Philly Sheriff Sales Blocked in Alleged Foreclosure Fraud

Sheriff Sales Blocked in Alleged Foreclosure Fraud

A federal judge this morning granted a temporary restraining order in the U.S. Attorney’s civil case against Anthony J. DeMarco, who was also charged criminally Tuesday in a mortgage foreclosure rescue scheme involving $31 million in fraudulent loans on 120 properties.

The restraining order shields an unspecified number of properties from sheriffs’ sales until at least February. A hearing on a longer-term preliminary injunction was scheduled by U.S. District Judge Michael M. Baylson for Feb. 2.

An attorney representing Bank of America appeared in court to object to the restraining order with respect to a Riegelsville, Pa., property that is scheduled for sheriff’s sale in January. The attorney was overruled.

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2 Responses to “Philly Sheriff Sales Blocked in Alleged Foreclosure Fraud”
  1. George Frederick& Cecilia Engle says:

    “WELL SAID” Hamlet!

  2. This is EXCELLENT NEWS and one small step in the right direction. We must wrest the control of our courts and law enforcement from the hands of criminals and financial predators. To me, this seems like a no-brainer.

    We should all send our thanks to that federal judge on Monday. Maybe someone can post his name and office contact info.

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