Lee County Florida | Foreclosure Courts Order Unnecessary Hearings

Foreclosure Courts Order Unnecessary Hearings

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  1. Michael Medwit says:

    Why don’t we all who have knowledge of Lee County corruption who have been a victim and have first hand knowledge get together in numbers and fight together for our rights under the Constitution to be heard. Contact me and I will organize something.

  2. Incognito123 says:

    Well, not much that I could say that was not already said here, but “Officer of the Law” said a lot of stuff about Carlin & Cary that needs addressing – but that would require the sheeple of Lee County, and the entire 20th Circuit for that matter to wake up and realize the corruption of this Circuit. I meet many people and attorneys throughout Florida, and virtually all have a tale (true I am sure) about the corruption of their counties, but then when you mention Lee County or 20th Circuit, they say “oh, wow, that circuit is much worse than our county/circuit” But my question, is what will it take to get the average sheeple in this SW FL area to wake up and do something about it??? I even see many here advocating this, and I agree, but I can probably pull all my teeth one by one easier than getting the people to wake up to the reality of the corruption and that IT DOES effect them whether they are in foreclosure or NOT!!!!!

  3. WHIP// says:

    Judges write the law everyday in LEE COUNTY! That circuit court is so corrupt, and polluted by activist Judges it reminds me of the WILD WILD WEST!

    Would make a great news piece for TV. Absolutely mind boggling!

  4. I feel this whole issue of foreclosures was planned years back. And for a reason that goes alot deeper. Think back 10-15 years…all that has happened to this country. It may take you awhile to think of all that has happened…yet no answers given…but lies. In foreclosures…the government has only offered programs that were planned to fail..CONgress has done nothing…yet both branches rush to give trillions to bankster’s who ran the biggest Ponzi scheme ever…plain out racketeer’s…bed partner’s to the government and CONgress. We want action, we want indictments..this we will never get. Why? Simple…all are involved with the plan that goes alot deeper than alot of people even know. Corporations left this country and jobs went with them. Rich hid their money offshore…nothing happen to them. Banks folded…everything gone…nothing left but houses to foreclose on with fraud….yet right down to the courts, we must fight for our rights as we are told we have no rights…told to vacate. What’s left? We the People….POWER is being UNITED TOGETHER….Remember..the wheel that squeaks get’s the grease …..RALLY’S…LOUD SPEAKERS…NOISE…being nice is not getting anything done. I saw a saying today about the wealthy.. that struck a cord with me….” They put their pants one leg at a time and they crap the same way we do ” meaning they are no different than us…so let’s get something started…let’s invite the whole country to rally in their city..everywhere….Let’s tell them we have given them enough time to act on this bankster fraud….

    • Jules Vallez says:

      Marilyn… sounds like you’re actually “awake” to what’s happening. If you haven’t heard of him, look up Alex Jones at http://www.infowars.com (listen to his stream). You are, of course, absolute correct – it was all planned out. There are many who saw it coming and they know exactly what it is they are doing… unreal.

  5. l vent says:

    Did anyone happen to see 60 minutes on cnbc tonight? Episode 1 had an interview with Fed Head, Ben Bernanke. He said he will NOT LET THE BIG BANKS FAIL. Hmmm.. Sounds a bit OUTRAGEOUS considering technically they have failed though the Fed keeps trying to cover up their losses with a constant bailout of QE 1&2.The only people who they are punishing are all of us through insidious austerity measures by making us pay for inflated goods and services and hyper-inflated taxes with a deflated currency while the banks and wall street continue to party on. The next episode of 60 minutes in cnbc was even more bold and Illuminatiesque. They are trying to convince people to walk away from their homes and strategically default. DO NOT DO IT AMERICA!!!! Our Deeds have been paid off by us since Origination for a nominal fee with no assignment of debt ever made to the deed. Then a second bankster came along and charged us a nominal fee for our mortgage and paid that off. Bernanke confirmed tonight that the Fed WILL NOT loan money to a ‘BANK’ if they DO NOT have collateral to back up the loan. The collateral the banksters had was OUR paid off deeds and mortgages, paid off BY US so they could use it via OUR signatures to make TRILLIONS of dollars in shady investments. Maybe the Fed and the Treas did not do their homework and see that this was a huge PONZI SCHEME by the BANKSTERS AND WALL STREET which is the main underlying cause of FRAUDCLOSUREGATE. I really do not care who knew what but the truth is out and the BANKSTERS should NOT BE ALLOWED TO FRAUDCLOSE ON ANYONE. The BANKSTERS should STOP LYING and PRETENDING they can foreclose on HELPLESS HOMEOWNERS. OUR PROPERTY is now WORTHLESS because of THEM and they need to CALL IT EVEN with the homeowners or WE WILL start a bombardment of CRIMINAL LAWSUITS against all of the FRAUDSTERS. So do_ ALL OF US _need to meet at the WHITE HO– USE with our PAID OFF DEEDS and MORTGAGES and DEMAND ANSWERS to _WHY_ the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is NOT DOING _ANYTHING _ TO STOP FRAUDCLOSURES? The people who elected you PRESIDENT OBAMA, want some REAL ANSWERS about FRAUDCLOSUREGATE. WE WANT YOU to STOP IGNORING US ALL DOWN HERE ON MAINSTREET. This behavior by our “elected” officials of lying, ignoring and covering up is a DISGRACE and an OUTRAGE..

  6. indio007 says:

    Motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute. Stop whining start ACTING.

  7. wonton90 says:

    Stern has no rules he takes advantage of everyone why is he getting away with this ? I have an issue with him
    he doesn’t have respect for human beings . Stern has to have something over someone
    because everyone is turning the other way and it is not justice being served Judges dismiss cases if
    nothing is done then everyone else should have the same Judges turn the other way on people commit
    crimes and are put in jail …Please put this animal behind bars we he belongs without his cars and homes
    and just have time to reflect on ALL he has done where is Karma…This whole system is corrupt we need
    to create a system that works …

  8. Chaos in SW Florida says:

    Then the Florida Bar wonders why they are not receiving any complaints? Could it be because the Florida Bar is allowing this type of behavior to occur with no repercussions? I read an article today about an Attorney who felt bad reporting a violation to the Florida Bar as she felt like she would be turning in one of her own. After another issue, she went ahead with the complaint and the Florida Bar dismissed it. I have heard of homeowners saying they are reporting Attorneys to the Florida Bar and the Florida Bar in turn doing nothing. We really need to have an outside entity to not only look into the activity of the Florida Bar, but also the Lee County Judges. I have read articles about Attorneys complaining about particular Judges and the same Judge that he complained about ruled on the complaint denying it. WTH is going on?

    The few that have stuck their necks out have been threatened by law suits and have had threats via emails, etc….Are you telling me these Judges and Foreclosure Mill Attorneys don’t know the law??

    I will tell anyone looking to move into Lee County to think twice. There is no rule of law in Lee County….just look at Cape Coral, where several members of the City Council are suing the city that they represent. The area is starting to look blighted as the Banks are taking these homes and not doing the upkeep on them; leaving tax payers or volunteers to pick up the slack. Chinese drywall, one of the highest unemployment rates in our country, and corrupt government await you in beautiful SW Florida.

  9. Liberty and Justice for All! says:

    My case was dismissed on October 25th, 2010 at a Sanctions hearing. Yet, I am still in the Lee County 20th Judicial because Judge Thompson has not signed off on the Final Order or the Final Disposition of the case. Until this is done, I have to keep going back for hearing after hearing. The banks Attorney does not even show up. Yet, I do with a Court Reporter that consumers have to pay for themselves. Defendants are going to court and thinking there is a court reporter there for every case. NOT SO! This is another way the Judges and Attorneys are able to get away with making up the rules as the case goes. I suggest to every person who has a date with the Judge to have a court reporter there.

  10. housemanrob says:

    Lee county, florida, is bizzarro land. Are these law makers / enforcers smoking crack….or what?

  11. Heather says:

    It seems that Mr. Stern has done these dirty deeds in the past and has received a public reprimand by the Florida Bar Association for it a couple of years ago. I encourage you to look up David J. Stern on the bar website and publish this public reprimand. The part that I like is when he is being admonished by the board, they tell him to not do it again or they may take action to disbar him. Well, here we go again! Stern got away with even defrauding the very lenders he represented to now defrauding the homeowners who will never know, unless they make a challenge. When and if you decide to publish it, please encourage homeowners to file bar complaints against Stern. When and if you decide to publish it, please encourage every single attorney to do so also on behalf of their clients…. it is just the right thing to do. Stern has muddied the waters for all attorneys because of his violations of the code of ethics and conduct. Stern has a pattern of money-grubbling at other’s expense! Let’s get this man disbarred and flood the Bar with complaints! Take Care out there!

  12. Officer of the Law says:

    Justice in Lee County, especially in Judge John Carlin’s courtroom, has been a travesty for a long time. Law enforcement has received a number of complaints about it, but naturally, the prosecutors don’t want to prosecute any judges for engaging in widespread criminal violations.

    As a result, I’m not surprised that homeowners’ rights are being violated in Lee County. Of course, judges who are willing to violate the law tend to do so whenever they get a benefit. By running up the bills, these judges appear to believe that there is some benefit. Could it be bribes?

    Also, the Florida Bar is very involved in running up the bills for everyone. After all, it is the trade union which was able to slip an amendment into Florida’s Constitution which granted it a monopoly on anything that it deems legal advice without of course seeking such authority from the public in a vote on the Bar’s amendment. Since that time, the cost of legal services has skyrocketed and most people cannot afford to defend their interests especially when corrupt judges violate the law by refusing to follow the rules.

    For example, Judge Carlin and Chief Judge Cary set up a child support collection program which completely violated the rules and case law. The Florida Bar contributed several thousand dollars to establish this program and obviously pretended that it was legal. All of these clowns apparently thought that this would generate a lot of legal fees, but they forgot that people usually pay child support unless they don’t have any money which of course means, they can’t afford to pay an attorney.

    After years of throwing poor people in jail in violation of the rules, this program was appealed, and initially the Second DCA entered an order prohibiting these violations of due process, but then the panel was unconstitutionally rearranged and a new panel denied the petition to cover-up their crimes and allowed them to continue to abuse their power and their victims.

    Since a lot of people had their rights violated and were protesting at the courthouse, the Fort Myers News Press ran a cover-up article which is no longer available online, but it also posted the Motion for Rehearing which exposed the flagrant violations of due process which Judge Carlin and Chief Judge Cary had engaged in. See it at http://www.news-press.com/assets/pdf/A415323436.PDF If you are interested, download it because I’m sure that it will disappear as soon as the “News” Press realizes that their cover-up of their cover-up was incomplete.

    Although the case was fixed at the Second DCA, the Florida Supreme Court struck down the illegal child support collection program that Chief Judge Cary and Judge Carlin had used to destroy lives for years. See the Florida Supreme Court’s order shutting it down and quashing Administrative Order 12.5 which they used to try to pretend that their program was legal at http://www.floridasupremecourt.org/clerk/dispositions/2010/09/10-243_ada.pdf

    Since Chief Judge Cary and Judge Carlin don’t want to follow the rules and don’t want to give anyone due process, perhaps it is time that they get removed from the bench. Also, since the prosecutors don’t want to hold judges accountable when they violate the law and don’t want to prosecute any bankers or their attorneys when they break the law, perhaps the prosecutors should be removed from their positions of power, too.

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