Death by Foreclosure | Six Hour Standoff Ends in Gunshots and Flames

Fatal Randolph County standoff suspect ID’d

WINCHESTER — Authorities have identified the man who died in a police standoff Monday night that ended in fire.

The man was William T. Stein, 54, 2251 N. Randolph County Road 350-E, according to Randolph County Coroner Duane Petry.

Authorities, however, aren’t yet certain exactly how Stein died and are awaiting an autopsy report from forensic pathologist Paul Mellen at Ball Memorial Hospital.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to Stein’s home Monday afternoon to stand by while a bank representative changed the locks on the house, which was in foreclosure proceedings.

When deputies knocked on the front door, two gunshots were fired through the door from the inside, missing the deputies.

The resulting standoff lasted six hours, until police heard two more gunshots from inside the house; the house then caught fire.

Police believe Stein started the fire.

SOURCE: The Star Press


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  1. l vent says:

    @Joe L’Amarca: Thank you for the valuable information. The notes were used fraudulently. The intended use of a note was never meant to transfer or buy and sell property with. It is NOT a Uniform “SECURITY INSTRUMENT” as the Note clearly states it is a UNIFORM INSTRUMENT and is no more than a promise by us to pay a debt to the ORIGINAL LENDER and only the ORIGINAL LENDER. The deeds were recorded paid by us for a nominal fee at ORIGINATION and the mortgage clearly states it is a Uniform “SECURITY INSTRUMENT” but it was NEVER RECORDED, ASSIGNED or SECURED to the COLLATERAL (the deed) at ORIGINATION. What followed that was a fraudulently induced mortgage debt we were paying all along when there was no mortgage debt owed. Then a second banker came along and “secretly” sold us our unsecured fake mortgage debt for yet another nominal fee . KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS…

  2. l vent says:

    The stock market collapse is a result of the GREEDIEST PONZI SCHEME in HISTORY by the top 1% WEALTHIEST in the world. They INTENTIONALLY COLLAPSED THE STOCK MARKET,STOLE OUR WEALTH and caused FRAUDCLOSUREGATE and an ECONOMIC HOLOCAUST in America. Go to you tube and search for CNBC Illuminati, We are not broke America, we were robbed. Now these GREEDY PIGS want to STEAL OUR HOMES and FLOUT OUR PROPERTY RIGHTS. THANK GOD, the Banks sold us our homes for a nominal fee at origination and never secured or assigned the debt. The CROOKS need to stop FORCING FRAUDCLOSURES. President Obama must place a NATIONWIDE MORATORIUM on ALL FRAUDCLOSURES. President Obama needs to stop allowing this cabal to TERRORIZE the American people via FRAUDCLOSURES, FAKE LOAN MODS, SHORT SALE, CASH FOR KEYS or DEED-IN-LIEU. THEY DO NOT OWN OUR HOMES, WE DO, THANKS TO THE BANKS. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


      I hear you man, Loud and Clear!
      I am a Pro Se litigant who has stayed in the home free for 42 months.
      The bank wants to sit down and talk about it.
      THey dropped the case against me for the most part.
      All must become “Sovereign” redeem their “Strawman” and execute “Power of Attorney” and take control
      of their lives, from the paper/document aspect, which is where all this is.
      I know the whole scheme, top to bottom, start to finish.
      Everything you say is right, except the bull shit belief, that “Obama” or someone else, will do what they
      are contractually bound to do, which is Prosecute the law.
      They have not and will not, because “they are BENEFITTING from it! Got it?
      Why kill a cash cow? I sued the United States Congress in Jan. 2009, over TARP and 4 closures.
      I am the man who started the Robo-signing expose’ in March 2009, a year and a half before the whole nation knew. Me! I got the Fl. Supreme Court Task Force to look into “lost note affidavits” which was the proof, that banks were getting paid 2 and 3 times on the same note. Me!
      I am the man with THE plan to rectify this whole mess, one loan at a time.

      • l vent says:

        I agree about Obama, I am just calling him out. It is obvious they own him. Kudo’s to you for your efforts in trying to effect a change. The whole NOTE SCHEME is very DECEITFUL and should be found not only ILLEGAL but also UNCONSTITUTIONAL. They took a note, a piece of paper that IS NOT a SECURITY INSTRUMENT and then proceeded to sell/transfer the people’s paid off collateral and property rights to other banks? Somewhere along the way they gathered unnamed investors and collateralized all of this UNSECURED DEBT up on Wall Street and MADE HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS. The ORIGINATION FRAUD which enabled the banks to “cover-up” the plan also allowed all of us to buy our homes for a nominal fee. The FRAUDULENT INDUCEMENT of the loans following the sale of our homes to us is another crime. They also failed to follow strict recording laws because they were trying to HIDE THE MORTGAGE FRAUD at ORIGINATION. These FACTS are well known. Then what followed after that was just more fraud to cover up more fraud and FRAUDCLOSUREGATE. bottom line: OUR HOMES ARE PAID FOR and the FRAUDCLOSURES must stop.

    • Scott says:

      Well said! People stand up and fight these evil oppressors. Invest time to gain knowledge otherwise this giant land grab will go on and on. Make it as difficult as possible for these slimy, soulless thieves. Remember this government is not your friend because they are the ones who continue to allow this crime to be perpetrated. Fight for what you have!

      • agage45 says:

        Scott you are so right , how ever don’t forget about the insane lawyers who are involved in the GREAT AMERICAN LAND GRAB along with LPS , MERS AND THE BANKSTERS .We can all make a differance like the people in the middle east > one person at a time together we stand .

  3. Millie says:

    This is so tragic!!! My heart goes out to these homeowners! This is such an unnecessary loss of precious lives!!!

    This should emphasize the need for a MORATORIUM on all foreclosures, foreclosure-related actions and evictions until a thorough investigation is done to determine the depth of the fraud in the huge Ponzi scheme recently coming to light!

    Homeowners fight in court to show the fraud being committed in foreclosure, then comes the inevitable Trustee’s sale where the bank actually steals the house, followed swiftly by the Unlawful Detainer or Eviction hearing, then the Writ for Possession precedes the actual eviction and lock out. This is such a terrible battle for homeowners having cried out for the judicial system for justice, but it is rarely granted!
    They were backed into a corner, and their very home was being taken from them.

    I do not agree with using violence towards law enforcement, but something in the banking and court system should have been done LONG BEFORE it got to this point! I sure hope the media gets a hold of this and the judicial system and government take a good close look at how this is causing desperate homeowners to feel! It is about time the judiciary begin to truly follow the law and stop the fraud! The courts are a homeowner’s last defense against this mass criminal activity! These people are “casualties” of this war against homeowners by the big banks and their “cohorts and cronies” (loan servicers and law firms that represent them)! Shame on them! I hope the acquisition of this property was “worth it” for them! With all of their bonuses and bailouts, they do not suffer “irreparable harm” by holding off on evicting someone who is fighting to keep their home. Perhaps this incident will weigh heavily on what microscopic “heart” they may have left underneath all the money!

    I am speaking from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE about the dread of eviciton…because myself, my husband and 2 of our 9 children are less than 2 weeks away from eviction ourselves! We have fought fraudulent foreclosure in CA long and hard, but have experienced the prejudism against pro se litigants and against homeowners in general in the judicial system. We may have to leave our home soon…but we will not stop fighting the fraud even then!

    May the homeowners in the above article finally be at peace…I weep for them even as I write this…

  4. TC says:

    Winchester Indiana is a small community. Growing up not far from there, it is tragic to know that our society is ravaged by the banksters. This must stop. So tragic. These are families, hard working families. This ponzi scheme, unfortunately, comes at the expense of human lives just so the banksters and some politicians can line their pockets with greed.

    • l vent says:

      The banksters and the politicians are terrorizing America for someone insidious. This is an American holocaust. Did you know that Goldman-Saks is one of the biggest Vatican-Jesuit-smom Ind. banking proxies? The truth about everything is on you tube, America. We all need to do our homework.

  5. Mark Bowen says:

    I wonder at what state of foreclosure the property was in when “a bank representative changed the locks on the house, which was in foreclosure proceedings.”

    As Indiana is a Judicial Foreclosure state, I believe that the Sheriff’s office may be liable for the outcome of this event if there were no Court Order allowing the “bank representative” to change the locks.

    The article leaves many pertinent questions unanswered.

    • Officer of the Law says:

      Really good point. I was thinking the same thing.

      An order evicting the homeowner usually comes after the foreclosure judgment is entered, and the time of eviction is when the bank usually takes possession and changes the locks.

      An order allowing the bank to seize the property before that time is very rare and usually is only allowed if the property is a rental property and not the owner’s home.

      By helping the bank take possession before the time set by law, the Sheriff’s office is criminally as well as civilly liable. Of course, no lawsuit can restore this man’s life or comfort his family for his unnecessary death. More unfortunately, just like when the banksters commit fraud, the prosecutors do not prosecute when law enforcement breaks the law unless there is a large public protest calling for prosecution, and most attorneys are afraid to pursue claims like these.

  6. Kim Thomas says:

    I wonder if this was another bank robbery of the citizens home taken illegally. I hope these people remember this day forever and that they not only took someones home but forced someone to call it quits.

    • Elyse Del Francia says:

      Where are these people to go when the banks steal their homes?
      More and more of these types of stories will be told, however, not in the media…only on these websites!!

      What is going on in America is a disgrace and the crooks are getting away with murder now!!

      God Bless Us All…

      • Dana says:

        We threw these bastards out in 1776 and 1812, in the bankruptcy of 1933 they came back with banks not guns.The Banks own America through the bankruptcy ( the Crown Bank ) the Judges are the County land Administrators, and the Bar Attorneys are the occupation army for the Land lord. Thank God there are a few Lawyers and Judges that remember their Constitutional oath of Office but they are damed few. Its easier to stuff the money in the pocket than to do the right thing.

      • l vent says:

        Maybe the Vatican could tell everyone fraudclosed on in America where we should all go. Since Goldman Saks is one of the biggest Vatican-Jesuit SMOM Individual banking proxies and got alot of the giniormous tax-payer bailout. Or maybe we should all ask the U.N. , they are uh, supposed to be a worldwide humanitarian organization yet they passed a worldwide legislation stating in part that we are all human capital. Exec. order 13037. The U.N. also holds all land in America as fee simple we are all tenants according to our deeds. According to them WE have NO rights and the Constitution was written to protect THEM not US. Check it out at you tube. Search for” Facts every American Should Know.” and then, The Vatican, The Black Pope and The British Monarchy. And you may want to google search the word SMOM, Sovereign Military Order of Malta to be exact. Seems that someone wants to steal OUR homes and flout OUR Property Rights as well as OUR Constitutional Rights and it is not who we all thought it was. The devil is in the details.

      • Joe L'Amarca says:

        The Criminals in the black robe in 1793 destroyed the rule of the common law and servitute to the crown of england stated all over again shrouded in secrecy . read the history and case of Chisohlm Vs. Georgia then compare the federal constitution 11th amend. with the U S Constitution Art. 3 Sc t 2 the is a conflict there Now google the coinage act of 1792 sec.9 is what estabilishes the Note from the treasury wich after the house is paid for it produces a warranty deed that goes along with a note . The problem is at the bank when it sends the notes wich they created and sell it 7 or 8 more times and thats how the owners of the banks get richer and commit fraud . now when you go to the bank to demand the note make sure that they prove to you that they paid with Lawfull Money or United States not if they dint then readthem the Sec. 9 and 19 of the coinage act of 1792 it still stands today the reason why read the last paragragh of Sec. 19. this knowledge will save your Country , Home , And Family

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