New Florida Attorney General Report on Fraudclosures Presented to the FL Senate Banking and Insurance Committee

Not as entertaining and colorful as the original report but interesting none the less…




New Florida Attorney General Report on Fraudclosures Presented to the FL Senate Banking and Insurance Committee
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7 Responses to “New Florida Attorney General Report on Fraudclosures Presented to the FL Senate Banking and Insurance Committee”
  1. Did I miss something here? . Is this ‘the’ new Attorney General letter to the Senate Banking Committee? Or is this a joke ? If it is the AG…who’s side is the AG on? All the AG did was repeat what we all know, what we have all found…no official found anything…they knew it all along…WE found that and ALOT more.and the Banking Commission knows of all the fraud.. Does the AG even know about fraud? This is not ‘ apparent irregularities ‘ and does the AG know that this robo-signing is just one faze…a faze proven. And to ‘ return integrity to the process and ensure proper chain of title ‘? How does anyone return integrity when the real deep issues of fraud are being ignored by the AG and the rest of the gang. The only integrity that needs to be returned is integrity to the homeoeners. I question the AG on what defines integrity. I feel this to be an insult to all the homeowners that have been foreclosed on and all being foreclosed on. . Sorry folks, but I must be honest. The AG’s title on last remarks..” What can be done “….Well, again, I must say …wrong again. What was listed is in la-la land. Modification cannot be done when the banks cannot prove they are owners/holders of the notes/mortgages together. (originals)….otherwise it is unsecured..cannot be split.. . Neither can short sales be done..only owners/holders of note/mortgage can approve to a short. ..Remember they sold them..slicing and dicing…cutting off their ownership. Sold many times over and over from closing on. Fraud done repeatedly. Notes were kept by the original fake payee/lender for the resale to gain many times profit….this is fraud. Investor’s owned nothing. Banks used and abused our promissory notes with fraud…and the AG say’s to return integrity to the process ? Not untill this mess is solved the legal way…indictments. This is criminal fraud, a very large ponzi scheme, and if officials of this State do not want to admit the crimes that have been proven and do something for their State..than they need to resign. Who pay’s the AG…the taxpayer’s or the banks. And yes Wayne..I follow what you are saying. Alot has not been said or told. Give it time……

  2. losing my home in florida says:

    so what i am reading , its ok to commit fraud but just fix it and it will be ok????? no criminal investigation and helping floidians recover their stolen equity thats the crime here no one wants to admit this is a crime.

  3. John Anderson says:

    The new Florida AG is owned by the banks. When you see a robosigner arrested, you will know change has come. Untill then more of the same. Just keep fighting.

  4. JD says:

    A rather pathetic excuse for a “new” Attorney General, in my humble opinion. More of the same.

  5. Officer of the Law says:

    The is not a good sign. It looks like another effort will be made to undermine homeowners’ rights in Florida by passing an unconstitutional non-judicial foreclosure statute. By the way, that is a criminal violation of Federal law, but of course, it will be difficult to get anyone prosecuted since we all know who do the prosecutors work for, don’t we?

  6. ForensicMortgageExaminers says:

    Unfortunately, I see nothing about criminal prosecution of the people responsible for manufacturing these fake documents.

  7. Wayne Lewis says:

    Okay, so what about starting at ground level for us homeowners by having oversight of the fraud the judges are committing. This deliberately ruined economy may be part of a larger agenda. Why in the world would the U.S. Treasury send $800 billion in Amero currency to China in Oct. 2008 when the Amero is not our currency? Why would the new USAG participate in giving “preferred traveler” status to 94 million Mexican citizens? Amazingly, these folks that come over will be given instant credit, enough to buy a house. Houses that the banks aren’t selling to Americans. There is no way that all this fraud is going unnoticed by ALL of the “authorities”. But they will send you to jail for a victimless crime. Corpus Delecti…body of crime, has but 2 elements…loss or injury to person or property. Rampant loss and injury. In 2007 there were over 185,000 individual governments (corporations) in the United States (Corporation) that earned $14 trillion (See” Corporation Nation” on YouTube)….but..the investments can never ever be “cashed” in. So, wipe it out and bring in the North American Union? There is a bigger picture here that is not being addressed. The bank attorneys are fully aware that they are representing unlawful acts but seem to have teflon clothing on…coincidence? Deutsche Bank…major stockholders include G.H.W. Bush and former Chancellor of Germany, among other former world leaders. Coincidence? Talk about protecting the status quo. The list of nuttiness goes on and on. Time will tell…keep your fingers crossed and bless Lisa Epstein for her courage and tenacity.

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