PB POST | Lawyer Ben-Ezra held in contempt over ‘fraud’ in foreclosure filing

Lawyer held in contempt over ‘fraud’ in foreclosure filing

By Kimberly Miller and Christine Stapleton
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

A day after federal mortgage giant Fannie Mae fired the prominent law firm of Ben-Ezra & Katz, a Miami judge found the firm’s founding partner, Marc Ben-Ezra, in contempt of court for filing “sham” foreclosure documents and “wasting the court’s time.”

On Thursday, Fannie Mae cited document “execution issues” as the reason it terminated the law firm.

Ben-Ezra & Katz becomes the second south Florida law firm making a mass exodus from the foreclosure business.

The Plantation law firm of David J. Stern began dumping thousands of its Fannie Mae cases late last year after evidence of robo-signing and other faulty documents became known.

“It’s a huge can of worms that is being opened up because of changes in law firms,” said James Bonfiglio, a Boynton Beach attorney who represents homeowners. “This is the way it’s going to go and it’s going to be a huge mess for the next couple of years.”

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