What the Cluck! Broward Deputies Storm Local KFCs Facing Foreclosure, Serve Orders to Cease and Desist

What the Cluck! Court Forecloses on South Florida KFCs

KFC restaurants in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties set to be deep-fried

Several local KFC chains are in finger-licking foreclosure.

Broward Sheriff’s deputies invaded nine local franchises of the chicken-serving national chain Wednesday, serving orders that the stores must cease and desist.

Who knew the double-down monstrosity would cause this much harm?

About 18 civilian deputies simultaneously served Writ of Replevin notices, which we gather didn’t contain the Colonel’s secret recipe. It’s the first step in a foreclosure.

The shut down order was not from KFC, officials from the chain said.

KFC Corporation is not involved in this litigation which we believe is between the franchisee and one of its lenders,” KFC Spokesperson Laurie Schalow said.

Employees were ordered to put down their chicken breasts, deep fryers and biscuit pans and leave the premises.

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KFC franchisor Kazi Foods faces foreclosure

KFC franchisor Kazi Foods of Florida could lose five restaurants in Miami after a getting deep-fried by its lenders.

The North Miami Beach-based company, managed by Zubair Kazi and Khatija Kazi, on Feb. 2 was hit with two foreclosure lawsuits concerning a combined $23.1 million in mortgages. Citicorp Leasing assigned all of the loans to the plaintiffs.

Colonial Pacific Leasing Corp.’s lawsuit targets a $9.6 million mortgage made in 2004 and a $9.5 million mortgage made in 2005. The lawsuit against Kazi Foods from General Electric Capital Corp. targets a $4 million mortgage made in 2006.

Kazi Foods operates KFC franchises in the five locations that are targeted for foreclosure:

  • 17701 N.W. 27th Ave., Carol City: 1,720 square feet
  • 966 S.W. Eighth St., Miami: 1,980 square feet
  • 9690 S. Dixie Highway, Miami: 2,164 square feet
  • 3521 N.W. Seventh Ave., Miami: 2,182 square feet
  • 6135 N.W. 12th Ave., Miami: 1,583 square feet



8 Responses to “What the Cluck! Broward Deputies Storm Local KFCs Facing Foreclosure, Serve Orders to Cease and Desist”
  1. Here goes more unemployment thanks to the Banksters how many people works in each Kentucky? emplyed people are being fried by Banksters !

  2. l vent says:

    America is being controlled by a gigantic mafia owned criminal enterprise. Their tentacles are far reaching and very destructive. They want us to pay for their robbery or else they want to bankrupt America. These mobsters robbed it and are still robbing and pillaging it. They want the American people to pay for the cover-up of the robbery with OUR homes and are becoming more and more destructive to our economy. They must be stopped because no one is safe from their class warfare assault. This was a stupid plan by the elite to own us. Trickle up poverty will trickle up to them and they wil end up paying for the robbery of the people’s wealth because they have destroyed the U.S. economy and it was intentional. Now the elite can pay for all of the missing money because they suck.

  3. l vent says:

    If corporate America is getting fraudclosed on then I guess they bought businesses they couldn’t afford like we bought houses we couldn’t afford? No, everyone is going to feel the pain of the eliteist agenda to bankrupt the world. The ongoing class warfare is causing trickle up poverty. The elitieist plan is proving to be a complete failure because in the end it is going to end up costing them their stolen wealth when the people can no longer pay for their crimes against all of humanity. They clearly are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

  4. Gregory says:

    How come nobody does this when we get judgments against banks. Something very suspicious here would you not say………

  5. This can be a good opportunity, to get word out.
    If each of these restaurants had a notice placed on it, giving the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of every crook involved in the process, from the crooked process-servers, to the banksters themselves, then public outrage can be harnessed to good use!
    The notices will have to be made on eleven by seventeen, or twenty-two by seventeen paper, and photocopied. Most photocopy places can do eleven by seventeen. Photocopies, or a short print run, are needed, because the banksters will keep trashing the notices.

  6. Let Me see whether I understand this correctly:
    The best way to keep people from noticing foreclosure fraud is to… destroy one of America’s favorite restaurants? In fourteen locations? I am unclear on this concept.

    I see it more like this:
    Person1: Hey! Where’s the Kentucky chicken place?
    Person2: It’s foreclosed.
    Person1: It’s what??
    Person2: Some bankster killed it, to get money for himself.
    Person1: So, where does one go, for Kentucky chicken?
    Person2: You don’t. You are not rich, so you are trash.
    Person2: Pay attention! Defeat corrupt officials. Sue the bums! Protect YOUR house, if you have one!!

  7. Officer of the Law says:

    Which judge signed the writ of replevin and who are the attorneys for the banksters?

    What does the complaint allege and was there a hearing before issuance of the writ? It would be really interesting since there is almost no way that the pre-judgment requirements for a writ of replevin can be met. Of course, that is only the law, and we all know who “law” enforcement takes their orders from, don’t we?

  8. losing my home in florida says:

    what the cluck is a right i am from broward how awful must be about the that 51.00$ meal no one could afford haha really though this foreclsoure ting is out of control its like hurricane katrina allover again but now its a hurricaine hitting the entire country including hawaii. when is our president going to step up to the plate and take control of the reins. its what gore called trickle down economics. if cant afford our houses because we lose our jobs we cant afford to buy 51.00 meals at kfc. we need a plan for this country and we need it fast. please some one listen to the people

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