Busted | Foreclosure Mill Files Fake “Original Note”, Gets Caught

How this $83 fountain pen helped save a family home from foreclosure

Fountain pens and foreclosures

In these days of robo-signers and rocket-dockets, you can easily imagine losing your family home at the stroke of a pen—based on the signature on a perjured affidavit, or the order of a hurried judge—but how often have you heard of a home saved by the stroke of a pen?

A bank folds when its fraud is exposed

Several months ago, I got a call from a couple facing foreclosure. They were convinced, and soon convinced me, that the bank had forged certain key documents in the case. I asked several pointed questions, got the facts I needed, and drafted both an answer to the complaint and an affidavit from my client about the fraud.

The answer, which stated the facts in mostly general terms, I filed right away, and “kept my powder dry” with the affidavit. At first, the bank freaked out. They heaped scorn our defenses, calling them “frivolous” and “without basis.” Judges balked—even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they do it every day—at the thought that a bank could commit foreclosure fraud. Shamefully, one judge even threatened my client with criminal charges for perjury.

Getting ready for trial

But we did not waver. We used our secret to its best effect, and properly prepared, we survived the summary judgment hearing. The court set a trial date. I began the process of assembling our trial evidence and witnesses, including an expert witness to testify about the fraud we’d uncovered. And then the strangest thing happened:

Find out what happened here…



6 Responses to “Busted | Foreclosure Mill Files Fake “Original Note”, Gets Caught”
  1. Katheryn says:

    Hey, if counterfiet notes are OK, then why not counterfit money?

  2. Linda says:

    Included in the forclosure lawsuit from the bank attorneys is an unsigned alonge the bank alleges as their authority to take my house. I am no attorney, but I consier that document as unacceptable.

  3. l vent says:

    They are a bunch of dirty bastards, all of them.

  4. Changing the color of something on a printout is trivial; for somebody that knows photoshop it can be done in seconds.

    Wanna’ find out if your note is an original? Get a jeweler’s glass — highest magnification you can find — and look at the signature. If its pixelated (has jaggedy edges) it’s a printout. Some printers print a very high resolutions; they’ll probably start to use these, but every printer, at some level of magnification, shows pixelation.

    Just a matter of time until they start to hire old-fashioned forgers.

  5. DanJS says:

    In the many “non-judical” states, there is no Judge… there is no hearing. I know of precious little information addressing these central issues relative to ForeclosureGate. I’m of the opion that in these “off the radar states” far more robo-signing and other shenanigans are taking place… far from the discerning eyes of any “just judges.”

    (I would really appreciate anyone who can provide historical information as to just how “Non-judical Foreclosure” was introduced into these affected states. Any homeowner who needs financing has no choice in these states but to contracturally sign away their contstitutional rights to judicial review.)

    Even if there were judges “using computer screens,” at hearings such “available proof” provided by MERS is likely to be a “digital copy” of any note…. little protection against digital manipulation or even the possibility of “forgeries by color printers” (See Faked “Original” Note Exposed http://4closurefraud.org/2011/03/01/busted-foreclosure-mill-files-f… )

    If you know of any related developments in Non-Judicial states (especially in GA,) please post such information on Foreclosure Hamlet and on 4ClosureFraud sites. Thank you!

  6. maia says:

    Whoo Hoo–Another victory–hope the client’s attorney fights to get the FM attorney in jail. This shlud be sent to every judge in the entire country–or better yet, front page news in every newspaper–anybody have contacts?

    the judges are so quick to judge as absolute truth everything the bank’s attorneys say in court–yes, even now–after all the robo-signing and fraud–you all know that, though

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