Michael T. Pines Anti-Foreclosure Attorney Arrested While Trying To Save Clients’ Home

Local Anti-Foreclosure Attorney Arrested After Threat

Michael T. Pines Arrested While Trying To Save Clients’ La Costa Home

LA COSTA, Calif. — A local attorney known for going to extreme measures to save his clients’ homes was arrested on Wednesday and an exclusive video obtained by 10News reveals the threat that led to one of the attorney’s arrests.

Encinitas attorney Michael T. Pines was arrested on Wednesday for violating a restraining order against him. Before he was arrested, Pines was in the process of fighting for clients who he said were illegally evicted from their La Costa home.

Wednesday’s arrest was Pines’ third arrest in less than a week. On Saturday, Pines was arrested when Carlsbad police said he became violent with a security guard at a La Costa home. Pines was also arrested the day before for trespassing and threatening the security guard, which was caught on video.

“I’m going to precipitate an armed confrontation … Want me to say it again? I’m going to force an armed confrontation,” Pines said on the video.

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  1. Todd W says:

    BANK SHILLS- State Bar Moves To Suspend License Of Michael T. Pines — Disbarment Is The Next Step and Slimey Piney Can’t Help You—- run their mouths about “He has shown complete disrespect for the law, the courts” Hmm, no mention of HSBC payoff for admitted laundering of Mexican drug cartel money and terrorist state money. Hmm, no mention of jacka…. purported “judges” repeatedly violating Judicial Rules of Conduct in fraudclosure cases across the country, Hmmm no mention of former federal prosecutor Richard Fine being jailed by crooked judge in LA County for 18 mos for exposing the bribes LA County paid, Hmmm, no mention of CA AG as named defendant in Abeel v. BOA amended complaint, Hmm, no mention of wanker AG Holder as named defendant in Abeel v. BOA. Hmm, no mention of DocX guilty plea and criminal complaints filed by MI and MO AG for “forged, fabricated, counterfeit documents” in the millions filed in fraudclosure cases, Hmm, no mention as to whether the fraudclosure was “legal” or “lawful”. Hmm, no mention of obstruction, theft of honest services, constitutional torts, blatant persistent denial substantive and procedural due process, Title 42 and Title 18 crimes, Hmmm no mention of former Ambassador Lee Wanta’s $27T stolen that was supposed to go to benefit the US, said theft occurred while they tried to lock up Wanta in a Swiss psych ward, the imprisoned in US,

    Hmmm. lot of material omissions there. Surely in the interest of “just-us” one would want to be “fair and balanced” if one is going to truly tell the truth, but that wasn’t the goal of wanker BANK SHILLS who have infiltrated these sites.

    You bank shills need to learn some new tricks. Same ole, same ole, do a little character assassination with a little innuendo mixed in. Dumbos take your cues from the lamestream media and your bank handlers who you lick the ba…. of for your daily bread.

    Don’t you shills know it’s not polite to SCREAM with all CAPS. Hmm maybe you were trying to catch the attention of those ignorant homeowners who are not on to your scheme and attempt to persuade them to give up ??

    Never let a good crisis go to waste when you can run your mouth and hide behind the 1st Amendment. Too bad you don’t have the ba….. to actually put your true identity on those posts since you cowards always hide behind the scenes like the wankers you are. The 1st amendment does not require kindness or fairness.

    You cowardly, pathetic, despicable waste of human beings suck the air right out of the room.

    I hope Pines digs up your true identities and sues the sh….. out of you wankers for defamation. When I’ve dealt with wanker attorneys running their mouths about me and come at them head on, the cowards scurry away and get their wanker “judge” buddies to cover up for them.

    Every one of you pathetic criminals will eventually have your judgment, if not in this life, then in the next one.

    Govern yourselves accordingly and have the ba….. to show your face. Cowards who attack others always hide in the shadows. Useful idiots all of them….

    Crush them Pines…..


    Michael T. Pines won’t have a law license for very long if the State Bar finally steps up and FINALLY does its job. Pines has been running rampant and creating havoc up and down the State of California for over a year.
    Michael T. Pines is bankrupt, in foreclosure on at least 6 properties, has restraining orders against him and he actually calls himself an expert on “foreclosure relief.” An expert who can’t help himself or any client – laughable.

    The State Bar of California is moving to first involuntarily suspend the license of Michael T. Pines. The hearing is April 12, 2011, then they will move to permanently disbar him. April 12th will be a good day for all of Pines’ victims to pop open a bottle of champagne.

    State Bar of California Official Press Release:


    Media Contact: Diane Curtis 415-538-2028 diane.curtis@calbar.ca.gov

    San Francisco, March 11, 2011 — Declaring that he poses a “substantial threat of harm to the public,” the State Bar has filed pleadings in State Bar Court to lift the law license of Michael T. Pines, the Carlsbad attorney who made national headlines by advising clients to break into their foreclosed homes and start living there again

    “To remove a lawyer from active practice on an interim basis before formal charges are filed is a drastic remedy,” said Chief Trial Counsel James Towery. “That remedy is justified by the established misconduct of Michael T. Pines. He has shown complete disrespect for the law, the courts and especially the best interests of his clients. Removing Mr. Pines from active practice is an important step in our mission of public protection.”

    Pines, 59 [Bar #77771], who has law offices in Carlsbad but lists his official address as Encinitas, was served notice today that the State Bar seeks to have him enrolled as an inactive member of the bar under a section of the State Bar Act that allows swift action to remove an attorney from practice when he or she is causing substantial harm to clients or the public, when the evidence suggests the harmful behavior is likely to continue and when it is likely the State Bar will prevail on the merits of the case.

    Pines has been unapologetic about encouraging – and often physically helping – clients hire a locksmith to get into their foreclosed homes despite warnings from the court and police to stop the illegal activity. He has argued that the foreclosures themselves are illegal, so his clients have a right to repossession since they are still the legal owners of the homes.

    In the application for inactive enrollment, Deputy Trial Counsel Brooke Schafer noted that in none of the cases in which Pines advised his clients to re-enter their homes in Carlsbad, Newport Beach and Simi Valley did they have a legal right to do so. Pines “acts with calculated purpose,” Schafer wrote in the petition. “He is harming both his clients and the public by advising clients to take the law into their own hands, and he uses his law license as a weapon. By his behavior, actions and freely offered statements he is a clear – and ongoing – danger both to his clients and to the public.”
    The petition, which notes that Pines has been cited for contempt as well as criminally cited three times in less than a week, refers to three serious incidents involving break-ins and other criminal acts between October 2010 and February 2011.

    On Feb. 18, he was arrested for making threats against occupants of a house that used to be owned by one of his clients, cited for trespassing on the property the following day and cited for violating a temporary restraining order at the site four days after that. He told a court his clients may break into the property again.

    In October, Pines gave Newport Beach police advance notice that he and a client were going to take possession of a house the client had lost in foreclosure. Pines had claimed the foreclosure was illegal even though his client had not prevailed in court. For five hours, Pines “kept approximately seven police officers and an assistant city attorney wrapped up in his media circus” until Pines and his client were arrested, Schafer wrote in the petition

    Also in October, Schafer wrote, Pines accompanied his clients to their foreclosed Simi Valley home and advised them to break in despite a court ruling forbidding such an action. The family remained in the house for several days until the new owner got another writ of possession.

    More articles:



    Unusual move preceded formal charges


  3. Slimey Piney Can't Help You says:

    Attorney Michael T. Pines LOST HIS OWN HOME in a foreclosure and LAWSUIT against EMC Mortgage (see decisions below); and is about to lose 6 or 7 other properties he has in foreclosure which he’s trying to protect in Bankruptcy. His Bankruptcy case # is: 10-00296-LT11

    This comment sums up attorney Michael T. Pines to a “T”:

    Michael T. Pines stole money from 7 families at Marin Family Action. He took their money, filed a class action suit, and then dropped the case.
    (http://www.marinfamilyaction.org), watch this video of the victim’s advocate speaking out on their behalf:
    It’s pathetic and scary people are so desperate for a solution that they turn to someone who can never help them, will never help them, and will absolutely take their money eventually leaving them homeless.
    Pines has one POOR LEGAL Strategy: BUY TIME. You’ll still lose your home, no doubt about it, but you pay him to BUY TIME, that’s it. Along the way, you may go to jail and get sanctioned for contempt of court. Is that a SOLUTION for you? No, it’s a very TEMPORARY fix to line Pines’ pockets with thousands of wasted dollars for the SAME RESULT you would have achieved on your own.
    His pathetic strategy in a nutshell: Pay Pines a fortune ($5,000 Retainer, $1,200 – $1,500 a month, and $650.00 per hour), don’t pay your mortgage this is a REQUIREMENT for Pines to take your case you must sign a document saying you will stop paying your mortgage. Then Michael T. Pines will file frivolous lawsuits, malpractice your case to the hilt, file a bankruptcy when all else fails, force your adult children living at home to file a bankruptcy, charge you some more for the BK, and take the money and run when the Sherriff comes to evict you. Oh, but not before he attempts to call a press conference, and break back into your home with you in front of the press, to expose you and your family as so called “victims” as if he’s HELPING you, in order to gain some notoriety and get more clients.
    Local newspapers have figured this out and did not even COME to the scene when Pines had his assistant call the North County Times and San Diego Union Tribune to state he was breaking back into a home this week. Pines was arrested for making verbal threat of death and great bodily injury and held on $50,000 bail. The best: No media showed up. I’m sure Pines was disappointed, he didn’t have a microphone to rant in front of. The media is ON to this attention seeking hound and refuse to give him any more press, other than to report his arrest. They have no interest in giving him a soapbox and podium to use them for his own gain.
    Per this article, http://superthieves.net/2011/02/we-have-a-problem/ also posted above, and an email Pines’ assistant Giovanna Maimone is sending out, Pines is still giving seminars APPROVED BY THE STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA for MCLE credits for attorneys, while he’s currently being investigated by the State Bar. Go figure, that’s our government, hard at work protecting us. The TITLE of the seminar is laughable at best, it’s: “SUCCESFUL FORECLOSURE RELIEF STRATEGIES” by Michael T. Pines the Self Proclaimed “Foreclosure Relief Expert” and “Foreclosure Relief Attorney”. Expert? On Foreclosure Relief? And all your own properties are in foreclosure? How can that be, Mr. Pines?
    ATTENTION Michael T. Pines:
    You have an EVICTION NOTICE POSTED ON YOUR FORMER OFFICE BUIDLING WINDOWS AND DOORS and YOU WANT TO OFFER A SEMINAR ON “SUCCESFUL FORECLOSURE RELIEF STRATEGIES” and call yourself a “Foreclosure Relief Expert” and “Foreclosure Relief Attorney”?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Or Stupid? YOU NEVER WON A CASE AGAINST a MORTAGE COMPANY – EVER! YOU’VE NEVER KNOWN SUCCESS. Not in real estate, not in business, and especially not in foreclosure relief. To date, Michael T. Pines has NEVER won a case against a bank or mortgage company. Including his own mortgage holders.
    Michael T. Pines has 6, possibly 7, properties in foreclosure including his former law office building he was evicted from on Jan. 14, 2011. Drive by his office: 732 N. Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas, CA 92024. You’ll see an eviction notice and FOR SALE sign posted on the doors and windows – EVICTED. LOST. FAILED. NO OFFICE. Pines works out of a condo he’s renting from his ex-wife and meets clients at Executive Suites. Most of his employees have quit, because Pines NEVER told him about the eviction when he had 60 days to move out in an orderly fashion and they all can’t cram into his ex-wife’s condo every day.

    Is this the guy you want to pay money to for a seminar so you can learn “SUCCESSFUL FORECLOSURE RELIEF STRATEGIES”? Is this the attorney you want to hire to help you fight a foreclosure, when all his own properties are in foreclosure and he can’t win his own properties back?

    Michael T. Pines’ current properties in foreclosure are as follows: (There are probably more, but this is what is available online or via phone)
    1. Address: 5 South 500 West Unit #1216, Salt Lake City UT 84101 – Parc at Gateway Condominium
    Notice of Default was Recorded on 8/26/09.
    Original Mortgage: 246K with National City Mortgage
    Notice of Default was recorded on 8/26/09
    Trustee is: ETITLE INSURANCE AGENCY, Phone: 801-263-3400 (please call to verify)

    2. Case # 09-81657
    1273 22nd Street, Ogden, UT
    Notice of Default was recorded on 9/1/09.
    Foreclosure sale scheduled for 1/15/10, this date was originally 12/29/09, but Mr. Pines asked for an extension under what I believe to be false pretence.
    Trustee is: ETITLE INSURANCE AGENCY, Phone: 801-263-3400 (please call to verify)

    3. Case # 09-81658
    Address: 1246 South Meadow Run, Saratoga Springs, UT
    Notice of Default was recorded.
    Foreclosure sale scheduled for 1/12/10, this date was originally 12/29/09, but Mr. Pines asked for an extension under what I believe to be false pretence.
    Trustee is: ETITLE INSURANCE AGENCY, Phone: 801-263-3400 (please call to verify)

    4. Parcel #010610036
    Address: 2336 Madison Ave.
    Notice of Default was recorded on Oct. 7, 2009
    Trustee is Halliday and Watkins, Phone: 801-355-2886 (please call to verify)

    5. 732 N. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024,
    THIS WAS PINES’ FORMER LAW OFFICE BUIDLING until he was evicted on 01/14/11. This property is listed for SALE currently. Pines is working out of a CONDO he rents from his ex-wife and meeting clients at executive suites.

    6. Case # 1171481
    Address: 21 Murphy Drive, Bella Vista, Arkansas
    Notice of Default was recorded in Sept., 2009
    Trustee is: Wilson and Associates, PLLC
    Phone: 501-219-9388 (please call to verify)
    Lender: National City Bank

  4. John Stickler says:

    Americans are rising up against the banksters. Check out website: http://www.USuncut.org

  5. TakeIt says:

    Read this Decision from the Utah Courts about Michael T. Pines’ OWN PERSONAL FORCLOSURE & COURT LOSS :


    Or this one, dated January 2009, regarding Michael T. Pines’ OWN PERSONAL FORCLOSURE and COURT LOSS:


    Or this one dated July 2008, regarding Michael T. Pines’ OWN PERSONAL FORCLOSURE and COURT LOSS:

    Before you sign on the dotted line for a seminar or a legal retainer, do some research online. Google Him.

  6. Ms. A says:

    RIGHT ON, MICHAEL PINES!!!! Attorney Pines is a True American Hero. He is fighting for his clients against a powerful organization of greedy, corrupt criminals: the Big Five banks and their equally corrupt minions in our Federal Government.

    The American people better get up off their complacent arses and start fighting back against the Banksters, even if violence is necessary. Michael Pines stands for TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY. It’s pretty damn sad that people who stand up for the very principles that America was founded on are now thrown in jail. We should all be outraged by Attorney Pines’s arrest, because his arrest is also a threat to everyone’s civil liberties.

    We should be all out in the streets protesting the Banksters massive conspiracy to defraud the American homeowners. We need to send a strong message to our Federal government that we want to see the Banksters and the Wall Street scions who are responsible for this massive foreclosure fraud scam do some serious jail time. Slaps on the wrists and $20 million fines are not sufficient punishment for Financial Terrorists who conspired to bring down the Global Economy; they all need to be prosecuted under the RICO Statute.

    The line has been drawn in the sand: It has come down to US against THEM. Our country has been taken over by AMORAL THUGS, whose goal is to turn the working class into a slave class. But, first, they must strip us of all our assets. And unless WE THE PEOPLE band together and take back our liberties, our rights, and our assets, we will be beaten down and powerless. If we let the Banksters steal our homes, subvert our judicial system to rubber stamp their fraud, and run our govermental agencies with impunity, then our own Econonmic Slavery is next.


    • Susan Mason says:

      I completely agree with you about him being a true hero for standing up to the criminal bankers, and I also agree that we all need to fight back. I would never judge Michael for being arrested or even for being disbarred…The problem I have, is that his methods do not appear to have worked…EVEN ON HIS OWN FORECLOSED PROPERTIES. I have a friend who is dealing with a foreclosure, and I am trying to help him research methods that work. My friend just saw a video with Michael in it, and my friend is quite impressed with what Michael is saying….which is fine…because Michael is indeed speaking the truth. But, if I were in my friend’s situation, I would not be able to put my faith into anyone, unless he could show and prove that he had gotten results.

  7. Maria says:

    Some anecdote for you, “Captain O., Captain O.! Our ship “America” has the HOLE!!!” – “Oh, God, where does it located?” – “UNDER WATERLINE!” – “O.K.! Do not worry about it: NOBODY CAN SEE THIS HOLE… under water!”

  8. l vent says:

    The revived roman empire, a facsist dictatorship otherwise known as the New World Order are trying to acheive their final solution. Dictatorships always fail and the free will of the people always prevails but not without an organized fight. We need a real people movement in America. Like the movements by the hippies of the 60’s and the african americans did and they ultimately got the job done. We must not be weak or passive about this undertaking in order to regain our country and our freedom. Otherwise we will not like living in the worldwide dictatorship they are planning for the all. Wake up America.

    • losing my home in florida says:

      hi ivent most of us know about the new world order but we are powerless as individuals. power in numbers only. look at my foreclosure its me against them no one else. i am in a greave situation.
      i am on foreclsoure hamelet.com and friend me so i can mesage you . i am in big troubole wells farot sometihing are bad people.

      i sent my paer work feb 4th with fedex i have a tracking number. they are telling me they didnt receive it at all, i have someone else tell me they didnt receive it all?? so they denied my hamp, accelerated me to foreclsore and sent me to short sale dept. even though i have a tracking number which proves thye are lying. i am just in awe how they can lie like this to their advantage. they would love for me to just walk away at this point right. i am going to pack up expensive prised possessions and fight. appraisal fraud, modification fraud. help i am goingt to scream

    • Maria says:

      Do not take ANY WEAPONS at streets, you can provoke the government to shoot so many people they wanted and able to & they will be UNPUNISHED!!!!

  9. Not hard to see all this BS of foreclosures is a plan that our own government is involved in with the fraudster banksters. Take notice…the government has not done a damn thing to help the people..Forget the programs OB claims would help the people..that was a flat out lie. Take notice…he involves himself in the other countries that are also fed up with their government…corruption rampant…yet he has nothing to do with America. That proves the governments now and going back… are the real enemies in our own back yard.
    In 1987, the Saving and Loans scandel, 3,800 went to prison according to the Justice Dept. count. And it was nothing as drastic as this massive crime. GO FIGURE……Next will be the food…going sky high…and and article on the internet said a Bill in the Senate will ban all home gardening…this whole set up goes alot deeper… OB speaks of the New World Order…no countries, no borders, everyone controled by ‘ a certain group ‘ run by the BIS..out of Basel, Switzerland…an ex-Nazi bank. Look it up…Our own government has turned on us.
    I feel for this attorney, Mr. Pines, he is fighting the biggest criminals in this country. He means well..but the object is for everyone to be homeless…that is why our government has not arrested any banksters. It’s a slam in our face…when people are in prison for crimes no where near what has been done to this country….and they all made millions doing it….alot of felonies of bribes went along with the crimes. Yes..the lobbyists are there to give the bribes…against the law..a felony…as we the people are spit on.

    • Maria says:

      I saw on TV that one black man was in prison for …16 years, then was released as INNOCENT!!!!

    • Ms. A says:

      Marilyn – if they put all the fraud-mongering Banksters in jail (where they rightfully belong) there will be no one left to run our financial institutions. 8>)

  10. Lien House says:

    This lawyer is a hero, nobody wants a fight, but you’ve got to take a stand against the Banksters. They are the real purveyors of violence.

  11. obam says:

    You’re all getting fucked…Even the ones paying their homes…
    These bankster own you…

  12. obam says:

    Take it to the streets people….

    • losing my home in florida says:


      • Maria says:

        My DREAM: to separate people who WANTED UNEARNED MONEY (they MUST have a tatoo mark “$” at their foreheads) and print for them TONS of dollars. Then fill out their homes from the floors to seilings under one CONDITION: THEY CANNOT SPEND ANY MONEY for ANYTHING: not for services (no electricity, sewer or else!), food, water! Get thirsty? Go to the river and drink directly from it! No fishing allowed because government created FISHING LISENCE they not allowed to buy! The OTHERS (without “$” mark) can work without paychecks and use EVERYTHING … for FREE! EVERYONE CAN LIVE IN HO– USES THEY BUILT… O.K., sorry! This is NOT MINE IDEA! This ALREADY described in the …BIBLE!

    • Tim Bryant says:

      I agree. The government is tone deaf. We will be like all those Middle Eastern countries shortly. They will not listen any other way. That has been clearly shown. BTW, anyone know if Eric Holder is still the US Attorney General? Haven’t seen his face since this all began.

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