PB Post | Foreclosure Mediators: Banks Pushed Us to Fail

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Florida’s Supreme Court sought a foreclosure lifeline in forcing banks and borrowers to mediation. It was hoped a judicial referee could help unclog court dockets and free struggling borrowers.

But in documents obtained by The Palm Beach Post and described in a recent court order, mediators complain lenders and their attorneys are stifling the system by pressuring negotiations to end in a stalemate.

In some cases, mediators report that deals were struck for trial payment plans or to seek a loan modification, but that banks or their attorneys asked for the meeting to be recorded as an impasse.

The motive for a deadlock, homeowner advocates say, is money. Declaring a different outcome stalls the process and could mean a return to mediation if an agreement falls through. At the same time, several of the state’s large foreclosure law firms also run title companies, which can pick up business when a home is repossessed.

An estimated 350,615 foreclosures clog Florida courts. Many experts argue it is not until those cases clear that Florida’s economy and real estate market will rebound. The mediation program, which is only for homesteaded properties, was designed to reduce judicial workload and give borrowers a chance to save their homes.

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3 Responses to “PB Post | Foreclosure Mediators: Banks Pushed Us to Fail”
  1. Ali says:

    Glad to hear from you IVent, I didn’t see you for a couple of days and was worried about you! I stupidly took their mediation “Hope For Homeowners”, and they hooked me up with Money Management Intl.. I worked with a really nice lady for alittle over a year. She actually called me to say good bye because she was quiting beacause she was tired of being reprimanded for taking too much time with her clients. How’s that for a bunch of shit. Fortunately a report (in my favor was written and a copy of it was sent to me, and a copy to BofA was sent to them. Boy they must have a big schedder!!!!! They still refused to modify my morgage. Thank God cuz as it turns out I have no mortgage. It was released twice. First time title insurance because the broker bought the loan and assigned it to MERS as non and they hid that and passed it on to Wells Fargo. I want to know where our close to 50k down went!!!! Well must have done a title search and released the mortgage lock stock and barrel. Nodody mailed any of this to us cuz they were hiding it. This was in 2005 and 2007. I still don’t know how Countrywide got hold of it and now Bof A is claiming whole mortgage. This settlement is is not going to happen, people are making so many claims….inveators, pension funds, homeowners and many more. Nobody seen to be complaining in Illinois. I wonder why? Could it be because Il is about corrupt as it can be. I tried to call FHA, FBI, HUD, BOA, and everyone was rude and had no answers for me. I even tried to put a complaint in with the Better Buisiness bearu to no avail. They couldn’t make this harder if they tried. Then jamie Dimon had a sweet little interview with fox news about his doing hiring and what a great guy he his. I am getting very fustratated and think there has to be a better way. How do you fight the properganda thats going on is the key. All the commercials on TV, open credit cards, take a vacation, buy buy buy. Nothing wrong here folks just keep spending all your money, that is if you have any when we get done with you. Glad you are o.k. I know we hardly know each other but I believe we are in the same state and could help each other or maybe be cell partners (just a joke). I don’t want to bug you but please don’t just disapear for a couple of days, I worry. I know how pasionate youare! (me too) Would like to turn it into positive energy. Thanks for all your blogs, you sure opened my eyes re this massive ponzi scheme. How come no complaints from Il. hmmmmm maybe people are afraid. Rohm yields alot of power.

    • lvent says:

      Hi Ali..yeah I’m still here, ive been working on my response to the strike of my affirmative defenses by the crooks.. so ive not been here so much….I thiink I did a pretty kick ass job going after the greedy bastards with the rule of law..we will see. Its almost like a dare I am calling them all out with their own lies and crap!! I know you know not to let the crooks trick you into signing unto another fraudulently induced debt….OCCUPY!

  2. l vent says:

    Our homes are paid for and even if we are not paying a “fake mortgage” we are atill paying via property tax. The nonsense needs to stop. The people are sick of getting ripped off and double dipped and fraudclosed on. Even if all of this were not true, but it clearly is, there have been so many crimes committed here against the people and the banks/servicers/Fannie/Freddie, or their criminal network of attorneys, can not even prove who or if anyone is owed money. Not to mention the FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED mortgages are UNSECURED debts because the crooks needed collateral for the PONZI SCHEME so they could create and steal trillions of dollars for themseles and the elite in the engineered economic collapse. Then there is the CRIME of all of the MISSING ORIGINAL BLUE INK NOTES. It is time to place a Nationwide Moratorium on all of the fraudclosures. A FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED LOAN MOD would mean we, the people would be aiding and abetting these criminals in the cover-up of the theft of our wealth. That would be UNAMERICAN of us to do that and it would make us complicate. The charades must stop. America knows the truth.The stealing and looting of America and it’s people must stop.

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