Massachusetts Register of Deeds Call on MERS to Come Clean and Pay Up: Says Essex County Owed $22 Million Dollars

Register of Deeds
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Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds
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Salem, MA
February 22nd 2011

Kevin Harvey, 1st Assistant Register


Essex South Register of Deeds John O’Brien announced today that he will be seeking over $22 million dollars from the Mortgage Electronic Registration System, “MERS” which represents several major banking conglomerates.  O’Brien bases the $22M number on the fact that the Salem registry has recorded over 148,663 MERS mortgages since 1998.  After a careful review of a number of these mortgages O’Brien said it became very clear to him that MERS had assigned mortgages to other entities at least twice without paying a recording fee.  Based on this information the taxpayers have been defrauded out of $22,299,450 in Southern Essex County alone.  It is quite possible that in some cases they may have assigned the notes more than twice resulting in even greater loss of revenue. O’Brien called MERS “one of the greediest schemes ever perpetrated on the American people.  They have compromised the integrity of the public land recordation system and in doing so, have wreaked havoc on our economy”.

Last week MERS announced a major policy change conceding that assignments should be recorded in the various Registries across the country and “assignments out of MERS’s name should be recorded in the county land records, even if the state law does not require such a recording.” In addition MERS instructed its members to “not foreclose in MERS name”. O’Brien further states “MERS has now finally acknowledged that their business model was flawed, and they didn’t adhere to the legal requirement that all assignments of a mortgage must be recorded at the local Registry of Deeds.”  “If they had followed the law the public would know who was buying and selling their mortgage, and it would have been an open, honest and transparent process.  The fact that they deliberately chose to create a for-profit private cyber Registry of Deeds whose only purpose was to avoid paying the same fees as everyone else and keeping the public in the dark as to who was the rightful owner of the mortgage clearly demonstrates to me that this was a scheme of epic proportions.”  “When Wall Street and these major lenders joined together in creating MERS, they plunged us into a housing nightmare with little or no regard for their actions.  It’s obvious that their only motivation was to manufacture huge profits off the backs of homeowners and taxpayers. They should all be ashamed of themselves and step up to the plate and do the honorable thing and make the taxpayers’ whole,” O’Brien said.

The Essex South Registry of Deeds is one of 21 Registries in Massachusetts which have recorded MERS mortgages .O’Brien estimates that based on his conservative estimate of two assignments per mortgage the Commonwealth may be owed statewide upwards of $200 million dollars in lost recording fees.  Nationwide, the amount of revenue lost could be in the billions. O’Brien is calling on MERS to come clean and inform the registers of deeds across the country as to the number of times they assigned mortgages to other entities.   Only then will we get a true picture of the economic impact that this fraud has had on our country.

O’Brien, who in November, 2010, notified Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley about MERS, will now be forwarding to her this additional information. “We need to act quickly to recover these funds,” O’Brien said.

Essex South Registry of Deeds
MERS Mortrgages recorded by community since 1998
Mortgage Lost MERS Revenue Lost MERS Revenue
Recordings from One missing from Two missing
Since  1998 Assignment Assignments
City by Community by Community by Community
AMES 4,976 373,200 746,400
BEV 10,351 776,325 1,552,650
BRAD 176 13,200 26,400
BXFD 2,558 191,850 383,700
BYF 139 10,425 20,850
DAN 7,769 582,675 1,165,350
ESSEX 844 63,300 126,600
GEOR 2,644 198,300 396,600
GLOU 6,138 460,350 920,700
GROV 2,034 152,550 305,100
HAM 2,054 154,050 308,100
HAV 17,223 1,291,725 2,583,450
IPS 3,548 266,100 532,200
LYNF 3,631 272,325 544,650
LYNN 20,752 1,556,400 3,112,800
MAG 11 825 1,650
MAN 1,317 98,775 197,550
MARB 6,207 465,525 931,050
MERR 1,798 134,850 269,700
MIDD 2,658 199,350 398,700
NAHN 904 67,800 135,600
NBPT 5,172 387,900 775,800
NEWB 1,731 129,825 259,650
PEA 12,924 969,300 1,938,600
ROCK 1,619 121,425 242,850
ROW 1,828 137,100 274,200
SALEM 10,121 759,075 1,518,150
SALS 2,010 150,750 301,500
SAU 7,261 544,575 1,089,150
SWAM 4,265 319,875 639,750
TOP 1,807 135,525 271,050
WEN 956 71,700 143,400
WNEW 1,237 92,775 185,550
Total 148,663 $                11,149,725 $             22,299,450
Total lost MERS Revenue with one assignment $                11,149,725
Total lost MERS Revenue with two assignments $                22,299,450

SOURCE: Massachusetts Registry of Deeds


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7 Responses to “Massachusetts Register of Deeds Call on MERS to Come Clean and Pay Up: Says Essex County Owed $22 Million Dollars”
  1. Brenda Conway says:

    I am a former title officer, having left the business in 2008, as all of this was starting to hit the fan. I have had my head in the sand for almost 3 years, and have just been awakened to the mess that MERS has created, and the resultant downfall of our economy. Until the US government will admit they have covered up the fraud, and steps in to prosecute the perpetrators, the trust necessary to heal our economy won’t be there. Wake up America. You have been taken. Fight back.!! Check out grassroots organizations that are working to clear this up. It is good to see some of our Federal Judges facing up to the fact that MERS is an illegal intity.

  2. Tonight as all you sit in your residences, our businesses and family that was the major researcher for the Issuance to such agencys as Office of Comptroller of Currency which can cancel a banks business license, they through their Realtor Re-Max showed up with a old Writ of Execution from a law firm named Schultz. first 200,000.00 was put down in 2005 when the realtor told my landlord Harvey Atkins that there was a bidding war and required almost 200,000.00 over the value of the property and sold a ARM as to Fixed Mortgage. The Names on the Deed of Trust and the interest rates the Lending Bank transferring the servicing rights on a Substitution of Trustee Deed of Sale; as required by the deed of trust was all that got changed because it says it on the Substitution of Trustee Deed of Sale that it is for accomodation purposes and no effect on title saw that today at county recorders office in Alameda. But what was most disturbing is that Prommis Solutions Holdings, Inc bought out Cal-Western Trust Deed, Inc dba Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation of which former Partner of Moss Pite & Duncan & Melmet continuing to do business in the same building 525 E Main Street, El Cajon California are the law firms for all the lenders. None of the Banks prepare the paperwork it is done in that office by computer because of powers of attorneys filed in HSBC Bank Corporate Hequarters Office in Buffalo New York. If you want to find the missing paperwork and what trust fund your loan was transferred to you can look in our bankruptcy case filed in Buffalo New York 10-10036-MJK and print it out and start finding the SEC File that the Real Estate Companys drafted the paperwork knowing that it was coming from money not from the bank or the lender but the deposits of pension funds such as workers such as yourself. So Pite and Duncan & Melmet of San Diego signed a 20 year contract with their old partner Gerald Moss and Wife and Sit on the Board of Directors of Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation in the same building although all the unlawful detainers of which they never want money on the date of the trial, they just want a court order from a state court judge to make the world believe that the court that has jurisdiction is where the property is sitting. It is not the loan paperwork is turned over to the SEC File Trust account to get the money from the trust you thought came from the banks. That is why borrowers are getting their homes free because Cal-Western Reconveyance and MERSCorps, Inc, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems are bought out wholly owned companys’ of Prommis Solutions Holdings, Inc now registered under their new name Prommis Homeowner Solutions according to california secretary of state foreign corporation as it is a delaware corporation so is it wholly owned california law firms which do 69% of their business and Pite and Duncan are required by law in state and federal court whom their parent corporation instead of saying that the plaintiff all the banks that they are the trustees on, when they through Yvonne J. Wheeler working out of the same office for years so why could she not sign her own name and put the loan number information on the unlawful detainer and produce the HUD-1 Form and Cashier Check on the date of the Sale? They have their own title and closing company of which she puts it up for sale under one of her employment names and buys it back in the wholly owned company of Prommis Solutions Holdings, Inc. Then the Partnered Lawyers send notice to occupants in the properties to make the payments not to the Banks but the Pite and Duncan Trust. Why would you tell me to make payments to you and not the bank you claim bought at some sale and why when the sheriffs show up do Re-Max, Harold Joseph Hutchens, June McDaniels Williams T. Booker Prudential California Realty of Berkeley California sign for Banks that got put out of business in california such as Bank of New York, and The Bank of New York and their seat was given to another Bank? So today I was at 2312 Pacific View Court, San Leandro along with Doris Atkins, and Business partner whom was in the office downloading that the Foreclosures of HSBC Bank had been stopped today when the doorbell rang and she answered it and it was RE-MAX agent in Black mercedes with old writ of possession not for money just against one adult. No mind that State Court Judge John True III had gave a fifteen day extension and then they filed an Involuntary Petition against parent corporation of Pite and Duncan, Great Hills partners, cal-western reconveyance corporation LPS, LPS Default Services all companys bought out by Prommis Solutions Holdings, Inc so that everybody would believe they were still california companies when they are subsidiaries of delaware corporation doing business and not telling or giving an accounting in court as required. So sheriffs and we called the san leandro police and filed a residential burglary charge against RE-MAX and Sheriffs for breaking the law and having read all the papers they the sheriffs twisted arms and removed from the property after being asked to be arrested so a police report would be made, innocent till proven guilty. RE-MAX Realtor had no paperwork and there are six Children and of Which Three Adults and one is 18 and 20 are sleeping on the floors of church members, because the sheriffs said go get another order and get the keys back from Re-MAX realtor. I could not believe that when asked to be arrested that she was placed in the police car and finally received a citation from the police so we could have our day in court remember that woman that was in florida where she can not sleep because they were turning the keys well In the door I will not tell you the behavior or comments. What i can tell you is that I saw for the first time in my life Doris Atkins hold her ground against a person in a uniform wearing guns, and she kept saying I want paperwork you are from the bank, and I am not going to hurt you you have guns I am mad you are trying to take my house and where is my 200,000.00 did you spend it on your mercedes. So tomorrow we will try to find a judge that will be honest and honor the fact but we will be filing an involuntary petition against Prommis Solutions Holdings, Inc. for locking us out with no warning and nine people is alot to find shelter immediately with no notice and only the clothes on our backs, pray for family and business partners, that helped us stand strong for our rights.

  3. l vent says:

    Mers is a sham created to defraud the counties and the states and create wealth off of fraudulent mortgage debts that never existed. Hope they burn in hell where they were created. And by the way where are our Original Blue Ink notes? Oh yeah, you criminals destroyed the evidence that our mortgages never existed on this planet or a planet called Mers. The result of this fraudulent business model, the criminals enterprise is going to go down. The American people refuse to pay for the corruption. .

  4. l vent says:

    Good one Mass. Time to bankrupt all of them like they are trying to do to America. Time to sue the pants off the fraudsters and bring them to their knees. What goes around might finally be starting to come around. Yahoo!

  5. Ms. A. says:

    If this catches on throughout the U.S. it will be a challenge of epic proportions to MERS and the Big Five Banks, who created MERS and this foreclosure mess. Of course, the banks and MERS will probably not go down without a Court battle. The backlash against the Banks and their minions, cyber or otherwise, just keeps getting bigger and better every day.

    • It is going to catch on.

      VIdeo for hire, facts for free:

      TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2011

      Massachusetts joins Tennessee, KingCast and Mortgage Movies, sues MERS for $22M for failing to prove loan ownership…. New Hampshire is still in the dark ages and does not care. That will change.

      Dear Judge Nicolosi and any other Judge in NH who is partial to slamming pro se litigants in these contested foreclosure proceedings that will increase exponentially in the coming months and years:

      When I was managing Alpha Title Company as a licensed Title Insurance Producer 6 years ago we all thought “how nifty, a nice little virtual depository for loans, but as time wore on we began to have some serious questions, now the chickens resemble turkeys come home to roost. KingCast and Mortgage Movies will be following this and cross posting to the excellent websites at Living Lies (“Pretenders Painted into a Corner” with Mortgage Movies video with Judge Nicolosi) and 4Closurefraud (“MERS Come Clean and Pay up, $22M.)” More tales of whoa here in the Tennessee litigation.

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