DA Files Complaint Against Lawyer of Family Who Broke Back Into their Illegally Foreclosued Home

DA files complaint against lawyer of family who broke into home

By Stephanie Hoops December 22, 2010 at 7:16 p.m

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office has filed a complaint with the State Bar of California against the lawyer who counseled a Simi Valley family to break into their foreclosed home in October.

Encinitas attorney Michael T. Pines said Wednesday that the DA filed a complaint against him a few weeks ago and he will meet with bar investigators the second week in January. He suggested, however, that investigators are more interested in getting his help on cases against other attorneys.

“They are very uncertain what to do because they are paralyzed and in crisis because they’re flooded with complaints,” Pines said.

Miles Weiss, head of the DA’s real estate unit, declined to comment about the complaint. California Bar spokeswoman Diane Curtis could not be reached for comment.

Depending on how State Bar investigators proceed, Pines could lose his license to practice law in California.

He also faces potential imprisonment and fines in a contempt proceeding that began Wednesday and will continue Jan. 4 before Ventura County Superior Court Judge Barbara Lane.

The contempt case was filed by Thousand Oaks-based Conejo Capital Partners, the investors that purchased the home after Jim and Danielle Earl lost it to foreclosure. The Earls claim Conejo Capital does not own the home because it bought it from a string of lenders who created faulty documents.

Conejo’s lawyer, Gordon Bosserman, told the court about the hoops that Pines and the Earls have put his client through — filing numerous suits in federal, state, bankruptcy and appellate courts. “My client has had to pay for all of this simply because they bought that property,” he told Lane.

The Earls are also being sued for contempt but did not attend the Wednesday hearing.

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8 Responses to “DA Files Complaint Against Lawyer of Family Who Broke Back Into their Illegally Foreclosued Home”
  1. Bob Davis says:

    Judge Barbara Lane was the main judge involved in all the fraud that occured in Ventura County’s probate and conservator department. She received money from all the professional conservators and all the lawyers who ripped off Ventura County’s most vulnerable citizens. She did it for years and apparently is going to get away with it. Justice in America is always going to be flawed with judges like Judge Barbara Lane on the bench.

  2. usjustice4all says:

    What about the attorneys on the others side of the fence, with the Banks. They can lie all they want and even admit it, which is against their vows, and nothing but threats, rather judges being “bothered”. We the people are going to do nothing because the foreclosure, as big as it is and as many millions of people there are going through it, the other 300 million people “Got problems of their own”.

  3. housemanrob says:

    Crooked, crooked, crooked, crooked…………Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit……..TAKE AIM…….Bang, bang, bang, BANG!!!!!

  4. Phred Maldanaldo says:

    Interesting comments following the original article. It seems ludicrous to advise clients to commit a seemingly illegal act. The piece of information missing that might give pause for thought is did Pine and his clients request a copy of the original note at the end of foreclosure and were denied? California statues require that a specific request be made for the return of the original note, and require lenders to issue a certificate of completion or some other substitute for the note. If the original note has been requested and not been returned, the foreclosure is a nullity, and the family would be breaking into … their own house.

  5. Richard DeSimone says:

    Isn’t it time to hang some of the bankers who have committed such haneous crimes in the town square? Your government is cheering them on, stand up and help your neighbor. Isn’t it time “We The People” take back our Country? We are a Republic, not a democracy!!!

  6. Jeff Depressed says:

    I’ve seriously had it with this country – somewhere, over the rainbow, there’s a country that’s not turning into an open air debtor-slave prison camp – not sure where that is, since there is fighting all over the place – especially when it comes to something like land.

  7. Officer of the Law says:

    Notice that the banksters are using contempt proceedings and bar proceedings which do not have any jury rather than legal proceedings which are tried by a jury of citizens. This shows that the banksters know that their conduct would not be condoned by a jury of citizens.

    What will citizens do when citizens decide to restore justice? Where will the banksters and their minions hide? What will they do when the public comes for them?

  8. John says:

    You can get people to swear to anything by reducing sentences or not prosecuting. Intemidation of witnesses has won many a case.
    YOU better not do it though as its against the law for YOu to do so.

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