New Jersey: In The Matter of Residential Foreclosure Pleadings and Document Irregularities … Show Cause hearing DELAYED and Settlement Conference Sheduled

In The Matter of Residential Foreclosure Pleadings and Document Irregularities

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4. The return date of the Order to Show Cause is adjourned until February 14, 2011, at

10:00 A.M.

5. A mandatory settlement conference shall be conducted at the offices of Greenberg.

Dauber, Epstein & Tucker at Suite 600, One Gateway Center, Newark. New Jersey,

on January 19, 2011, starting at 10:00 A.M

Not sure if this is good news or not because it mentions a settlement conference, but I do find the attorneys appointed by the court to be very interesting…

From their Website: Greenberg Dauber Epstein & Tucker

Edward Dauber 

Phone: 973.643.3700, Ext. 20

Part of our Firm’s strength comes from our focus on the overall situation. Our actions are based on what the client wants to achieve. A case or negotiation can take on a life of its own; we keep our focus on the client’s goal. In litigation, that may require aggressive, unrelenting pressure, or it may mean in appropriate cases the use of an Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism or other avenue of negotiation instead of the traditional lawsuit approach. In transactional work, it means being a deal maker and not a deal breaker.

Ed Dauber is a partner in the Firm’s Litigation Department and Alternative Dispute Resolution Department, with a major focus on white collar criminal matters. Recognized for his expertise in Business Litigation as one of the Best Lawyers in America and named by his peers as one of the top 100 New Jersey Super Lawyers, he has combined a career of public service and private practice.  Prior to his founding of the Firm with Mel Greenberg, Mr. Dauber served as Chief of the Fraud Division of the United States Attorney’s Office in New Jersey and thereafter was an advisor to the Attorney General of the United States.

In the early 1990’s, Mr. Dauber again entered the public sector, serving as the Executive Assistant Attorney General and Director of the Division of Law for the State of New Jersey. Mr. Dauber was in charge of the State’s more than four hundred Deputy Attorneys General, representing all state agencies including the Departments of Insurance, Banking and Environmental Protection, and all professional boards.

Melvin Greenberg 

Phone: 973.643.3700, Ext. 19

We manage litigation differently here. Our focus is on obtaining results in the most direct and efficient way possible. We adopt a strategy after careful analysis and then pursue that strategy aggressively. The client is a critical part of the entire team. No strategy is adopted without client input and discussion of options. These guidelines have served both our clients and our firm well over the years. We tend to get results here and we tend to get those results expeditiously. That’s probably why our best referrals are from existing clients.

Mel Greenberg, a founding partner of Greenberg Dauber Epstein & Tucker, is Chair of the Litigation Department. Mr. Greenberg has been a litigator for almost forty years, specializing in business litigation and appeals before both Federal and New Jersey State courts. He has argued many cases before the United States District Court, the New Jersey Supreme Court, the New Jersey Appellate Division and various Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal.

As acknowledgment of his stature in the legal community, Mr. Greenberg’s peers have voted him one of the Top 100 Super Lawyers in New Jersey (2007-09). He is also listed in Super Lawyers, Corporate Counsel Edition, as a Business Litigator. Mr. Greenberg is also peer-listed in Best Lawyers in America, Business Litigation (2003-2010), New York Magazine’s Directory of Area’s Best Lawyers (2005-2009) and  “Power of Attorney,” New Jersey Leading Lawyers,  New York Magazine (March 2003).

Mr. Greenberg is a former federal prosecutor who participated in the prosecution of major political corruption, securities fraud and tax evasion cases as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey.  Mr. Greenberg has represented businesses, professionals, banks and insurance companies in complex cases, including many matters which have resulted in reported decisions and the creation of new law. He has also represented various corporations and corporate officers in connection with Federal Grand Jury investigations as well as internal corporate investigations. Mr. Greenberg has gained a wide reputation throughout the State as a very formidable adversary, noted for his courtroom skills, his creative legal approaches and his skillful use of strategy in complicated and difficult cases.

Stanley A. Epstein

Phone: 973.643.3700, Ext. 22

“Having previously been an entrepreneur and a business executive, I understand what the business person needs and expects from a law firm. I was determined to provide the kind of legal services I always wanted to have, but never found. I am pleased to be part of a firm that provides just those services. The attorneys here truly enjoy solving problems–the knottier the better. While we are extremely pragmatic, we take a great deal of pride in using creativity to help a client achieve possible–and sometimes seemingly impossible—goals.

Stan Epstein is the Firm’s senior Tax, Estates and Trusts, and Corporate law partner. In addition to his wide knowledge and extensive experience in Federal and State tax law and business transactions, he is recognized for his special expertise in pension law and sophisticated estate planning. Known as a “lawyer’s lawyer” because he has so often been called upon by law firms and practitioners to structure their partnerships or professional associations and to serve as a consultant for their clients in his fields of expertise, Mr. Epstein has been selected by his peers to be one of the very few tax lawyers in the State to be included in The Best Lawyers in America in two categories—Tax Law and Employee Benefits.

Mr. Epstein has served on special advisory committees for the Division of Taxation and senior members of the State Legislature, as well as serving as Special Pension Counsel for the State. Mr. Epstein is a past Chair of the State Bar Association’s Taxation Section, has served as Chair of the Employee Benefits Committee, and established and served on a special I.R.S. liaison committee.

H. Glenn Tucker 

Phone: 973.643.3700, Ext. 26

We bring to the table what I like to call ‘intelligent tenacity’: we zealously advocate our client’s position, but advance that position in the context of intelligent and workable proposals. Our adversaries understand and respect that point of view. The consequence is that better results are achieved more quickly. ‘Efficiency’ as a lawyer doesn’t follow from simply pushing papers faster; it follows more from knowing exactly what the client wants and negotiating in a fashion that gets it.

H. Glenn Tucker is the Chair of the Corporate Department of Greenberg Dauber Epstein & Tucker in Newark, New Jersey. He specializes in corporate, commercial and financing transactions, areas in which he has practiced since 1980.

You can check out the firms other Attorney Profiles here…

And, you can check out the order below…



New Jersey – In the Matter of Residential Foreclosure Pleadings and Document Irregularities Scheduling Order
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4 Responses to “New Jersey: In The Matter of Residential Foreclosure Pleadings and Document Irregularities … Show Cause hearing DELAYED and Settlement Conference Sheduled”
  1. PayYourBillsOrMoveOn says:

    Everyone is looking for scapegoats in this crisis. The economy tanked, jobs were lost and the housing bubble burst. Those who cannot pay their mortgages lose their houses, if they don’t sell them. Attorneys around the nation looking for any snafu, no matter how minute, to invent a platform to blame banks. I’m looking for a foreclosure in NJ. When I look through public records of houses, I find the house was purchased on x date. Sometimes, in as little as 6 months, a 2nd mortgage is taken out. And within a few months after that, a refinancing takes place. Often, these home equity loans end up doubling what the homeowners paid for the property less than a year or two after buying. There is something very wrong with this picture. Now that foreclosure is emminent, the blame game takes on a life of its own. The real travesty is, these houses have fallen into disrepair, vandalism, burst pipes, mold and neglect have so declined some of these properties, they need serious rehabilitation or tearing down.
    It is best to accept the inevitable, get these properties sold and move on. If a homeowner hasn’t made payments in 12 to 36 months, that is good reason to foreclose! Period! Whether the i over the word in was dotted is great theatrics, but it does nothing to truly remedy the fact that more than 85% of New Jersey foreclosures are tied up in limbo. Politicians, activists and others often raise a stink about properties that were long ago abandoned.
    Putting these houses into the hands of new owners who will repair and live in them, contribute to the tax roles and community and help the housing market by getting these foreclosures off the “on again, off again” market, will help everyone.
    Those who have lost their homes will hopefully get to find bargains out there, with so many houses in so many price ranges offered for sale.
    The most important goal is to get the economy and housing market healthy. This cannot happen with endless moratoriums; Looking for needles in haystacks to prove the banks wrong; Denying the fact that this is a really bad economic time where many people cannot afford their houses and must live elsewhere, within their financial means.
    Enough of the demonizing of banks. It’s time to make proactive moves to fill the houses that are vacant and crippling the economy!

    • Melanie says:

      Nope. A lot of thosehomeowners who “haven’t paid” in a long time could not, because Bank of America or Countrywide called the loans and refused or returned their payments. Others were lured into modification scams that took their money for months and then were taken away, putting them further in the whole.

      Others were told they had to default in order to get a modification, but the bank took their modification payments for months, and then called off the modification and demanded an unreasonably high amount for the difference. People may never understand how evil these banksters are until you get on the wrong side of them, because they feed their “deadbeat homeowners” propaganda like pablum through the media to instill the false belief that the economy can not recover until the homes are foreclosed.

      Wait and see. They will foreclose, but they will continue with the practice indefinitely for years, and the economy will not get better until they stop squeezing housing.

  2. l vent says:

    I received an interesting and delightfully snarky e-mail the other day from National Mortgage news entitled: If the World is Going to End, Should we pay the Mortgage? The link is

  3. pparke500 says:

    Another civil settlement and no criminal charges?

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