MTD Granted | Rule 1.110(b) Verification of Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint Must be Included in the Complaint Itself and Not in a Seperate Document

h/t Matt Weidner

PBC Bank, N.A. v Peckham MTD Granted Verification of Mortgage Foreclosure

6 Responses to “MTD Granted | Rule 1.110(b) Verification of Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint Must be Included in the Complaint Itself and Not in a Seperate Document”
  1. Thomas says:

    Is there a copy of the motion to dismiss avaialbe online? Where?

  2. Denise says:

    That was accurate. I vent said what we have all been thinking.

  3. Katheryn says:

    I am wondering about title insurance. I know that with the original mortgage and the refi three years later, we paid over $4,000 for lender’s and owner’s title insurance. It was never disclosed that there was a possible break in the chain of title? Probably has no bearing on anything, just a thought as I have not heard mention of it.

  4. Buyer says:

    Does this mean the original note has to be attached to the complaint, or just a copy?

  5. l vent says:

    How is it that the FACT that NO NOTES WERE EVER RECORDED is not the BIGGEST issue regarding FRAUDCLOSUREGATE? Isn’t the PROMISORY NOTE a required part of the CHAIN OF TITLE that SECURES THEM TO THE TITLE? No notes ever being recorded should have caused these banks to be STOPPED from FRAUDCLOSING on people a long time ago. Or do strict RECORDATION LAWS and CONTRACTS only apply to US? Deed, assignment, mortgage, note. I think that is how it supposed to be PUBLICLY RECORDED. And EVERY TRANSACTION after that made in OUR NAMES must be PUBLICLY RECORDED in the same manner. Which ensures WE always know who WE owe the money to as well as WE are supposed to be NOTIFIED IN WRITING EVERYTIME another BANKER ASSUMES OWNERSHIP OF THE DEBT. Unless of course, the Banksters were TRYING to HIDE something from someone by not recording the notes. The deed conveys the ownership of the property to us and the ASSIGNMENT, MORTGAGE and NOTE creates the chain of title from the deed to them AT ORIGINATION which secures the bank to OUR COLLATERAL. Subsequent recording of ASSIGNMENTS of MORTGAGE and NOTES and a NOTIFICATION by the bank of a sale of OUR PROPERTY and a SIGNATURE made by US to INSURE that we agree to AND know what they are doing with OUR PROPERTY. THESE ARE PEOPLE’S HOMES AND BUSINESSES and the banks act as if we are all poker chips in their casino and they have NO RESPECT or REGARD for OUR PROPERTY RIGHTS WHATSOEVER. Imagine if we all bought and sold their banks and made trillions of dollars off of them up on WALL STREET and just went trampling over their rights and STOLE and HID all of the money for ourselves? What a wonderful world that would be. Enron sure had their number.

    • l vent says:

      I forgot to add the huge bank take over by the people that would be the result of all of the FRAUD by all of us. I don’t think we would be greedy enough though to have SOLD OUR COUNTRY OUT to the FOREIGNERS. That would just not be smart, now would it? FACSIST CAPITALIST GREED bought and controls our Government and has ALMOST sold this country out. Senator Dick Durbin said it best when he said ” They own the place” meanining Congress and every other politician that we DO NOT vote for. No one should “VOTE” in 2012 and just watch them all squirm. We need to get out the ‘ PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THEM’ CAMPAIGN. We must spread the word and KEEP FIGHTING for our homes that WE OWN. If we do not we will be owned by the FOREIGNORS and they are trying their damnest to own all of us without ever having to fire a shot. We have allowed them to ALMOST COMPLETELY destroy our Country and our Democracy.

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