Foreclosure Mill Karma Strikes in AZ | Gerald Shapiro’s Partner Christopher Perry Booked on DUI, Leaving the Scene After Plowing Down Couple

Phoenix Lawyer, Allegedly Drunk (in Middle of Afternoon), Crashes Brand New BMW into Couple; Woman in Critical Condition

While most of us were at work yesterday afternoon — presumably not shit-faced — a drunk Phoenix lawyer was driving his brand new BMW through downtown Phoenix. Sadly, he drove it into a couple walking near the light rail tracks, leaving a woman clinging to life.

Just before 2 p.m., an unidentified 60-year-old woman and her unidentified 59-year-old husband, were were crossing Central Avenue despite the pedestrian signals advising them not to, Phoenix police say.

As the couple approached the tracks, a light-rail train was approaching, so the two turned back toward the sidewalk. As they turned back, they were hit by a 2011 BMW driven by 53-year-old Christopher Perry, a prominent real estate attorney at the law firm Perry & Shapiro.

The female victim was thrown onto the northbound tracks, which caused the Light Rail System to shut down temporarily.

According to police, after smashing into the couple in his BMW, Perry stopped for a minute, got out of his car, took a look at the two people he’d plowed into, and then drove off as police arrived on the scene.

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8 Responses to “Foreclosure Mill Karma Strikes in AZ | Gerald Shapiro’s Partner Christopher Perry Booked on DUI, Leaving the Scene After Plowing Down Couple”
  1. PJ says:

    The lady that this drunken midday slug, a minion of the LOGS Nationwide Network , ran down in broad daylight has passed. Prayers to the family.

    Each and every member/partner of Mr.Shapio’s LOGS network nationwide should be investigated for former DWI’s, Domestic Violence Violations, Negligent Child Support, and anything else that can be shoved in the face of the GSE’s that continue to fund these rouge violators of our nations law’s in our courts, and in this case on our streets, while using the American taxpayer dollars to make them rich.

    We now know that one member of LOGS will be convicted on striking, leaving the scene and subsequently killing a women, And that the master of the LOGS network is a “strategic defaulter” on a $6 Million Dollar loan.
    What more can be unearthed for other members of the taxpayer funded “Approved Attorney Network” @ Fannie Mea???

  2. Brindy says:

    This sucm sucking foreclosure bastard lawyer was indicted on a Class 3 Felony!!!

    Adios amigo – enjoy Arizona State Prison. Take that law license, smother it with peanut butter and shove it up your ass.

  3. Marla says:

    It is 2 pm and this guy is drunk. He hits 2 people who apparently were crossing when they should not have been (if I understand this right). So it could have been just about anyone who would have hit these people. But the guy was drunk, hit these people, and then decided to run. Why???? Because he knew that being an officer of the court that he would be in big trouble because he was drinking. So in his drunken thinking he decides to leave the scene leaving the two people he hit on the street with no thought of anyone but his selfish drunken self. Did this idiot not realize that there were witness and they would probably get his license number? Answer is “no” because he thought of no one but himself. This guy is a drunken coward. There is no way anyone can defend his actions as being justified. He deserves what he gets.

  4. Nye Lavalle says:

    I guess the guilt finally got to one of them that he starts drinking at noon! I wonder how his fellow cons like Gerald Shapiro, Sharron Horstkamp, and others are sleeping these days? Pass the bottle of booze or pills!

  5. Larry says:

    This post is not what I would expect to see from this blog. I hope this does not become a pattern.

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