Foreclosure Fraud Class Action | National Organization of Assistance for Homeowners vs Wells Fargo

The National Organization of Assistance For Homeowners of California say Wells Fargo and a slew of others violated their own guidelines to sell plaintiffs’ mortgages above their actual vales to bulk investors, knowing the scheme would result in a liquidity crisis that would gravely damage plaintiffs.

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National Organization of Assistance for Homeowners vs Wells Fargo

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  1. Homeless in CA says:

    After an exhausting short sale attempt, securing a purchase agreement from a local RE Broker, the contract was sent of to Wells Fargo. The processor countered the buyer over and above what was needed to close. They Buyer walked and Wells Fargo foreclosed. The bank hired another Broker who put it on the MLS and sold it to the very RE Broker who had the buyer that walked.

    The closing price was exactly for what we would have closed for. I suffer from their error of countering more than was owed double now as the second BofA had signed off for the $6,000. payout and sent a short sale approval included in the original offer before Wells Fargo countered and chased off the buyer.

    Wells Fargo foreclosed, I have an agreement with Bank of American with a large down and monthly payments I will be paying for years. I could have done a short sale, I could have not had foreclosure on my record, I could have had BofA taken care of with the short sale but Wells Fargo was head strong. I begged and pleaded and they rushed in. This after about eight months of missed payments. I paid the HOA off entirely.

    Is there any thing I can do? Is there any lawsuits that would help me bring this to the attention of anyone.

    We are senior citizens who have worked all of our life and always had good credit. But, the economy took our paychecks down by 2/3rds.

    • stripes says:

      How can you secure a purchase agreement to something you never held legal title to in the first place because of the ORIGINATION FRAUD….? There is no legal fix for that.

  2. Harold says:

    Ive been in the “mortgage assist” program for 6 months to move ONLY 1 payment to the end of my mortgage. They constantly lie about not receiving my faxes in time. This has to be the most well organized fraud in America right now.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      yes the same thing happened to us 2 years ago in 2009 and then again in 2010. it never ends wells fargo trying to steal my home

  3. George says:

    Let me know of more successes in the Federal courts here in CA.

  4. losing my home in florida says:

    wells fargo called me today asking me for paper work that i sent 2 weeks ago. i got so fustrated and asked he m
    for a supervisor she put me on hold and hung up. this is the most fustrating thing i have been through in my life. at 48 yrs old i should not be loosing my house buy enjpying my life with my family. what fraud had been done against us is implorable. they admitted the fraud now we need releif answers not moe of the same from wells fargo.

  5. Jan says:

    The “Lenders” create “money” out of thin air – see Modern Money Mechanics, Federal Reserve’s manual on how they create money. YES, it actually is “new” money created on a computer when you get a loan. The banks are not out one thin dime. That is why they never want to produce the accounting ledgers. It will show, per GAAP the “Note” is deposited on the asset side. Then they do an exchange with you and call it a loan. You actually paid for it at the closing with your note. A promissory note is equivalent to a check. We just didn’t know we were supposed to ask for a receipt. So the banks keep the asset or sell it and leverage up 10 times the amount and invest it how they want. They were supposed to be a service to the public, but they turned into greedy crooks in bed with the Wall Street gang and we are the victims. We should all be filing class actions. Shut the system down and let’s get a new one. This is not working for us. We should be able to borrow at zero %. Forget credit scores. That’s another scam, just another cash cow for the financial industry. We can just print the money. At the State level, and just charge a small fee up front. The fee can go to pay for running the State. Washington DC is so bloated, out of control and these interest charges are being paid by the working folks while the crooks run free and steal it all. Make them produce the financial ledgers. 1099OID Request a QWR (Qualified written request) letter. Stops foreclosure until they answer you.

  6. QNY81 says:

    The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. That will clear all the cobwebs.

  7. losing my home in florida says:

    what do we do where do we start. i am was awe when iwas reading the post. i could not beleive they were saying everyhting i questioned.

  8. l vent says:

    This lawsuit needs to go nationwide. ALL Americans need to get involved in lawsuits similar to this. The big banks need to be brought down to their knees like they have done to America and other countries. They have robbed the people blind of their wealth in the engineered ecomonic collapse, their God given freedom, trampled over our Constitution, broke Federal and State laws, stolen the people’s property rights and therefore stolen their homes and they have destroyed families and lives with the RAMPANT CORRUPTION that has TAKEN OVER America.. If this Government does not want to prosecute these criminals than we, the American people need to SUE THEM OUT OF EXISTANCE. An attorney told me that the Banks are protected from the Government by the U.S. Constitution. Alrighty then, The people will take matters into their own hands then and WE WILL sue the snot out of them. NATIONWIDE CLASS ACTIONS: The American people vs. the Cabal. We will root them out one by one, if neccessary. The entire mortgage industry is built on fraud and is a house of cards. It is meant to do no more than ROB and OPRESS the American people of their wealth by making us all double pay with interest via a fake mortgage that we are already paying via those GINORMOUS PROPERTY TAX BILLS. We ALL bought homes we would NEVER OWN. The mortgage debt is an eternal debt because even when the house is technically “paid for” you are still paying for it forever via the property tax. Homeowner’s have all gotten trapped into double paying for a home WE WILL NEVER OWN. The Obama Adm. knows this is true. It is well past the time for an Indefinite Nationwide Moratorium on all fraudclosures. The people must all particapate in a NATIONWIDE TAX REVOLT..We were robbed and double dipped and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT THEIR MONEY BACK. Give the people back their STOLEN PROPERTY.

    • This is why North Dakota have their own State-run bank. The charter for the bank gives fraud and manipulation as the reason the bank was created.
      Too bad forty-nine states were to stupid, or too culpable!, to do likewise.

  9. losing my home in florida says:

    WOW do i need to say more. we need a class action in floridah contact me please!!

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