Law Offices of David J. Stern Files Notice of Appeal Against Motion to Quash Denial

David J. Stern Notice of Appeal



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  1. housemanrob says:

    What investigation? Oh, the one they started months ago? Who’s heading the wagon train on this? I do not see where Stern is unloading his boat or any of his other opulent toys yet! Doesn’t look he is too worried to me! We still have a long way to go yet! When Stern meets his maker may he get ” the old thumbs down”!

  2. James M says:

    In English it means the Law Office of David Stern is still fighting the Subpoena and intends to do so, until they have had time to move all the evidence out of state and take up residence in Paraguay.

    The Florida Bar has failed to file a friend of the court brief in this matter. The bar has failed to explain that they only keep lawyers in line by threatening to pull their licenses, and DO NOT have the power to prostitute crimes – failed at the opportunity to state the correct authority for prosecuting crime in Florida is the State Attorney Generals office. This shows that the FL Bar is only intrested in protecting lawers and not the general public. One more reason why the FL Bar should never be relied on to protect the public from the crooked and criminal acts of lawers. Ergo Stern’s argument that the FL Bar is the correct body for investigating crime, to the exclusion of the FL Attorney General, is not only wrong, but the Bar is complicit in the slight of hand by not even attempting to correct that false impression.

    If the appeal challenges the AG’s authority I hope the FL AG will go for 57.105 fees and costs . I think the Appellate court would be inclined to grant them just on general principle, to prevent this sort of legal double talk by lawers who believe them selves above the law.

    I suspect the Appeal will be not about the AG’s authority, but focus on one issue – If the lower court abused it’s digression by allowing a subpoena that was overly broad.

    • James, you are 100% correct in your description of what’s really going on within the ranks of the Fla. Bar, but I’m going to take it one step further, not only does the so-called “disciplinary branch” of the Bar routinely DISMISS citizen filed bar complaints…regardless of the overwhelming evidence that is provided, they also don’t seem to have a problem with the fact that there are currently, (give or take a few either way), approx. 200 felony convicted ex-cons within their ranks who are listed as “Members In Good Standing”, eligible to practice law in Fla. I know this because for the past 4 years or so, I have been demanding and receiving a lot of the little-known public record that the Lawyer Regulation Division of the Fla. Bar has so very carefully tried to BURY in the archives! Oh yeah, we ALL hear about it when some greedy, dishonest, unethical, selfserving CROOKED Fla. lawyer gets busted on some felony charge and ultimately winds up going to prison, but what the public DOESN’T KNOW is that the vast majority of them do NOT get disbarred
      like they SHOULD have been, but rather only receive a suspension of their law licenses, and only for a limited time period! At some point, (after they are PAROLED, of course!) they quietly apply for reinstatement
      and in most cases, the worst group of co-conspirators in this massive and ongoing BETRAYAL OF THE PUBLIC TRUST…The Florida Supreme Court, routinely “rubber stamps” their “Seal of Approval” on the reinstatement of these CONVICTED CRIMINALS and turns them loose on us AGAIN! YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE what is contained in many of the criminal and disciplinary files that I have obtained!!! I guess it has come down to this…Before anyone retains a lawyer, they really should run a BACKGROUND CHECK on them to make sure they’re not hiring a convicted felon/ex-con! If he doesn’t flee the country before the warrants can be issued, I predict that David J. Stern will someday “join those ranks”! He and his bunch of incompetent “greenhorns” in the Young Lawyers Division, served me with foreclosure proceedings back in Dec., 2009. Last month, I “kicked his ass” in foreclosure court and walked away with a dismissal of the suit. Now it’s MY TURN to go after HIM and I’ve already begun the process with a formal Bar Complaint
      for a string of Bar Rule violations that he committed during the past year. Of course, it will probably be dismissed for “lack of evidence” (the standard and favorite excuse used by the disciplinary branch), but ANYTHING that I can do to add to his troubles, you can bet I WILL do it! By the way, a 57.105 Motion To Claim Fees, has a statutory 21 day advanced notice requirement, prior to filing. Unfortunately, that will give Stern plenty of time to prepare a response. However, in the end, I don’t think it will really make any difference…HE’S FINISHED! Time for the next “crooked lawyer” to step up to the plate! Happy holidays.

      • Peter Neofotistos says:

        I was outraged when my case against a Florida Lawyer was passed on like I was the one wrong, I hired an attorney to find the fraud concerning a mortgage back in 2006 and to make sure those that stole money at the closing would have to pay for the crimes committed during the mortgage practice. it was indeed what use to be referred to as a confidence scheme The lawyer I hired had an obvious appearance of impropriety concerning the way she assisted Countrywide. Information learned the last year will prove this, The Lawyer and I exchanged several letters l and when I finally posed the question to the attorney via Shanee Clark what did you do to investigate the fraud? Ms. Clark of the Florida Bar felt it was deemed to be further investigated. I was thrilled that justice would be taken care of until I received a letter from Ms, Quintella (Head of the Broward Bar association) that she could see no issues and basically blamed me. I called her and asked why she never interviewed me nor wanted to look at the paper trail left by the lawyer and she did not feel it was important enough or I gather if she saw the paperwork she would have to discipline one of her friends – I remember the Lawyer was a friend of the Fort Lauderdale bar as she always bragged about the good work she performed at her local bar association. If any one wants the disgusting details of the letter exchange please let me know – I am glad to open up all the letter exchanges and will trust it will validate the sleazy incompetence some of the bar members participate in – ( I am sure there must be decent bar members as well and do not want the good ones to suffer from the few bad apples.) I know this example will make a terrific article so reporters out there find me. I left the situation not being able to trust the Florida bar – which I find very sad

  3. Lit Gant says:

    Appeal is the right of law. It is the rule of law a defendant may avail himself to have review of a lower decision. In this case DS wants rights in court he and his miscreants would deny to the home owner in the fabrication of false documents, fraudulent signantures, perjured notaries, and a long list of other criminals. He has slammed-dunked thousands of property owners and gave them no opportunity of the rule of law as Robo-Judges in thinking they are saving the nation, dismiss Pro-Se filed Answers and Affirmative Defenses, sign orders before a hearing, deny Plaintiff’s a right to speak at their hearings, refuse to allow them to set court dates without sending a request letter to the Senior Judge (which in my case since August has not been approved), and then mistreating attorneys defending homeowhers by being overly mean and harsh. (wow what a long run-on clause). Well, let Mr. DS have his appeal. And we trust by the providence of Almighty God, the Constitution, and by the rule of Law in the great state of Florida: his appeal will be denied. It is time for David Sterns and all the other ilks like him, (Elizabeth Wellborn), to spend some time in jail. When will the Florida Bar start investigating these foreclosure muck mills? When? They are putting on a show up there in Tallahassee, but which if any have they put in jail? None! So, let Mr. DS have his appeal. We will see what our new AG will do to remove his crown and put on fool’s blues.

  4. George Frederick& Cecilia Engle says:

    In English what does this mean?

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