FANNIE MAE RESUMES FORECLOSURE SALES four days after its “Help the Homeless” Walk

So a few days ago they “WALK” to help the homeless and shortly thereafter they resume their foreclosure sales…

Fannie Mae to Restart Foreclosure Sales on REO’s

First some commentary from Kimberly Miller from the Palm Beach Post… Fannie Mae restarts foreclosure sales Mortgage giant Fannie Mae sent a memo to brokers late last night letting them know it’s OK to restart some sales of foreclosed properties… Read more


How about…

“Help the Future Homeless Walkathon Away from their Homes” faster so we can seize and liquidate them to pay for our legal defenses…

Or maybe they need a little extra cash for the recent $50,000 purchase of their new domain name…

LINK – Really? – The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) Just Spent $50,000 (of basically your money) on New Domain Name


2 Responses to “FANNIE MAE RESUMES FORECLOSURE SALES four days after its “Help the Homeless” Walk”
  1. kravitz says:

    Well alrighty then.

    Don’t Just Tell Us. Show Us That You Can Foreclose.

    “Maybe so. But the United States Trustee Program, the unit of the Justice Department charged with overseeing the integrity of the nation’s bankruptcy courts, is taking a different view. The unit is stepping up its scrutiny of the veracity of banks’ claims against borrowers, and its approach is evident in two cases in federal bankruptcy court in Atlanta.”

    and just so you don’t miss it…

    The Give and Take of Liar Loans

  2. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    Typical of so much and so many in our society – Image trumps substance.

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