Florida | Banks Dismissing Hundreds (Thousands?) of Foreclosure Cases Statewide


Banks drop foreclosures in Southwest Florida

Banks in recent weeks have been dropping hundreds of their Southwest Florida foreclosure lawsuits instead of facing defendants at trial, according to local attorneys and court records.

Opinions varied sharply on whether that means banks are just taking a breather before refiling with stronger evidence – or giving up for good on hopelessly flawed cases.

Some foreclosures at large law firms were never actually read by the attorneys who filed them here and elsewhere, and some of the mortgages that ended up in mortgage-backed securities sold to investors were never legally transferred by the banks, defense attorneys have alleged.

“We think they’re going to come back and refile,” Lee County Clerk of Court Charlie Green said.

That’s an expensive proposition, he said, noting foreclosure suits carry a hefty filing fee: about $1,900 for a $250,000 house, for example.

What happens is lawyers for the banks are asking judges to dismiss their cases, which is “very much out of the ordinary,” Green said. “You don’t see cases dismissed without prejudice that often.”


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  1. What a Mess! I am currently involved in 2 separate Foreclosures. The economy went down, I took out a loan on my primary residence, paid off my debt- waited3 months- could not get the 5 points I needed to refi! Which brings us to today- 3 Long Years later- wake up praying every DAY! Praying and or crying! Seems to be working,tho- hanging in there- if I ever sell, I’ll never get enough $ to put my face back where it used to be!

  2. Adam Karrsen says:

    Is this confined to Florida? What about the other 49 states?

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