Facing Foreclosure Without Missing A Payment: One Couple’s Housing Nightmare

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Facing Foreclosure Without Missing A Payment: One Couple’s Housing Nightmare

For the past 30 days, Kendra and Todd Parker have been trying to figure out what to tell their four children, fearing that they, like millions of other Americans facing foreclosure, could be tossed out of their home.

But unlike the vast majority of homeowners in their predicament, Kendra Parker says she can prove she and her husband have not missed a single mortgage payment.

The Parkers’ mortgage began like any other that might have emerged from the housing boom: the neighborhood bank that originally issued their mortgage sold the loan, and it eventually landed in the hands of one of the nation’s largest mortgage companies. In industry parlance, the loan was “securitized,” or sliced into parts and combined with hundreds, possibly thousands of other mortgages, then sold piecemeal to investors. The complex reality of the modern mortgage system was supposed to have very little effect on the Parkers — they would simply mail their monthly payment to a mortgage servicer, which would handle the payment on behalf of the investors holding the mortgage securities.

But, along the way, that machinery broke down. No one, the Parkers say, told them their loan had been sold. With no word from the new servicer, New Jersey-based PHH Mortgage, the Parkers sent their first payment to the original bank, which mailed the check to PHH, according to documents the Parkers provided to The Huffington Post. But that check went missing. The Parkers say that despite the fact that they made every other payment, that missing check led to foreclosure proceedings, and a wrecked Kendra Parker’s credit rating.

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3 Responses to “Facing Foreclosure Without Missing A Payment: One Couple’s Housing Nightmare”
  1. l vent says:

    The FBI confirmed to me that the rumor I was hearing about banks/servicers throwing people into intentional default was indeed true. People were paying on time and finding out they were in mortgage default upon checking their credit reports. Is this because they are trying to cover-up for missing money or is there something more sinister going on here? I think it is both. They are trying to cover-up their evil deeds but they do not want us to THINK WE OWN ANYTHING nor can we when we pay an eternal PROPERTY TAX. We have all been decieved on a monumental scale via the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME THEFT OF OUR WEALTH IN HISTORY. This was all well planned by the elitists to destroy America and the rest of the world. THEY CALL IT “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”. THEY ARE THE EPITOME OF EVIL.

  2. a p giannini says:

    Phh mortgage is fannie mae ,aka bank of america . Its fraud mr & ms parker .include in your police report on the ckecks u report missing stolen fraud , that also the bank companies u was with is fraud too , and the fraud is from fulton county probate court , gloria jean mayes , and she , has been arrested by fulton county , this messedge is for the hold world rite here . Everybody need to file fraud . On everyrthing , the company asset should have been frozen after 2004 . All the banks should have been shut down .

    • l vent says:

      Yes, PHH are scumbags. I reported them to my State AG and they told me they had NO COMPLAINTS against them. WHAT!!!!! I have read at least a gagillion complaints on a website dedicated solely to PHH MORTGAGE and all of their FRAUD. They are the ROBBER BARRONS for FANNIE. FANNIE is hiding behind PHH. When I called the FBI to complain about PHH and the whole LOAN MOD SCAM, the FBI told me to call FANNIE MAE to complain because they are a GSE. FANNIE MAE told me that there was nothing they could do about PHH. After hanging up the phone with them my phone FROZE. That has never happened to me before. PHH and FANNIE MAE are Satan’s spawn.

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