Campaign Against Foreclosure Crimes in Fort Lauderdale FL Starts with Courthouse March January 13th

Campaign Against Foreclosure Crimes in Fort Lauderdale Starts with Courthouse March January 13th at 4pm

According to a recent report by real estate site, criminal banks and apathetic politicians have stripped over nine trillion dollars worth of homeowner’s value since the economic crisis began. Ongoing investigations and hearings have made clear that this disaster was no accident, but was created by our largest financial institutions with criminal intent. And yet three years later, no one has been indicted for what is likely the largest thefts in world history.

This week advocates & victims of foreclosure crime will be marching through downtown Fort Lauderdale in the next stage of resistance to fraudulent banking practices. Recently, similar actions in California, Iowa, and elsewhere have decried the lack of criminal proceedings against the gluttonous megabanks, and for those of us that have had our rights violated, it is long since time to maintain a vigil until we receive justice.

Please join us in Stranahan Park on the corner of Andrews Avenue and Broward Blvd, January 13th at 4 pm with your signs and grievances ready. We will march a little over a mile past the offices of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and others, ending at the County Courthouse.

Please also stay involved in this campaign and inform everyone you know to fight their mortgage and debt problems and discontinue business with banks involved in foreclosure crimes. & have long been a vanguard for foreclosure crime resistance in South Florida and will continue to hold regular workshops for homeowners, demonstrations, and other events. Your personal involvement in growing this mass movement is likely the only thing that can stop the world’s largest theft & hold its perpetrators accountable.

Banks to avoid include Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, GMAC/Ally, and many more…invest in your community banks and credit unions!

For more information about foreclosure crimes and this event, visit,,
or call 813-919-9794. For the well-being of your family and communities, you must FIGHT BACK!



Foreclosure Flyer 01-13-11

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  1. usjustice4all says:

    Would love to hear from someone that organized or help organized this event to do in other states, frequently, and then more frequently.

  2. l vent says:

    We have to do our own homework people. Maybe some people do not know who owns this country. There are a few conglomerates who own everything and now they want to own us. This whole plan began in 1776 by the freemasons. These people are very deceptive about what they do and have already done. These tranches of Government are separate entities at face value, but they are being controlled by one very powerful entity. Many of them do not work for the people because they are owned by them, though some do the people’s work. We The People need to stand as one, indivisible entity. They do not like that very much as they love nothing more than to cause division and fear among us. We are all living in the end of a huge conspiracy by these people to overthrow any resemblance of a Democracy. We can start by not drinking any more of the mainstream media’s kool-aid and ditching the Gov. biggest big brother spy tool the cell phone. Pay as you go phone’s work just fine.

  3. Everyone has the right to their opinion and to release their level of it the high level or low level. .High strung people are not only the ones we need to worry about… sometimes the silent ones are the ones who strick…. But to agree that there are extreme drastic fraud’s and crimes being ignored ..we must work together in order to get this across to all officials.. be it in government or the courts…that enough time has passed..and now we demand some action. Letters, e-mail’s or phone calls…express your thoughts that now..not later… that indictments are to be given to those at the top who planned this fraud starting years back. Be honest with your thoughts… express that all foreclosures need to be ceased/stopped now…
    I, myself am not in foreclosure, but I have followed this because my daughter is. I try to look at all angles, to get to the seed of this horrible mess. and it keeps taking me back to the planned scheme of greed…no mistakes, no technicalities..done as planned. One mistake they did in their greed..was to get caught.
    Now I know when one expresses their thoughts, you will find other’s who find fault with what you say. But I will say what I feel and think…. and if someone feels I am wrong..speak up. So far the government has sided with the banks..bailouts for no real reason, no indictments, programs with millions to back the programs that were meant to fail, foreclosures not ceased… nothing for the homeowners. No jobs to even get credit to go on. It was all win-win for the banks. So that leaves one to only feel and think..the government is in on this whole scheme starting years back…that is why nothing has been done. What other reason would there be? Money walks and money talks. So this is what the people need to get out in their messages to the government…just about everyone appointed to a top position in government worked at all the big banks, Federal Reserve and Wall Street…and are still being appointed to top posts. The government is run by the financial industry. This is why we need to gather our thoughts and figure out where to start. Do rally’s work? Hard to say…maybe if rally’s were everywhere on the same day when banks and city hall’s were open, but I feel closed they shut it out as nothing going on… this is why we need to plan what route to take to get some real action going. Any idea’s ? I am up for helping plan whatever it takes to get the country back to the people. Let’s hear it folks.

  4. l vent says:

    Did anyone happen to catch the Keiser Report tonight on RT news? That piece of %&# Bernanke wants a law passed by Obama that will allow predatory lending by the Banksters to become legalized and allow NO RECISSIONS OF BAD LOANS. This is not the only thing the shadow is up to. Max reported on the shadow’s fears that there could be a bank run by the people because deposits are down in Ireland and have been for a while and fear the same thing is coming to the U.S. and they are already planning to not only make the words “bank run” illegal as they consider this terrorist talk, if we dare try to make a run on the banks they will only give us our money out in rations. They are evil to the core. This website and others should really post this video from today of the Keiser Report. It is unreal what they are planning to do to all of us now. We cannot let this stuff be kept a secret because that is what gives them the power to do these acts of terrorism against the people of this country. There are also some interesting videos on you tube by John Todd (Explaining the Illuminati) describing some of their plans and being these plans were described in the 70’s and are now coming to pass I think you will find these videos very interesting and relevant.

    • l vent says:

      I have the exact name of the video that I think will interest alot of people at this website. I believe that this video will leave no doubt that there is a huge conspiracy going on in this country and all over the world by the shadow. Go to you tube videos and search for John Todd Former Illuminatist (Explaining the Illuminati) Part 3 of 7. Listen esp. closely to the part at 7:09, though the whole video is full of astonishing revelations that are sure to creep you out.

  5. karen1p says:

    If anyone would like to march to Seattle’s Federal Building, let me know. I will organize it. Just let me know if you’ll come.

    karen134p at hotmail dot com

    • noel says:

      actually, two of my friends that will be helping me tomorrow in south florida are moving to seattle in a couple of weeks and may be able to help you.
      also, there’s a very strong anti-capitalist (anarchist) element in seattle that i’m sure would love to demonstrate against the banks. depends on what kind of allies you want, really.

      • karen1p says:

        Yeah, hard to tap into that…..I have no idea where to find that element of Seattle.

        Have them contact me. I am a fighter….

  6. noel says:

    CORRECTION: please note these flyers show the wrong start time, we start at 4, NOT 4:30, although I’m sure you could catch up to us if you come at 4:30….

  7. pparke500 says:

    I think we need a rally like this in Ft. Myers. I’m willing to go, is anyone else interested?

    • noel says:

      while i probably wouldn’t be able to attend regularly, i would like to help with this. lee county’s rocket docket is particularly egregious & we seem to have the local press there on our side for the moment. i also lived in ft myers for like 20 years so i think i may know some people. i will be in the area the last weekend of the month, perhaps i can meet with you and anyone that wants to be involved?

      • pparke500 says:

        Noel, that would be great. Call me at 239-283-2998 to set up a meet. Pat

      • pparke500 says:

        Noel, another house on my block is on the sale block. It is the fourth house on the block. Since we have two empty lots, that means only two houses on the street are not or have not been in foreclosure. I’m in the Cape.

  8. noel says:

    it’s sad that you believe that your only recourse is to commit violence… particularly because “they” want to instill this kind of divisive thinking to keep us from accomplishing anything. check out a history book if you think nonviolent demonstrations have never accomplished anything.

    furthermore, the march of itself, is obviously not meant to magically destroy the status quo. much like the tea party gathered week after week to influence public opinion, we will be organizing regularly to convince people to not do business with the banks, to fight their foreclosures, and to shirk politicians who continue to ignore financial crime.

    i, however, will do one better than the tea party, and speaking for the foreclosure advocacy crowd…your violent rhetoric doesn’t belong here.

    • J Glenn Lowe says:

      My violent rhetoric is featured all over this site. That is likely because it makes sense to me to hang Banksters from lamp posts that put children in the streets while committing fraud on the grandest scale we have ever seen. People are starving, Banksters are taking everything offshore.

      Do you really think that there is going to be some magic document come out of D.C. that we can all vote for that is not rigged to fail before it even begins to offer any REAL CHANGE? I would love to see a vote that counts, a politician that cares, a judge that does not work for banksters, a society that values critical thinking over shiny cars, a solution that does not involve hanging banksters, politicians, judges, regulators and CEO’ s from lamp posts.

      But please tell me how to make peaceful change in a society that is burning to the ground because of Greed. If you rally and nothing changes what do you do next? If you vote and nothing changes what do you do next? If someone tells you they have a solution and you give them power to implement that solution and things keep getting worse (FRAUD) what do you do next? When the FBI won’t help what do you do next? Please tell me what to do before this beautiful country let’s all the last of it’s assets be transferred out of the country.

      Have you checked the value of your pension funds lately? Do you realize that all of this theft is being done intentionally and it is not over yet? Should we wait until everyone is starving to death? Or should we clean house? Please tell me what to do because there are a lot of smart and aware people reading this article that may want to help. I think we need one more law. It states that all previous laws are now null and void. EXCEPT FOR THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION. Then you only need one more law on top of that. WE PUT A CAP ON INCOME AND FUNNEL EVERYTHING ELSE BACK TO THE CHILDREN. If you want real change you have to make a society that cares about everyone, not just who can get the most assets by walking on the backs of millions. Does anyone know how to get that done without burning D.C to the ground? Sign my up, or hand me a lighter.

      • noel says:

        there’s a dead 9 year old in AZ who pretty much does all the arguing on this topic for me, so, y’know, if you think advocating murder from your armchair> taking direct action for your grievances, much luck.

      • J Glenn Lowe says:

        Noel, I do not want to get into a pissing match. I am still looking for an answer to how we can get this done without violence. Please tell me how you will proceed if the rally changes nothing. A man just killed himself, his family, and burned his house to the ground down the road from us. It was over an illegal and fraudulent foreclosure. There are now many cases of children and families dying all around us because the politicians, judges, banksters and law makers have turned their backs on regular people in favor of wealthy ones with no souls. There is news about such things on this very site. I am stating that this is only the beginning of much worse things to come unless we make some real and drastic action happen now. What we can we do when all of the things we have tried our not working?

      • housemanrob says:

        Glenn, Amen…………it is about GREED AND POWER. But, what badly disturbs me, from life experiences from 5 decades, I’m afraid it’s too late. The EPIC losses in property values and home equity will manifest shortly and 50% losses will be the best recoveries. If I could make book on this I would clean up! I guarantee 1970s and 1980s prices will reappear, if you can even SELL A HO– USE…….PERIOD!

    • pparke500 says:

      I agree. Marching around buildings may seem lame but it’s the fact that it keeps it in front of the public that is the intended result. The more of the public that we reach, the greater the political pressure on the legislature to do something. Oh, and it might shame our courts into doing the right thing. I read an article in the Florida bar news where the legislature is only using general revenues to fund 10% of the court system and the rest comes from foreclosure filing fees. One of the guys quoted, a committee staffer, was bemoaning the fact that foreclosure filings were going down which was impacting the court’s budget, and Sen Bennett of Bradenton said we should look at ways to speed these foreclosures up. If there’s a way to speed them up any faster than the rocket docket I don’t know about it. I suggest we also start contacting our state representatives and in particular Sen. Bennett. The Legislature has just been briefed by the AG on the fraud endemic in the foreclosure cases. How much longer can they ignore it? We have a new AG and a new governor. Contact them and ask them to look into it. I also read where the AG’s fraud unit has too many mortgage fraud complaints to handle. Why not more resources there?

  9. Eugene Villarreal says:

    In New Jersey, and in other states, we also need get involved in a rally. I’m not much of an organizer, but I’m very willing to participate in a rally (even at the local level) that will have nationwide attention to the government, banks, and the judiciary disrespecting the law and due process in the courts of every American citizen.
    I’m challenging every homeowner in the U.S.A. to go participate in a rally on the 13th and go to the county court house(check your local laws) and show them that justice must be restored. Who’s with us ? Let’s roll !!!

  10. Officer of the Law says:

    There have been no prosecutions of the widespread fraud committed by the banksters in loan origination, securitization, servicing and foreclosure because the prosecutors are on the banksters’ payroll.

    Although most judges have been happy to do the dirty work of the banksters, there have fortunately been a few judges who have been willing to uphold the law and truly deserve to be called honorable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a single prosecutor.

  11. J Glenn Lowe says:

    Marching around outside of buildings is a great way to show that you care about making change. Has it ever worked? The guilty parties will sit in their offices and look down at you and laugh like they always do. If you want real change you will need a torch and some rope. The courts prove daily that they are owned by the Banksters. The courts are blatantly ignoring basic contract law and putting children in the streets and the insolvent banks are foreclosing on the American Dream and getting more bailouts. So we can continue to let our children move under bridges or burn the dirty bribed rats out of their stronghold. We will also have to crash the top six banks to even get close to solving this problem. When corporations write law. Freedom is dead. When freedom is dead, it is time to clean house. – Die Banker Die by J Glenn Lowe – A Tribute to Wall Street Banksters and Fraudgate.

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