NJ | Sheriff’s Officers Accused Of Emptying Wrong Home In Botched Foreclosure

Sheriff’s Officers Accused Of Emptying Wrong Home In Botched Foreclosure

HILLSIDE – A 76-year-old Hillside woman has filed a claim for damages against Union County, alleging that officers of the county sheriff’s department illegally entered her home and removed the entire contents because they had the wrong address of a foreclosure.

In the document, obtained by Tina Renna of The County Watchers, Ozzie Leak claims that Union County Sheriff Ralph Froelich’s officers entered her home on Nov. 3, 2010 and removed the household contents. Leak is seeking $500,000. She charges that the sheriff’s officers destroyed property, including items of sentimental value, caused emotional distress and mental anguish and left her unable to provide housing for family.

According to the claim, Leak received unspecified treatment at JFK Medical Center in Edison from Nov. 26 through Nov. 28, 2010 as a result of the alleged actions of the sheriff’s officers.

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Claim for damages below which includes items from her deceased daughter…




Ozzie Leak’s Notice of Claims for Contents of Home

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  1. l vent says:

    The entire cabal is a runaway train and will no doubt, crash and burn very soon. Trying to rule humanity by lies and deception which creates confusion and chaos is the epitome of evil. Class Warfare is just the latest weapon in their arsenal of evil. They are obviously trying to opress the free will of God’s people by Tyranny and they are all despicable. This could only be the work of lucifer. Peter 5:8 said; Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walk about seeking whom he may devour. But God said, I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is and was, and who is to come, The Almighty. Rev. 1:8

  2. obam says:

    Go out and start burning things….

  3. Gabe says:

    I would of filed a 50 million dollar law suit. 500 000 dollar is change.
    Maybe the American people should start to have demonstration like in Egypt so our government will wake up.

    But this will never happen because the American people have no balls to speak up . Banks know this, Government know this so 12 million homes will be taken away and still there wll be no protest in this you call democracy. I would call it a dictatorship. Welcome to the Banker Dictatorship of America.

    • l vent says:

      Many American’s do not yet realize how truly bad things are inside of their own Country. They are lulled into a false sense of security because they did not yet lose their jobs. They may believe the media’s lies that things are not that bad. They probably sense that something is not quite right when they work and work and pay and pay and can’t seem to get ahead. They do not realize that they are just one job loss away from all of us. They do not realize that no one is safe and the class warfare is still raging against all of us. The media DOES NOT tell the truth about the economy or the job numbers or talk about anything that is really relevant. Alot of people do not understand that their entire Democracy is a FAKE and a FRAUD. Nothing can be taken at face value, not even the Catholic Church is what I thought it was, Alot of us were deceived and we were living and believing all of the lies before this happened to us. Many of us were just not paying attention. There were many diversions and distractions created here to decieve the masses and they are still doing it on a daily basis. There is no true freedom anymore in America. Egypt did not realize their democracy was a sham until a loaf of bread cost $25 and these people only make about $2 a day and that is if they have jobs at all. People there are soo terribly poor they live in cemeteries. It is a true Weimar Republic. Hopefully all of America wakes up and stops believing the lies.

  4. Marla says:

    I see in the complaint that this lady included Wells Fargo Bank. I thought Wells does not make mistakes. At least that is what they claimed in congresssional hearings. Maybe we all should forward this to the head of Wells.

  5. Richard DeSimone says:

    It is time that the government learns their boundaries. They have no authority to seize anyone’s property and sell it, unless it is on federal property only. People need to learn the law and stand their ground. The so called government is sick and power hungry.

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