Shapiro and Fishman Fraudclosure | Two Copies of a Note, Different but the Same

Now how do you explain this?

Note #1 (lost note count, copy of note with a single endorsement in blank by Betty Cotton attached to the compliant)

Note#2 received as returned exhibit to affirmative defenses which also has a SINGLE endorsement in blank by Debra Sierck

So, we have two different copies of the “original lost note” where there are single endorsements by different people…

Impossible… Unless???

You decide…

Lis Pendens, note one and note two are presented below…

For another take on this debacle click here…



Supplee Note #1 (Cotton – Exh to Complaint 2)
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Supplee Note #2 (Sierck – Exh to P Reply to Aff Def)
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14 Responses to “Shapiro and Fishman Fraudclosure | Two Copies of a Note, Different but the Same”
  1. Anko says:

    So WHY are the judges permitting them to get away with it? The judges are ultimately the ones responsible fo allowing crime to flourish.

  2. l vent says:

    Where in the hell is the leadership for the people in this country? Obama is still saying or doing nothing on behalf of victimized homeowners. He is supposed to be some sort of a Constitutional expert law professor shit while the assault and robbery is still continuing on the people he promised hope and change to? What a fraud. I don’t care if the banksters and wall street bought him or not, he has egg all over his face. No one should vote for any of these frauds. The U.N. bought off our entire Government, and these aholes are being allowed to hold the whole country hostage, and that is a verifiable fact. The whole country has been corrupted and our own politicians and Government are treasonists. They have betrayed their own country and their own countrymen for their own selfish personal gains. What a despicable disgrace. They cannot call themselves human beings, theya re a den of vipers and do not care about this country, it’s people or what America is suppose to stand for. LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL? HA!! Time for the American people to throw them all out on their ears,they are part of the plan to destroy America. They are what the elite call — USEFUL IDIOTS.

    • Herb says:

      Well you can see the outcome in several other countries that have had it with their governments. If they can do it there when they could be killed, why can’t ” WE THE PEOPLE ” do it here? Have we Americans gotten so soft and comfy with the government that we forgot how mere hippies and potheads got things done? Certainly we have to be a better people then we were then. They took your jobs and sent them overseas, they took your homes and chopped up the mortgages you own, and sent them over seas. They took your rights and are replacing them with Dictatorships, and took your God and replaced him with false Gods. They took the currency they invented and defrauded the world with invented wealth, and plan on destroying the currency so they can replace it with world currency so they can control the whole world. Then for generations will either have to pay for all the fraud and theft of government that they will be slaves to their ansesters. Now they are stealing your children by using the safety of children, and placing them in their foster care system that collects funds from the Federal Government to supply the states with fraudulant programs as a front. Does the child safety programs look like they are better then 50 years ago? Do the children look like they are improving with their attatudes? Are the children gaining moral standards? How about the school system? does it look like our children are gaining knowlege more then 30 years ago? I don’t think any Americans are better off then 50 years ago. I think we have been dumbed down to their level of control of maybe 100 years ago. We can’t even survive in this sociaty without their fuel, electric, water, technology, supplied by corporations. Think about what would happen if all these things were gone overnight……… Would you be able to lead your family out into a world where there are no more resources to count on that have been there all your life, and still be alive in two weeks? What happens when the government goes down into their underground cities they have built from your hard work, and leave you without MaMa UNCLE SAM to supply you with a safe haven? This is what is in the process of happening now, and soon will find yourself without all the things they took away over the years. 2012? it may be the end of the line for humanity, but not from some ancient culture saying so, just what the governments of this world want you to believe. The government never had the peoples lives in mind, as we are over populated and too many for the secret sociaty to handle, and are using the same technology the Romans used to control the people, food and safety. Good Luck to you………… You’ll need it. God Bless

      • l vent says:

        Funny you should mention the hippies of the 60’s. My dad and I were just talking about that and he said those hippies got the job done and so did the african americans by sticking together.. I never want uncle sam to “take care” of me and my family. Katrina proved they clearly do not give a rats ass about any of us. I also think the people became way to passive about their freedom and stopped paying attention to what these dictators have been taking away from all of us. America drank the kool-aid, kept believing the lies we were being fed a daily diet of and now we all have hell to pay for it. I do think that Rockefeller was right about what he said about the internet and that it would ruin all of their evil plans. Knowledge is power and I do think that the people with God’s help, will prevail in the end. I do think the People are waking up to the facts about a country that has been completely corrupted and are feeling the results of the ramant corruption. .I say to you, Do not underestimate the power of the American people when they unite and they are. You see, all along these secret societies were able to rule and dictate under a veil of secrecy and now the truth is being revealed to the world thanks to the internet and ultimately the truth will set the world free. The revived roman empire will again be destroyed because no one wants to live in a world without free will and the people will revolt and they will win. Maybe we should all get a copy of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” it is an interesting read and it is said to be Obama’s bible. It is not a bad thing to educate ourselves on what our leader is thinking. Good Luck to you, because it sounds like you have already thrown up the white flag. I am not ready to head for the hills yet, I still think the glass is half full. God Bless….Please,don’t give up the fight so fast. That would be Unamerican of us to go down without a fight, dontcha think?

      • l vent says:

        @Herb: One more thing I would like to mention. What good did the engineered ecomonic collapse do the elite? When the people can not longer pay, they have created trickle up poverty and the debt will eventually trickle up to them and they will be left HOLDING THE BAG because the people will ultimately have to pass the HOT POTATO to them.. The last engineered Great Depression resulted in a stronger America. America WILL get it right again and learn to live within their means again. We need to end the wars and fix what is broken over here. We have always been a nation of entrapaneurs and we are fabulous at re-inventing ourselves and we will do this without the “help” of our corrupt Government, Thank You very much. God Bless America.

  3. PJ says:

    Unrelated but Shapiro and his wife sure have lots of money to throw around. And by the way what happened to Shapiros “strategic default” on his 6 million dollar loan on his office building in Illinois?

    Humm Judge, looks like you have the kettle calling the pot black here!

    • l vent says:

      Shapiro and Fishman are obviously pigs gorging at the trough. They have my loan now and I cannot wait to see the fraud they come up with to try and steal my home. I am ready and waiting for them to strike. I cannot wait to sue the pants off of these whores.

  4. Gregory Nowak says:

    Nobody is going to jail over this – so who cares. They will play this game forever with our moronic judges.

  5. Julie says:

    I’m also dealing with Shapiro & Fishman and the first copy of our note (in the 1st filing) under our signature there is nothing but blank white page and someone drew a big X across where a ‘endorsement stamp’ would have been. All of a sudden on the 2nd filing that same copy the endorsement stamp appeared. Talk about tampering with evidence right before our eyes!

  6. losing my home in florida says:

    the fraud continues. i called wells fargot to see if the received m paper work sent feb4th via frd ex. last week the told me the did not receive it. toda at 430pm i called the still did not have it. when i got home i went through m whole purse and found the tracking number. i printed the time and persin who picked up m docs.. i called back wells fargo ues whr m paper work miraculsly appeared but guess 1/2 of it was missing. this is rediculous. what do we do, thisa ceaz wa to treet us like we cant read. if it said send financial and pacheck stub thats what we send. i freaked out, the wells fargo lady told me she is going to terminate the call i gave my husband the phone. he didnt talk to her. we are ina graVe situation and noone wants to help what do we do now. i feel horrible. i was kicked off of foreclosure hamlet for ecpressing the fact that this is disgusting and what do we do. i do not know law and how to procede?

    • Antipodeus says:

      1.) If you shipped with Fed Ex and have the details as you say, Fed Ex should be able to provide time & date, who, where & to whom your papers were delivered – if Wells Fargo “can’t find” your papers, then the fault & remedy is theirs;

      2.) In case of their “losing” your paperwork, it is ALWAYS a good idea to retain photocopies of everything you send;

      3.) At the risk of appearing insensitive/pedantic, if you proof-read your paperwork to the same standard as you took in your above post, it is not surprising that you may have problems.

    • l vent says:

      @losing my home in florida: I thought you already got the in-house loan mod? Did you fail to get the HAMP loan mod and is this your second attempt at a so called in-house plan? I heard there are no loan mods because these mortgage loans no longer or never existed and they would be comitting more fraud by creating another fraudulent loan. You really got kicked off of Foreclosure Hamlet? These banks/servicers are playing games with us because they are being forced to by Fannie to do so. They really do not know what to do with all of these shit loans so they are buying time for themselves hoping they can someday fraudclose. If you agree and sign onto a fake loan mod you will be re-establishing a new debt and creating a new chain of title for Wells Fargo to fraudclose on you. I posted a link to an article here for you a couple of weeks ago. It was written by an attorney about verify but nullify. You said you have your original deed? This might be a helpful link: I think it is now all about extending and pretending with these pretender lenders. You might be able to find some useful information at the link I posted and look for the article about verify but nullify. Fannie sent my loan to Shapiro and Fishman so they can fraudclose on me, HA, I refused to negotiate for an in-house loan mod with PHH mortgage because they could not produce the original note or other information that I requested and they sent me a bogus, fraudulent note riddled with fraud and robo-signing and white-outs all over it. My county recorder’s office told me my house is paid for and the statute of limitations has run out on them to assign a debt to my deed. It has been 19 years without an assignment being recorded by anyone. Sounds like WF is messing with you.

      • l vent says:

        Take heart in the fact that WF probably has no good intentions_ of EVER_ giving you a loan mod because legally they can’t. A loan mod is just a ploy as we have all been set up to fail and it was an intentional set-up.When did this whole nightmare start for you? It has been over 2 years for me and they are still playing mind games with me. I would not let them drive you nuts and just keep fighting. Have you asked them for the note yet? I would not attempt a loan mod with any lender unless they could prove this and they can’t prove anything because the original blue ink notes were destroyed and MERS also contributed to their demise by ruining the chain of title though the chain of title never really existed because of the fraudulently induced mortgage. . Has any mortgage ever been assigned to your deed? Check the doc#s. Do they match the deed? An assignment doesn’t mean anything if it was not recorded properly. They are all very deceptive in what they do and only want to find a way to steal your home.. . Gotta try and be a yard or so ahead of their game. This website really helps.

  7. l vent says:

    Obviouslly bogus notes. The only note that really matters is the ORIGINAL BLUE INK NOTE that we paid off to a second bank for the fraudulently induced mortgage. That “transaction” produced a warranty deed and a paid off home for us. The sneaks gave some of us a new PIN# to hide the ORIGINATION FRAUD so we would not know our homes were paid for from the get go. They needed collateral for their Ponzi Scheme so they sold us our homes for a nominal fee and they got very filthy rich off of the deal and also double dipped homeowner’s. All of those involved need to go to prison. UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE PRACTICES A/K/A THE RICO ACT. Not to mention the RAMPANT SECURITIES FRAUD that they used to dupe investors into investing in BOGUS UNSECURITIZED TRUSTS. HIGH CRIMES deserve lengthy PRISON TIME and HEFTY FINES.

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