NALTEA | Restoring Integrity to the Land Title Records – A Commentary on MERS

“The effect of the uncertainty created, in large part, by the failure to properly transfer the note and security interest (by assignment of the security instrument) to the intended beneficiaries of the debt, has the potential to be devastating.”


NALTEA – National Association of Land Title Examiners and Abstractors

Restoring Integrity to the Land Title Records – A Commentary on MERS
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8 Responses to “NALTEA | Restoring Integrity to the Land Title Records – A Commentary on MERS”
  1. Wayne Lewis says:

    Pork bellies…Ha! So true. Apparently there are no people attached to those pigs through the very thick glasses those knuckleheads are wearing..and they keep changing the prescription..

  2. MAGGIE SIMI says:

    thanks djr!

  3. David James Rinaldo says:

    I don’t like the common use of the word “beneficiary of the loan” or beneficiary of anything. I’m in Florida, and the term is Holder of the Note, which means owner of the Note.

    I received a letter from my servicer who said that Fannie Mae was the “beneficiary of the loan”, which to me, means nothing. Is it a dollar a month they receive for the priviledge of handing over my note to a trust, or what the hale does it mean?

    Maybe in non-judicial states “beneficiary” has a meaning in mortgages, but I have no idea what it means here. For any of you to settle for this undefined term, it’s a catastrophy waiting to happen. “Beneficial interest”, unless defined by state statute is meaningless, and you all are just going along with it.

    Please, remain on the subject. The present Holder/owner of the Note has to be, not only identified, but must be shown to have purchased the Note through a definite written instrument that was negotiated to it/him, and the documents delivered to it/him.

    Thanks, DJR

  4. l vent says:

    Finally some people showing real integrity by speaking the truth, because the facts do not lie. MERS destroyed land title records INTENTIONALLY. MERS full intentions were to protect and hide the criminal enterprise and they had to destroy land title records (evidence) in order to do this. Now tell us why is there not yet an indefinite Nationwide Moratorium on fraudclosures? Our own Government is looking guiltier and guiltier with each passing day. They appear to be just exactly who we though they were, a bunch of Unamerican,greedy, corrupt, disgraceful and quite frankly, treasonist politicians that are allowing these rogue financial terrorists to hold America hostage.. this rogue regime wants only to acheive their ultimate goal of bankrupting America so they can take us over and create a fascist dictatorship here in America and around the globe. Despicable. The free will of the people will prevail. Dictatorships always burn and crumble and this one will too. No freedom loving people will have this. They are a cabal of commie pigs. The NWO can go back to hell where it came from. America is under attack by this rogue elitieist group of globalist assholes.

  5. MAGGIE SIMI says:

    Hero!!!At the Oscars!

  6. MAGGIE SIMI says:

    Charles Ferguson!

  7. MAGGIE SIMI says:

    IF U SAY SO!

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