Pigs Ass Alert | Sen. Joe Negron R – “Foreclosure mill could also be called very busy law firm because you provide excellent service to your clients.”

From Urban Dictionary: The term “pigs ass” is used in many situations. It is most commonly used when someone claims something is not true.

“Excellent service”? Are you kidding me? Has he not heard about how they operate?

This guy is from the same law firm Judge Sasser came from…

Wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for him to be on this committee when his law firm represents the banks?

Some quotes from the story…

State Sen. Joe Negron, a Republican from Stuart, fears government may be interfering too much in how businesses like banks operate.

“Where does the government have the right to tell the bank what’s in your best interest?”

“Doesn’t a bank have a right to foreclose on property if someone doesn’t pay the mortgage, even if financially it would make more sense to go to a short sale? Or is there some theory that I’m not aware of where the attorney general would have the right to tell a bank, ‘No, we’ve decided what’s in your best economic interest and we can enforce that’?”

Negron, a lawyer with the West Palm Beach-based Gunster law firm, asked Palmer.

Negron wanted to know whether the attorney general’s office had the authority to make such recommendations if no laws were being broken.

Negron also objected to Palmer using the term “foreclosure mills” when referring to South Florida law firms specializing in foreclosures…

“In most occupations, whether it’s making doughnuts or running a sporting goods store, having more volume is better than having less volume. It may, in fact, be a commentary on your capability and your competitive advantage rather than something that we should disparage,”

“Foreclosure mill could also be called very busy law firm because you provide excellent service to your clients.”

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If you would like to talk to Sen Joe Negron about these matters his contact information is below…

District Office:
3500 SW Corporate Parkway
Suite 204
Palm City, FL 34990
(772) 219-1665
Senate VOIP: 42800
FAX (772) 219-1666
Toll Free:

Legislative Assistants:
Carrie Lira, Holly Demers and Ann Bolduc

Tallahassee Office:
306 Senate Office Building
404 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100
(850) 487-5088
Senate VOIP: 5088




11 Responses to “Pigs Ass Alert | Sen. Joe Negron R – “Foreclosure mill could also be called very busy law firm because you provide excellent service to your clients.””
  1. Dear Senator Negron,

    Please contact me ASAP if you can clue me in as to why an assistant AG in FL’s Economic Crimes unit who was authorized to notarize docs for FDLG on Mon, Wed & Fri was notarizing documents on Sunday. ON SUNDAY – when she was only authorized to notarize documents on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 to 7:15pm. This in addition to documents found notarized in Florida on dates that conflict due to travel. Do you not see anything wrong with this picture?



    PS – also, perhaps you can enlighten me as to how (on line #6 of the affidavit) they can state:

    “a review of the file is unnecessary and ‘futile’ …..

    yet line on line #7 state: “based upon my review a reasonable attorney and paralegal fee of $1,500…”

    so the un-reviewed file was reviewed… did i get that right sir?

    Yet another classic case of ‘double-talk’ brought to you by the Florida Default Law Group and the Cullaro’s.

    Questions or Comments, email me: stop_govt_waste@hotmail.com

  2. lucy says:

    The guy is definitely a moron!!!

    All these fraudclosure scandals and corrupt bankers and their lawyers makes me think twice about doing the right thing. May be we need to rethink about how we deal with them. We need to fight dirt with dirt, an eye for an eye. If being honest and following the rules gets to nothing but heartache and headache, then just maybe what we need to do is not follow the rules of law!!

  3. leapfrog says:

    I can’t believe the audacity of this pig’s ass to equate legitimate products like donuts/sporting goods store which BENEFITS a local economy to foreclosure which DESTROYS the economy. Typical neo con douche.

  4. Pamela Edwards says:

    Okay I know he’s somebodys child,but whoever raised him evidently didn’t teach him about the difference between right and wrong.My big question is how did this loser get elected better still why is he still in office.

    • leapfrog says:

      I don’t know who would vote for him. I can’t understand those that voted for the McCarthyism of that criminal Issa either!

  5. Adam Karrsen says:

    Morons like this republican from Florida pop up all over the place. Just goes to show some morons should never be elected to a public office let alone allow them to talk period. Let us move along and legally beat these corrupt banking institutions.

  6. Nye Lavalle says:

    He’s not a Pig’s Ass, he’s a Bank Biatch and RepubliCON! Should be tar and feathered and hung out for all his neighbors to see what an ass and biatch he is. Some men would sell their souls, wives, mothers, and daughters for money from the banksters and their con lawyers!

  7. Wonder if “providing excellent service” includes fabricating evidence to prove your client’s case?

    Example of a Foreclosure Mill providing excellent service: http://tinyurl.com/28lkk5s

    This guy is a piece of work and is in a position of power in the Florida Senate. Please contact him to rebut his position on the issue of foreclosure fraud & his apparent belief that the financial industry should be immune from civil & criminal investigations.

  8. John R. says:

    I can tell this guy is a really, really, really deep thinker. More is better than less… no sh_t Sherlock! But getting that “more” is supposed to be done “within the rule of Law”…. and the Banks have repeatedly (that means over and over again) and knowingly (at least they pay a zillion Attorney’s who’ve been supposedly professionally trained (Joint rolling & Bong sessions at the local Law Univ.), to know these things and to NOT allow them to happen.

    So whereas he’s right about more being better, my guess it’s gonna end up being more “in the perp walk”.

    I can’t wait for the perp walk. I’m gonna bring popcorn a coke and a date!

    this snowball’s a rollin. JOhn R.

  9. John says:

    Why can’t any law firm, person, file a claim that you owe them on your mortgage.

    If neither can prove their position, Why not have a dozen make the claim they had the note and have had lost replacement notes made up?

    If its against the law for anyone to do so, isn’t it against the law for them all equally?

    We homeowners need a robo mortgage company(ies) to make that claim for a small fee as it seems those doing so are excused for prosecution?

    As they teach us the game, why can’t we learn and play it too?

    Seems the process to prove their case would be clearly required if there were more than one making the claim. And if neither could prove it? Stay home until they do!

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