Lee County Rocket Docket | Foreclosure Alternative Out of Reach for Homeowner

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Foreclosure Alternative Out of Reach for Homeowner

Another big development out of Lee County’s rocket docket – that’s the accelerated foreclosure court.

Four In Your Corner learning of at least one case where a judge has prevented a homeowner from using a government program that could have helped her avoid foreclosure.

“We’re still in the process of moving our things,” explains Denis Lescano as she packs up belongings at her Bonita Springs home.

“I’m furious, I’m furious. They’re not working with the government programs. They’re just cutting us out of any opportunity.”

She’s talking about a federal program that would release her from the remaining debt if someone else buys the home for less than she owes on her mortgage.

Denise even had a buyer lined up.

“I believe the bank is ready to go forward with that, which would release us from our debt. They will repossess the house and do what they want. But now Lee County is stepping in the way of that and trying to force a foreclosure.They’re actually getting involved so we can’t finish our deal with the bank.

The bank asked the court for more time, so Denise could finish the process, but Judge James Thompson denied it, now likely forcing Denise to be foreclosed upon.

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9 Responses to “Lee County Rocket Docket | Foreclosure Alternative Out of Reach for Homeowner”
  1. Hope... says:

    It seems Mr. Green is becoming a little hesitant to speak lately. Usually he will have no problem saying what is on his mind…now that he is getting some attention he is becoming quite. He is feeling the heat…..keep up the pressure.

    These Judges need to go as well.

  2. George says:

    Did everyone read his idiotic comments on his great Rocket Docket idea in Lee County…The man is a biased fool and I only wish his interview could be brought to light on a national level..
    Our Lee County Clerk of Courts should not even be in charge of paper clips. THIS MAN IS A FOOL..
    MORON and oh so many more fitting adjectives….WAKE UP LEE COUNTY.
    THIS IS STILL AMERICA Mr. Green and neither you or your judges have the right to trample upon the rights of it’s citizens.
    It is time for a revolt in Lee County………Mr. Green and his judges have no idea of the laws they just trample upon. These are just NOT compitent people, God save us for runnig our County.

  3. WHIP// says:

    This Judge JAMES THOMPSON IS MENTALLY ILL! Hes a Vigilante Judge who has lost all realty with the Laws!

    the Chief Judge should remove his sorry ass, and put him in Traffic court.

  4. maybe the Judges wants to get this house at an action,could be?

  5. Flex says:

    Hey! Fellow Americans,
    Have you ever seen Injustice in America like this before? Specially when is coming from a Judge. If this takes place and becomes a statue, imagine what is coming for the rest of the nation. When a Judge steps in and helps the plaintiff to force the foreclosure, what would you think the banks will do, and better yet, what do you think the rest of the judges will do? Do you think there will be a tsunami of foreclosures this year?
    What is more amazing and shocking, the famous judge from Florida has done so much damage to people in this crisis that he thinks he is on a roll like a super villain, perhaps we can relate him with the green goblin, the villain who wants power to control everything on his pass. Perhaps this analogy is too nice to compare this judge with a super villain like the green goblin. I know there must be a worse villain out there to compare him with. This judge needs to be disbarring, put in comptent of court, and sanctioned for all his wrong doing. There must be a way in the law that someone can do something about this situation. We must practice the law to be able to obey the law. The law is not made for only the few and the powerless and innocent people without knowledge and any defense. How can an officer of the law take the oath on the constitution and not follow the letter of the law? Why do we have laws in place, in the books, and in the land of nations, if we are not going to abide by the law? What kind of example are we setting in society to new generations if we allow this to happen? Many generations of Attorneys and Judges must be appalled of what is happening in America for the last five years. However, we are setting a new standard of Attorneys and Judges that they are getting used to see and hear the actions of this past generation of law enforcement. Due to necessity and change of values, many new attorneys and judges are taking cases representing the fraudster’s banksters for the money and not for the real material facts of the case. I can not imagine how these people sleep at night knowing what they are doing is wrong and is not what they stand for and believe in, and swear on the constitution. I would like to see the face of an attorney who runs into their parents’ case in court. What would they do in this situation? Would they proceed with the case or withdraw from the case? I guess we will have to wait and see.
    In the meantime, let’s all pray that this super villain judge does not get away with this denial. God Bless The American People.

  6. George says:

    We need help in LEE county….PLEASE 60 Minutes or any other national news show…WE HAVE KANGAROO COURTS HERE…JUDEGES who feel they are above the law and a host of foreclsure fraud going on as a daily routine..
    This County is a travisty and makes a mockery of the Justice System….

  7. J A says:

    So, how long are we going to let these Lee County buffoons be the tail that wags the dirty dog known as the State of Florida…?

  8. Officer of the Law says:

    The judge refused to talk to the Fox News 4 reporter because of the codes of judicial conduct?!?!? I thought that they didn’t bother with those in Lee County’s kangaroo courts.

    Since both the bank and the homeowner wanted more time, the court had no authority to do anything else. Courts can only grant relief if a party seeks it and such relief is allowed by law, that’s cases, rules and statutes for the clowns on the bench in Lee County who think that they are the law cuz they wear the black robes and order people around.

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