Rally in Tally March 9th 2011 “It is the right thing to do”


I sent you $10 today on behalf of my 8 year old nephew. He broke his Piggy Bank to donate the money because I explained to him the Rally Action helps save people’s homes including his own home; and also it is the right thing to do.

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Donations Greatly Appreciated

One Response to “Rally in Tally March 9th 2011 “It is the right thing to do””
  1. Elyse Del Francia says:

    I urge everyone reading this to donate through Pay Pal…$30 is ideal but anything helps get this bus rolling!!
    We need these Rally’s in every State so watching how this one goes will empower all States to get it together!!

    I gave my $30 donation so I challenge all to do the same…
    We MUST support this effort as your State could be next!!


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