Missing for 15 Years, Remains of Former Owner Found in Recently Purchased Foreclosed Home

Remains of man who went missing 15-years-ago found under his house

Charlie Williams, 62, who lived in Senatobia, Mississippi disappeared over 15-years-ago, in August of 1995.  His wife, children and grandchildren never knew what happened to him.

Then two months ago, Charlie’s wife passed away.  The house went into foreclosure and was bought by an investor.

The investor hired construction workers to begin renovating the house and when the workers were tearing up the floor, they found remains in a hole in the floor at the front of the house.

The Tate County Sheriff’s Department was called.

“Right now we’re in the process of trying to confirm the identity of this person,” said Sheriff Brad Lance.

Tamika Jackson believe that the bones are the remains of her uncle.

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4 Responses to “Missing for 15 Years, Remains of Former Owner Found in Recently Purchased Foreclosed Home”
  1. l vent says:

    More evidence of the Government kleptocracy, hudforeclosed.com/official-site. What a disgrace. MSN (otherwise known as MSNBC, NBC, CNBC all owned by GE) is also aiding and abetting or is most likely part of the Cabal. DESPICABLE. Give those homes back to those people you stole them from!!!

  2. 3rd born says:

    And this article is important and pertinent to Foreclosure Fraud and busy researchers because…?

    • melanie says:

      because people who take title to foreclosed properties are buying a pig in a poke and can never have any assurance of what to expect?

    • Marla says:

      This article also shows that bargin you think you are getting is not such a bargin after all. Who in their right mind will buy that house now. You know the investor intends to sell the house for a whole lot of money. Now he has to disclose that their was a dead body buried in the house for 15 years. House could be tied up in a murder investigaion. Moral of the story DO NOT BUY FORECLOSED HOMES.

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