Fraudclosure | Attorney General Tom Miller Asked AGAIN “Are we gonna put some people in jail?” His Answer: None of Your Business

Sellout – Tom Miller



“I’m not gonna talk about, I really feel I shouldn’t talk about what’s gonna be in the agreement.”

Video clip of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller head of the 50 state fraudclosure investigation…

Funny how he is backtracking now after his comments last December…

LINK – Iowa AG Tom Miller: ‘We Will Put People In Jail’ For Foreclosure Fraud

The leader of a nationwide investigation of foreclosure fraud told homeowners Tuesday that the probe will have some serious consequences for bankers.

“We will put people in jail,” Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said, according to homeowner advocates present at the meeting in Des Moines.

Miller said the 50 attorneys general participating in the investigation want criminal prosecutions as part of a big settlement with home-loan providers.

Well, so much for that…


31 Responses to “Fraudclosure | Attorney General Tom Miller Asked AGAIN “Are we gonna put some people in jail?” His Answer: None of Your Business”
  1. Al says:

    Its ironic that if you ask questions of elected Iowa AG about who has been funded with the settlements “I can’t tell you as part of the settlement” or “Why was Iowa AG Tom Miller in Hawaii with Countrywide/Bank of America 0fficials???? Again no reply.

    Full disclosure…ha. I have a loan with BOA and has been in litigation for 4 yeras!!!

  2. Ms. A. says:

    Someone should check Miller’s financial records for any substantial wire transfers to any of his accounts. If he buys a new high-end house and car or takes an expensive vactation, we’ll know the Banksters got to him. And, to think, the U.S. Justice Dept. put the Mafiosi in jail — where’s the difference between the payoffs by the banks (i.e., the alleged $20 Billion fine) and the payoffs by the Mob?

  3. Katheryn says:

    I still go back to the premise that we need to have hoards of reporters and journalists digging for information and making it known to the general public. We here on this blog and other blogs like it have something in common that caused us to start searching and questioning. The general population out there, that has no issues with their mortgages or anything else, do not feel the need to question or get themselves enlightened. There needs to be an on-going extrapolation of information and wrongdoing that affects all of us. Most of the publicity about bank fraud and mortgages immediately sparks anger towards the deadbeat homeowners. People automatically then tune out. Think about it, even the homeowners that have been shafted; how many, percentage wise, just walk away defeated without a fight. I’m not sure that a handful of us can win a war against an army of the weathiest group in the world. Just being realistic here. Please express opposing views here.

  4. l vent says:

    We must not believe that we elect anyone. If we believe in the right/left paradigm lie that they have very successfully almost completely brainwashed us with, things will get much worse. Have things gotten any better with Obama or the Republican controlled CONgress? No, they are worse. We should NOT VOTE for any of them in 2012, they are all liars. The AG’S DO NOT CARE ABOUT US OR WHAT WE THINK. We have all tried that e-mail, phone our congressman B.S. this does not work. It all falls on deaf ears. Here is an interesting and informative link that has some clues to why our nation is falling apart at the seams:

  5. lisamarie says:

    Amen. Well said. We voted their sorry lying asses in and we can vote them out!

    • Ms. A. says:

      But the newly voted in legislators are as bad, if not worse, than the last batch. Besides, the Banks run the world, they own our legislators. We don’t have a chance unless we get control of all of the Financial Institutions.

  6. Katheryn says:

    I think that is a great idea. Why not compose one letter that we can all use to send to all the AGs. I think that if all of them start getting money bags full of letters, instead of money, (a wee little humor) it might make them a wee bit nervous. I’m on the east coast.

  7. Gregory says:

    I think it is time for everyone from Florida to California to give a day of recognition to AG miller by phone or by Fax or even snail mail. If we keep his office so busy they can’t think strait they just might get the IDEA AMERICA is very UNHAPPY………

    • When Attorney General Tom Miller started this gathering of other AG from other states…comments were said of not to trust him….he must have something in the past some people did not like. This may be on the same line as what the comments spoke of. Say one thing and do another. Talk out of both sides of the mouth….Let’s see where this goes, send the letters..e-mails…and see what ALL the AG’s do in this ‘investigation’ or whatever it is called. So far nothing nowhere has been done to any bankster or to anyone who knew of the fraud. It’s a free for all…except to the homeowners. Kinda makes you think of Wisconsin…with 70,000 people proving a point……anger sooner or later comes to the surface…when is enough enough ?

  8. Katheryn says:

    Is the pres really running the country?? I’m beginning to wonder if some of the conspiracy theories that express the belief that our country is really in the hands of a few people who own most of the wealth and really run the show are the citizens out there with the true knowledge….frightful thought

    • Jay Spencer says:

      Webster Tarpley ( has been saying this for years: our “presidents” have been puppets of the financial oligarchs since they showed is they could take out an uncooperative president at will (JFK) and whitewash the truth. The victors write our history, and they have written lies. You can get “mad as hell” (like Howard Beal in the movie “Network”) and risk his fate, or we can take action together and LAUGH the puppetmasters out of power. I have inside information that a new website will be launched shortly, by the first openly-virtual presidential candidate, Sam I. Am. He represents you, because he IS you (in a virtual sense). Supporters need only send for a free kit (only one worthless $1 Federal Reserve IOU), and by inauguration day, supporters will have elected from among themselves a stand-in to take the oath of office, while all the other “Sams” join him or her in unison, via phone. Of the People, by the people, and for the People, at last!

    • You are getting close with your thoughts….Obama is a puppet…he does what he is told to do…that is very obvious. He had no knowledge or experience to even be a president. If so..where and when? Nothing in his past….has been proven. Where has he been for the country he is suppose to be a president of? What has he done in the past over 2 years…forget the health care…a threat of prison if one has no health insurance..yet the country has experienced the worse massive fraud ever on the people of this land and he has not done a damn thing…does this tell you whose side he is on? No prison, no indictments…a massive fraud done to this country and the world……seems to suit him just fine. yet one will go to prison for no health insurance…something is missing here…can you guess what it is? Do you still think he is running America..when he doesn’t even pledge or honor our flag? These facts are all out in the open..nothing is hidden. The wealth is a ” secret society ” and the money is not in this country. It’s the NEW WORLD ORDER Obama speaks of. with pride. If that confuses you…google it.

    • Ms. A. says:

      Frightful, but essentiall true. A while back, I took a history class called “The Irony of Democracy,” and that is what the professor basically said: Our country is run by a group of “Elites” — a few people who own all of the wealth — and they intend to keep it that way. The President cannot oppose the Elites or he’ll suffer the same fate as JFK. Don’t think that organized crime and the Elites are mutually exclusive.

  9. John says:

    After the Civil War, there were people that came down South representing northern banks taking land from beat down owners. They a were called Carpetbaggers for the bags full of foreclosure papers they carried.

    One group of Southerners, led by Nathan Bedford Forrest a Southern war hero and General rose up and ran them back north and saved the Southern landowner until the economy picked back up and their income increased so they could pay their mortgages and loans.. They were called the Ku Klux Klan or KKK for short.
    Not anything like these nuts you see today on TV.

    What will the HEROs that do the same for us all today be called? They WILL stand up as this site is doing and help us, we just don’t know who all yet and who the leader will be.

  10. l vent says:

    Did anyone catch Obama’s speech today? It was one of the most arrogant Unamerican pieces of garbage I have ever heard. He said in part THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ALL NEED TO PITCH IN AND PAY FOR THE ROBBERY OF OUR WEALTH. Soo OUTRAGEOUS, I had to shut him off. I wanted to destroy my television but, I can’t afford to buy a new one because of the rotten economy. Please people call and e-mail the White House. The have to be told on no uncertain terms the financial terrorists must go to prison. We The People will not be FORCED to pay for the robbery of our own wealth. The American people will not stand for it.

    • Ms. A. says:

      Glad I didn’t see it because I have already taken a hatchet to one TV I had and damn near dislocated my shoulder trying to destroy it.

  11. pamela says:

    iam sure the banksters had plenty of misinformation mis-statistics to share with AG . did these fraudsters commit a crime??? yes. then because they went above and beyond stealin all the homes they could on a massive scale should be tried for treason. not just the ceo’s, every single person who touched the file is part of it. in my case,the judge who covered his ears when it was my turn to talk when i wasLOSING MY HOME. my theory is banksters stole the easy ones first, their goal is 2 million repos in 11. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  12. John says:

    The AG’s were either paid off or offered cushiony jobs after their tenures of screwing their fellow Americans…or both. The Citizens of Wisconsin got it right…time to rise up against the criminal politicians and seize our country back.

  13. l vent says:

    Whenever there seems to be momentum being built up and maybe we are heading for some type of justice being carried out against the financial terrorists, the whole thing goes into a u-turn or a 360. Why? RAMPANT CORRUPTION. This ongoing criminal enterprise of elite financial terrorists is holding America hostage. They fully intend to BANKRUPT America so the NWO facsist Nazi dictatorship can take over America completely. Don’t the people see the way that Nazi Republican Governor in Wisc. is behaving. He sounds just like Hitler! They are breaking the backs of the American people to cover up for the PONZI SCHEME robbery of our wealth and are being aided and abetted by a group of useful idiots that were put into place via our rigged election system to terrorize all of us. No one is safe in a country that is being so controlled by corruption. The American people have been being terrorized with a daily barrage of new debt, unjustified higher taxes, hyper-inflation, soaring food and gas prices, and a devalued currency for the last 3 years, while the criminals continue to live high of the hog. Wake up America, our freedom is being stolen and our country is being destroyed by the NWO. They want a worldwide weimar republic so they can put another Hitler in place to rule the world. My good God, The writing is on the wall. I wish this was just another conspiracy theory.

    • l vent says:

      Sorry, they are all no more than a bunch of well dressed political pimps and whores. That is harsh but true.

    • Ms. A. says:

      But what kind of a nation will the “elite financial terrorists” inherit if they break the backs of the American working class? Seems like they will inherit a mouth full of bitter ashes. Unemployed, homeless people do not generally pay taxes or deal with banks, unless they want to rob them. Perhaps those of us who still receive a paycheck should stop doing business with the Big Five Banks who caused this FINANCIAL HOLOCAUST. Starve the beasts.

  14. Katheryn says:

    Again, where I live, the perception of the whole problem is the “deadbeat homeowners”. The place all the blame on people trying to live in homes that they couldn’t afford. The general concensus around here is that 99% of these people should not have owned homes and should never be allowed to own them again.

    You can’t talk to them with any hope of getting through. Their minds are set and that is that. The “deadbeats” have ruined the country. They won’t even give a tiny bit of liability to the lenders. They think that all the homeowners lied and not only should loose their homes but should be prosecuted.

    Yes, I live in smalltown USA, however, there is a large percentage of the population also living in smalltowns all over the country. That is why I keep stressing the need for public relations campaigns all over. That is why I stress using situations that smalltowners can relate to. We need everyone bitching to really be heard!

  15. l vent says:

    The State AG’s should have NEVER been allowed to SIT DOWN with the BANKSTERS in the first place. The State AG’s sat down with the perps of the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME robbery of our wealth and this is the result. More lies and cover-ups and kicking the can down the road. There is obviously NO POLITICAL WILL to fix the fallout from the ENGINEERED FINANCIAL CRISIS that is blighting communities with fraudclosures and destroying families and ultimately will BANKRUPT AMERICA. when the American people can NO LONGER PAY FOR THE EXTRACTION OF OUR WEALTH America will collapse under the weight of all of the FRAUD. . The financial collapse and the impending day of reckoning that will come is a direct result of RAMPANT FRAUD and CORRUPTION at the HIGHEST LEVELS of our GOVERNMENT and everyplace in between. NO ONE IS SAFE WHEN FINANCIAL TERRORIST ARE ALLOWED TO BUY AND THEREFORE CONTROL AND OWN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA. Time to take it to the streets people. We The People refuse to pay for the rampant fraud and corruption that is DESTROYING AMERICA. America is NOT BROKE, WE WERE ROBBED by an ELITE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE and they are still robbing us everyday to cover up for their FINANCIAL TREASON and they are causing a HOLOCAUST IN AMERICA.

    • l vent says:

      And one more thing NO ONE SHOULD VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE NAZI’S in 2012. EVERYTHING is RIGGED in there favor. Nationwide tax revolt, take to the streets and PROTEST EVERYTHING. DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It is time to call out the corrupt liars and thieves who are running AMERICA . The result of the people believing in the left/right paradigm has cause things to get WORSE in AMERICA. They want us to be a nation of peasants under the control of a rogue dictatorship. Wake Up America, Time to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, they are. We The People MUST STOP BELIEVING THE LIES. How many times have they LIED TO US? Obama hope and change? They are all full of shit.

  16. Lit Gant says:

    Well, should we have expected more than this? I know our hopes were high the the 50 AGs would defend the rights of consumers, but we now know in matters of fraudulent mortgages and foreclosures, they are all selling out. What we need are a couple PIs who are unemployed to get on Mr. Miller’s tail and see just who he is secretly meeting with and what kind of deals he is making. Maybe we can begin by a FOI request for all his emails and phone call logs. I think he is a shyster and will sell us out. Maybe we can eventually put him in jail if we find out he did some illegal stuff in taking a pay-off from the bankers. When a man starts getting a tight lip money is involved in his silence. And when he he backpeddles you can be sure someone is on his lap. We need to win this case by case and not look for a savior in people like Miller. After all what has he saved anyway? Keeping fighting in the courts people. Keep winning little by little. Get those precedents set. Get favorable appeals decisions. Get federal favorable decisions. If need be move all the civil cases to federal courts. Get them out of the hands of the diaper wearing bitter senior robo-judges. We need fighters for the rule of law and who want to preserve the right of private property rights. When banks take over it may be time to go communistic. At least we might have some food when it is all taken away.

  17. rcl says:

    What an asshole. Time for the voters to speak, like they did in November, and get rid of inefficient, corrupt politians.

    If any AG votes for a settlement w/o criminal prosecution, get rid of the bums.

    • Ms. A. says:

      Actually, I am very concerned about the average American voter. I live in Florida, last November the voters gave us a dufus governor who was the CEO of a healthcare company that defrauded millions of dollars from Medicare/Medicaid; an airhead Attorney General who sees nothing wrong with the fraudulent use of Notary Stamps; and a gaggle of state senators and representatives who are a total waste of skin, and are trying to turn Florida into a non-judicial foreclosure state so that the Banks can ply their fraud with impunity.

      The time for wasting .44 stamps to write these fools is past.

      • Katheryn says:

        I agree, writing seems rather ineffective at this point and time, but we may catch some attention by those that still have some integrety, somewhere within, left. Floridians must not let them get away with turning it into a non-judicial state. It is very frightening in the sense that it feels like America will not much longer be the land of the free. It’s starting to feel like the walls are closing in and there is no rescue in sight. I will continue to waste the stamps regardless. We need to gather and have well coordinated efforts in every state in every county. Get well written letters by a designated writer, share them and send them all at the same time to whomever we decide as a group. Get groups to gather at courthouses to protest the lost revenue due to mers. Enought people at one place will get press coverage which gets the word out there to a wider audience. I know it’s hard; I work full-time and Time is limited, but anything worthwhile is never easy.

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