or bush

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