Foreclosure Fight Club | George Babcock to Mark Harmon “Send Your Minions that I May Lay Waste to them Before Me”

“No TKO’s will be accepted”


Check out this letter sent from “Foreclosure Stoppage” Attorney George Babcock to opposing counsel Mark Harmon…

Dear Mr. Harmon,

Please  be advised  that  I have been retained by Mr. Conley  regarding  the notice of illegal foreclosure  you mailed  to him on February 4, 2011. The chain of title to this properly and  the note is like a walk down  the yellow  brick road.  Is Harmon  Law the Wizard of Title? You display  extreme  indifference to the law by noticing a foreclosure  on this property. As you know,  I take great pride in defending my clients  against  the evil forces that guide your actions. Mr. Conley  is a personal friend. It is my intention to be even more pugilistic in this matter.  It is disgusting  and  I will make sure  that whoever  violates  his property rights is knocked out of the ring. No TKO’s will be accepted. A full  fledged,  right cross to the chin of the beast.

I look  forward to a response although  I am quite certain  you will not engage me as is your habit. Send your minions that  I may  lay waste  to them before me.

I hope  that this letter  is circulated  as has been your habit in the past. I like my enemy  to know  that I am at its doorstep.

Very  truly yours,

George  E. Babcock, Esquire

Actual letter below…

But first, some background on Mark Harman…

AG investigating Newton law firm’s foreclosure work

Harmon Law Offices, a Newton firm that specializes in foreclosures, is being investigated by the state attorney general’s office for allegedly unlawfully evicting residents from bank-owned properties.

State officials want to determine whether Harmon Law failed to comply with a new Massachusetts law that protects tenants living in foreclosed homes from eviction, a spokesman for Attorney General Martha Coakley said today. more here…

Plantation foreclosure company’s director quits amid investigation

Mark P. Harmon has resigned as a director at the Plantation foreclosure processing company with ties to David J. Stern’s law practice, as the Massachusetts Attorney General said it is investigating whether Harmon’s firm illegally evicted tenants from repossessed homes in that state.

Harmon’s resignation, announced by DJSP Enterprises Inc. on Monday, comes as the beleagured company said it is laying off another 198 employees, bringing the total to 300 within the past two weeks. more here…

For more on “Foreclosure Stoppage” attorney George Babcock click here…



Foreclosure Fight Club Lawyer Letter
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20 Responses to “Foreclosure Fight Club | George Babcock to Mark Harmon “Send Your Minions that I May Lay Waste to them Before Me””
  1. Herr Stig says:

    None of this delying action is going to make the fact that you borrowed money to buy a house go away. It will buy you time, however, to get your loan modified per the programs that Obama promised but which as yet do not quite deliver, but may yet. Use the time this “legal” confusion creates wisely, don’t simply sit back and think that somehow, your debt will go away. Just as Babcock is making money RAISING hopes, there are law firms looking at the situation as a way to make money RECOVERING the money the banks lent. Remember, that was REAL MONEY the banks paid out for you to buy a house. In the end, if a bank paid out a couple of hundred grand to the seller of a house you bought, the mortgage on file, no matter how many assignments ago, can be enforced and as I said there are firms looking to make money doing so. Someday you or your estate is going to have to “market” the property. It won’t SELL if there is an undischarged mortgage on record. Just words to the wise. As for the politicians, at the Federal level they will promise you ANYTHING and blame their non-delivery on ANYTHING or ANYONE in their re-election attempts. After they retire, or are retired by the voters, they have a nice fat Federal pension to live on. They won’t be returning any phone calls then.

    • Readdocs says:

      This looks like more of Mr.John Does’ poison pen stuff.
      Not going into the details of every transaction is the give away on this poster.

  2. moura says:

    all I know is that George Babcock is a very smart, and intense lawyer ,He is the only one who is fighting for the rights of homeowners..I feel blessed that he came into our lives during what is the hardest thing we have ever gone through in 25 years. Our home is just that… our home, and George is fighting for us and many other distressed rhode island homeowners. I have yet heard of or seen any political figure helping the people who put them into office. if you actually have gone through this then you know not only the stress of lossing your home is at stake but it also can cause health problems.

    when all seemed hopless George renewed our faith. Don,t let the crooks and cons take whats yours

  3. robert murphy says:

    Who are fighting for homeowners in Maryland. Please somebody tell me why we are not sleeping at the White House Yet? We need to hit the streets. Please tell me when is DC and Maryland going to the streets to save our homes?

  4. MARIO KENNY says:

    I have been hearing a lot of good things about Mr Badcock over the years, I love defense attys who are bold and who fight, the ones that stand up strong really do not have to do very much to gain my respect and adoration, I have always held the belief that a fighting lawyer is a great lawyer and those I completely support and promote.

  5. Stern’s buddies up in MA/NH caught up a class action lawsuit and in a new KingCast/Mortgage Movies feature…. B 10 problems out the wazoo watch today’s HD antics at the Office of the U.S. Trustee who steadfastly blows us off:

    WAMU refuses loan mods and U.S. Trustee’s Office stonewalls a widow.

    Nice, huh.

  6. Katheryn says:

    Here is the letter I just sent in response to a solicitation to be added to this Congressman’s email newsletter:

    Dear Representative Carney,

    I received a request by your organization to be added to your email news up-dates concerning legislative issues addressed in Congress.

    As much as I would love to be involved in any legislature that would be beneficial to the people of Delaware, I have little faith that most legislature enacted is for the purpose of improvement in the lives of the everyday folks.

    The fact is, I am one of those sorry “deadbeat” homeowners who is caught in the midst of dealing with trying to save my home and get back on my feet while dealing with banks who have deceived, committed fraud, and have raked in billions and billions of dollars to the unsuspecting borrowers, trust holders and tax paying citizens. As Mr. Madoff put it, his ponzy scheme was nothing in comparison.

    I have loan paperwork riddled with errors, a robo-signer on my “Satisfaction” piece, prepared by MERS, for a home in Delaware, signed and notarized in Arizona, Two (2) different mortgage notes, one filed in the Sussex County recorders office and another sent to Worldwide Recordings in Kansas, three (3) final HUD 1’s, the latest and supposedly sent per my QWR from Bank of America, which contain ink stamps marked PRELIMINARY and FINAL on the same “final” HUD 1, and the list goes on and on and on and on……

    As most the story is very long and, I’m sure, quite boring to you folks in your government jobs. What bothers me the most is not only the insignificance given to this horrific subject and what is happening with regards to pure and simple bank fraud, is the attitude of the legal industry and courts here in Delaware.

    I requested help with nine pages of documentation to Mr. Biden’s office months ago. Not only did they not just tell me politely to just “go away”, I never received a response of any kind. I now hear that Mr. Biden has taken up the cause of suing an insurance company on behalf of a well known chiropractor in Delaware, due to the fact that the insurance company is lax on keeping up-dated paperwork and thus, the doctor does not get paid in a timely fashion. So, let me get this right, the insurance company is sued by the state for messy paperwork, but the banks can commit fraud, deceit, forged paperwork, and that is just a “little” mistake that isn’t even worth bringing up. Hmmmm…something just isn’t right with this picture.

    In case you are not aware, there is not an attorney in Delaware that is interested in helping people with these issues. The general consensus is that they are all just a bunch of deadbeats trying to get something for nothing. I honestly do not believe that anyone who has spent any time researching this problem can say with honesty that a bunch of deadbeat homeowners has destroyed the American economy. From my research, Delaware seems to be the only state that is not on any list on any blogs that I have found, that have advocates for people who have been defrauded by these banks.

    It seems odd to me that even felons and monsters such as the Delaware pedophile pediatrician has an attorney fighting for them because they have a right to be defended. I have to handle all of this pro se based on the elite moral attitudes of the legal and judicial systems here in this state or, on second thought, could it be more about money and the fact that most companies incorporate in Delaware? Just a thought.

    Just Another Deadbeat (soon not to be) Homeowner,


  7. DeckHand says:

    ding ding. The gloves are off now, George, take them down.

  8. Kim Thomas says:

    Will never stop fighting. Harmon I did not hear the bell.Go Fight Club!!!!!!

  9. FAITH says:

    You Go George!!!

  10. mike says:

    great letter but were in the hell are the other lawyers in other states that actual fight real hard for the homeowner.
    Lawyers in this area don’t understand that if they win they get attorney fees paid by the bank, and damages for the defendant. were are the heros lawyers in Canton/Akron Ohio.
    Canton Ohio

  11. Jason Werner says:

    He is still required to send a letter to all citizens of the state for his failure to protect consumers, all of which happened probably when he was complic with the banks in their crimes.

    Thanks to Jesus,

  12. l vent says:

    So while we ponder why is our President not doing something to fix this mess. Rising inflation, devaluating currency, soaring gasoline prices, hyper-inflated taxes, etc. The U.S of A. including our own Government are being controlled by a gigantic conglomerate of MULTINATIONAL BANKSTERS AND MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS. THE FOREIGNERS. Obama admitted publically that We The People are being hit hard by a financial crisis that was NO FAULT OF OUR OWN. He obviously can’t go it alone. after all he is a hostage, too. Who do you believe owns and controls the Fed and Goldman Saks? It is not who you think. Bernanke, Getihner, all puppets for the NWO.

    • l vent says:

      While we all weren’t looking: Yahoo search: MERCOSUR, COHA , NGO, Some links:, Globalwide Deception.

      • l vent says:

        America is being run and controlled by a bunch of NWO imposters posing as Americans.

      • l vent says:

        I cannot help but notice the similarities to MERCOSUR and MERS. Seems MERCOSUR was est. around about 1991 by the ahem, U.N.,in order to incorporate the EU into South America. Hmmm… Didn’t think the EU even existed then.

    • Well…..thinking back I saw a picture and article of the original men who started the Federal Reserve…but I think it was not called that back in 1913. I remember Rothchilds from England..and the Bank of England…may control it. and own it I saw the building in England where money was ‘stored.’..but I only got to touch the brick outside the building…..Somehow I want to say Rochefeller and JP Morgan are part of the Fed., maybe cause the original article showed them. Are you saying that Rothchilds and the Bank of England own Goldman sachs? If so, that I never knew…they just might…they are all corrupt. Rotten from the core out.

  13. Capt. Jack says:

    Foreclosure DEFENSE is for chumps! This is Foreclosure OFFENSE.

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