More Foreclosure Fraud? | FL AG Investigating 3 More Law Firms After Consumer Complaints, Kahane & Associates, Daniel C. Consuegra, and Albertelli Legal

I heard it was 4 firms. I will confirm…


Fla. investigating 3 law firms after consumer complaints about defaulted mortgages

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

The Florida attorney general’s office has confirmed the names of three law firms added to its foreclosure investigation, including Kahane & Associates, which handles hundreds of home repossessions in Palm Beach County.

The Plantation-based company, as well as the Tampa firms of Daniel C. Consuegra, and Albertelli Legal received letters of inquiry in December from the Economic Crimes Division of the attorney general’s office.

All of the firms are part of mortgage giant Fannie Mae’s retained attorney network in Florida. Consuegra was just added to the list in November following Fannie Mae’s decision to stop using the Law Offices of David J. Stern, which is also under investigation.

The Dec. 2 letter to the three firms says the attorney general has opened a preliminary investigation regarding complaints the state has received of “unfair, deceptive and unconscionable practices” in how defaulted mortgages have been handled.

Investigators give the firms 45 days to hand over all consumer complaints received in a two-year period beginning in April 2008, employee directions as to the handling of foreclosures, and correspondence regarding remedies taken to assure proper methods are being followed in filing foreclosures.

As of Tuesday, no responses from the firms had been received by the attorney general’s office.

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11 Responses to “More Foreclosure Fraud? | FL AG Investigating 3 More Law Firms After Consumer Complaints, Kahane & Associates, Daniel C. Consuegra, and Albertelli Legal”
  1. Find Lawyer says:

    This is exactly the type of behaviour, if proved to be correct, that gives lawyers a bad name. If found guilty, the sentences should be harsh!

  2. Liz in Sarasota says:

    If you were foreclosed on by any of these firms:
    Jonathan Kilne, PA
    Joseph H Ganguzza & Associates (FL/PA)
    David J. Stern, PA
    Marshall C. Watson
    Gary I. Gassel, PA
    Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra
    Ben Ezra Law Firm
    Phillips, Flynn, Dareneau
    Shapiro & Fishman
    Smith, Hiatt & Diaz
    Albertelli & Halsema
    Enrico Gonzales
    Popkin & Rosaler

    know that they were enthusiastic users of now-notorious robo-signing company Lender Processing Services of Mendota Heights, MN and Jacksonville, FL. Have your attorney scrutinize the affidavits filed in your case. Find Max Gardner’s Top 200 signs you have a false document.
    This is not a complete list, not at all. I have only been able to find three back issues of The Summit, the LPS newsletter, and there are sure to be about 30-40 more. Somewhere. These firms were the firms who won “awards,” got their pictures in an issue, published an article or were quoted in an issue, or got kickbacks, in the form of money back per billable file. Did you know that by 2007 LPS had kicked back almost $500,000 to attorneys for using their services?
    Let’s face it. If you or me came to court armed with fraudulent affidavits the courts would put us UNDER the jail. The judges would be barely be able to restrain themselves. They’d be foaming at the mouth with outrage and contempt!! Why is it so different when our supposed best and brightest pervert the court system by filing fraudulent affidavits by the hundreds of thousands? Hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens have been hoisted out of their homes, losing every penny they’ve ever managed to save. The banks figured out how to drain us all dry, down to the last cent. (Do you really think they lost all those financial documents??)
    What’s going to happen to these attorneys? A slap on the wrist (after a 2-year investigation) by the Florida Bar? Citizens in Florida should shout to the rooftops that regulation of Florida attorneys should be up to the state, not the Florida Bar. Attorneys should be regulated just like any doctor or dog groomer you’d care to mention.
    For crying out loud, forget disbarment – let’s put lawyers (and others!) in JAIL. Why isn’t jail on the table? The front page of the University of Florida Law School piously talks about “ethics” and “professional responsibility.” Baloney. If I was the Florida Bar I’d be shaking in my shoes. I’d throw a few lawyers under the bus to prevent the governmental regulation that much be being discussed right about now.
    Regulate your own, Florida Bar, or we’ll demand the state do it for you.
    If you have fraudulent docs in your case, go to the link below and complain. Let’s swamp the FL Bar with ethics complaints.
    Don’t get me started on the JUDGES.

  3. Irwin Eisenstein says:

    amazing – the Florida bar has spent 2+ years investigating my application to be admitted to be a lawyer – it appears that they should have been spending more time investigating current lawyers?

    If they checked my background, they would find that I have assisted others without charging them. I believe that many people cannot afford attorneys so they need assistance in doing research and in editing their papers. I have passed two bar exams – and hopefully, one of the two groups will allow me to practice law?

    • ian says:

      irwin- you sound like a pretty good guy. Reading this site, as you obviously do, must give you a somewhat different outlook on your chosen calling. I would say charge the people who can afford to pay, work out payment plans with those who can’t, the word will spread, you will have so many clients both paying and slow paying (but paying) you can have a thriving law office within 90 days. Look into the peoples’ eyes- and ask yourself if they deserve to be illegally kicked out of their homes, no place for the children, the American Dream a cruel, meaningless epitaph- while the powers that be run roughshod over the laws of the land. Don’t forget to look into the mirror every morning. Best of luck- go get ’em!

  4. maia says:

    What about Smith, Hiatt & Diaz ? I’m ppreparing a letter to AG on fraudulent assignment signed by Virginia Hiatt herself–yes, the partner. She signed for MERS as nominee for a defunct company.

  5. maia says:

    Finally, Kahane and Albertelli Law–What took so long?–Maia

  6. Rosetta says:

    There are law firms in New Yor that needs to be investigated for their “aiding and abetting” of their mortgage foreclosure fraud practices; such as Rosicki, Rosicki & Assoc. and Fein, Such and Crane. Steven Baum is already in the “hot seat”

  7. Hope... says:

    I know one of the Attorney’s who was working for the Daniel C. Consuegra Law Firm is now with Morris Hardwick Schneider, LLC.

    Morris Hardwick Schneider, LLC took some of David Sterns files after his investigation. At which time Morris Hardwick Schneider, LLC filed a fraudulent AOM on my home.

    They are just moving around like roaches…

    • mark says:

      I’ve been fighting Morris, Hardwick, and Schneider in Delaware for a long time.

      • Tina says:

        I am currently fighting Morris Hardwick & Schneider in Va. I would like to talk to you about your situation with them & share mine with you. Maybe we can get together & get something done with them. Please email me ASAP at Put in the subject Morris Hardwick & Schneider. ANYONE WITH ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THIS COMPANY PLEASE EMAIL AS WELL. THANKS

  8. Officer of the Law says:

    Oh, it looks like the new AG wants to let the banksters and their minions know that their is a new sheriff in town and shake some cash loose. After all, baby needs a new house, car, Swiss bank account, condo in the Caymans, etc.

    If she wants to prove me wrong, indict some of the banksters and their attorneys who have submitted thousands of fraudulent affidavits to steal the homes of over a million Floridians. Remember, the previous AG released a report confirming that the AG’s office is well aware of this rampant fraud.

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