Matt Weidner | You’re All A Bunch of Deadbeats – Just Pay Your Debts

You’re All A Bunch of Deadbeats- Just Pay Your Debts

You borrowed far more than you could ever afford.  You splurged on wasteful and unnecessary things.  You took on financial burdens that you could never afford to repay.  You paid outrageous fees. Yes, the brokers that sold you the loans lied and fudged the numbers and did whatever they had to do to get you to close, but you did this to yourselves.

No, I’m not talking about individual borrowers, I’m talking about entire states, cities, counties.  These are the next boot to drop in the Financial Crisis, but the play book is the same.  The Wall Street Fat Cats sold big fat loans to people that couldn’t pay.  In some cases, they took advantage of less sophisticated country bumpkin towns and cities then pushed them into complex loans and projects with obscene terms that they could never fulfill…..just like the subprime loans these financial pied pipers sold to unsophisticated homeowners…

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  1. l vent says:

    Who intentionally caused the financial crisis in the first place? Did everybody suddenly stop paying their bills and cause the stock market to crash? No, all of that , including fraudclosures came AFTER THEY INTENTIONALLY CRASHED THE MARKET, STOLE OUR WEALTH AND THEN FROZE THE CREDIT MARKET UP. Everybody that I know including myself was paying everything on time up until this point, and we were never ever late. Now they are trying to convince us all that we are BROKE, borrowed too much money, bought too much house? B.S. Then put back the money you stole from all of us. Our pension funds, 401K’s and other investments and BAILOUT MONEY, that just evaporated into thin air? Wake up America! They are lying through their teeth, We all need to be indivisible here and keep fighting back because they are all criminals and liars. They have been trying to cover up this GREAT STICK-UP of America for some time now and we can’t fall for their lies. They want debt slavery for all of us forever.

  2. wonton90 says:

    How about Stern I am a Vendor he used my services and hasn’t paid me since October
    isn’t paying anyone talking about bankruptcy talk about a Deadbeat

    • J A says:

      wonton90, you should file a civil lawsuit against Stern for the entire amount he owes you as a vendor whose services he used.

      Then, if he files bankruptcy, you can be added to the list of creditors he owes, and get your fair share from the bankruptcy trustee if he files to “reorganize” his debts.

      You can keep a close watch on new bankruptcy filings (so that you can know the minute he files, even before it hits the news) by gonig online to the bankruptcy court that serves your part of Florida and every day, check the docket listings for new cases filed.

      Good luck. I hope you get every penny he owes you!

  3. John says:

    Reminds me of the jewish story of how they came after one trade after another and noone said anything until finally they came after me and there was noone left to speak or help me.

    Divide and conquer.

    Strategy that always works.

    Pleae don’t let us divide!

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