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To bad there isn’t a “fight the bastards” option and make em prove up their claims…

Foreclosure: The video game

Are you ready for Foreclosure: The Video Game?

Well, ready or not, government-owned Fannie Mae has unveiled WaysHome, a free, online interactive game/movie and “learning tool.”

The game, tool, or whatever it is, is composed of several films about three families in a neighborhood:

  • There’s Jackie, a single mom with two kids, who is struggling to make her house payments.
  • A neighbor, Richard, is late on his mortgage and he’s thinking about walking away from his home.
  • Miguel and his wife, Gabi, are underwater on their mortgage. They’ve refinanced two or three times and they owe more on the loan than the home is worth. Should they refinance?

Each video lays out — in a reasonably well-acted and convincing story — the plight of the family involved. As the characters act out their dilemma, a narrator points out when they’re dealing with accurate or inaccurate information. At crucial junctures the action stops and the viewer is given several choices. You decide what the character should do. It’s called a “learning simulation.”

Play the “Game” here…

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8 Responses to “Fannie Mae Foreclosure Propaganda | WaysHome – Foreclosure: The Video Game”
  1. John R. says:

    They gotta make it look like they’re trying to make an effort… that way they won’t feel as bad about stealing our homes. “See… we tried!” After gorging on their own arrogance and greed, now it’s time to pay the piper… but just like children do, they try to change the subject and make themselves look all better now. “But look! We made all new Assignments!!! and…and…We even made this nifty video game so you trailer park trash can play with it and REALLY understand how you lost.”

    Too late! Let’s see the perp walk! If the tables were turned you’d have had my head off by now. To late, you had your chance. We trusted you with our most prized possession, our homes. You took the debt and used it to create money out of thin air and then just partied all the time. Well, parties over.

    Can’t wait for the perp walk… think I’ll bring some popcorn, a coke and a date. John R.

  2. l vent, Wow, You response is incredibly accurate and 100% right the only problem is that we as citizens have no chance or anything we can do about it, we have no lobby in Washington, and or name is not JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs, so we can have access to the president or talk in to his ear (as you know Obama now has 2 bank advisors in his administration Gene Sperling, from Goldman Sachs and Bill Dalley from Chase)
    We are ddomed

  3. l vent says:

    This is an outrageous stunt. Why don’t they just tell the people who are struggling due to the INTENTIONAL FINANCIAL CRISIS CA– USED BY WALL STREET AND THE BANKSTERS THE TRUTH. There are no loan modifications because THE DEEDS WERE PAID OFF BY US AT ORIGINATION and the BANKSTERS NEVER ASSIGNED A MORTGAGE OR A NOTE TO THE PAID OFF DEED. The ORIGINAL MORTGAGE WAS THEN PAID OFF BY A SECOND BANKSTER THROUGH US and THAT TRANSACTION WAS RECORDED PAID BY US AND THERE ARE PAY OFF LETTERS TO PROVE THIS STAMPED PAID AND RECORDED. Though that transaction is truly not the significant one because the MORTGAGES AND NOTES WERE NEVER ASSIGNED TO THE DEEDS AT ORIGINATION. RE: UNSECURED MORTGAGES AND NOTES. I do not think that there was EVER A NOTE RECORDED ANYWHERE AFTER ORIGINATION and the LAW REQUIRES that they must do this. That alone should cause an automatic RECISION OF THE LOAN. The BANKSTERS BROKE THE LAW OF THE LAND. These are people’s homes THEY are PLAYING GAMES WITH and the biggest investment many of us will ever make in our lifetimes and they act as if this is just a board game of Monopoly. “They” cannot give a loan modification on paid off mortgages, notes and deeds because this would be another criminal fraudulent act by the banksters. They would be creating a debt out of thin air. Our deeds have been paid off and recorded and stamped paid since origination and the DEBT was never assigned or assigned properly securing the debt to OUR LAND so they legally CANNOT FORECLOSE ON OUR HOMES. OUR GOVERNMENT is continuing to try and cover-up for the Banksters crimes and continuing to allow the Banks to engage in blatant criminal behavior by letting them FRAUDCLOSE on HELPLESS HOMEOWNER’S. This is completely UNAMERICAN of our ELECTED OFFICIALS. They need to stop the fraudclosure insanity and tell the truth about what is now FORECLOSUREGATE. Which was caused by Our Governmnet letting the FOX GUARD THE HEN HO– USE and they still are. We need an INDEFINITE NATIONWIDE MORATORIUM ON ALL FORECLOSURES ASAP. Frauldclosures are UNAMERICAN. It is becoming so we cannot even recognize this country as a FREE country any longer. It is becoming a lawless FACSIST, OLIGARCHY, TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP more and more everyday where laws apply to us but not to them. Our laws and Constitution were put in place to protect all of us from this ever happening. Our Constitutional Rights are being ignored and trampled right over to suit their needs. The United States of America is not suppose to be a DICTATORSHIP ran by RULERS. All of the founding principles of our Country are evaporating before our very eyes.

  4. housemanrob says:

    Reminds me of an old B rated horror film.

  5. David - Indianapolis, Indiana 46224 says:

    If I understand Megan, the approved HUD counselor, she state’s “…loan modification…past the point where these are options.” What exactly does past the point for a loan modification mean?

    Please note, my circumstance with Bank of America, a/k/a Countrywide, has been lingering on over 36 months to no end. After three months of no payments, my initial contact for assistance was June 2008.

  6. Peter J. Pike, Esq. says:

    I saw this last week. I question the blanket advice given for each situation. For example, there are times when an attorney can and should counsel a client not to pay the mortgage, even if it is a “strategic default”. The video comes across to me as more of a spin by the banking industry, than a governmental (or at least “quasi” governmental) attempt to provide non-biased information for the public. Not that there is not a lot of useful information given, rather, it is very one-sided (think talk radio type of one-sided).

  7. Larry says:

    This seems like Government “Mind Control” to me

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