TD Bank Aims to Boot Boy Scouts, Files Foreclosure

Guess who is going to the courthouse Monday morning to pull this court file?

I wonder if there any “document irregularities” in this case since TD Bank “acquired” the assets of the now defunct original “lender”.

Bank aims to boot Boy Scouts

Forget tying knots and building campfires. The Boy Scouts need to start working on their foreclosure defense.

TD Bank wants to boot the Boy Scouts organization for the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast out of its headquarters. It filed a foreclosure lawsuit Feb. 25 against the Gulf Stream Council of Boy Scouts of America.

According to its website, this nonprofit serves more than 31,000 scouts and 3,100 volunteers in seven counties, including Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River.

Unfortunately, those scouts could get a lesson in how the legal system treats debtors unless somebody comes to their aid.

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  1. Flex says:

    Demand Justice? To whom are we going to demand justice from? The DOJ is corrupted as it is the whole system that there is not day of light to ever see justice in this country. All the branches of government are corrupted that it is not joke how they perform their jobs and duties everyday. Have you seen the report that just came out from the chairman Mrs. Blair of the FDIC? Without any substantive evidence they allowed the $700 Billion Bail Out just because Treasury told them if they didn’t go along with it, they will be part of the devastated effect of all too big to fail banks from BofA, and City, after BofA already purchased Merrill Lynch, another bank, and the biggest loser, Country Wide. Then they bailed out Citi when they knew Bearn and Stern was going down along with Lehman Brothers. Three years later, the banks are still getting bail outs called back door bail outs every time there is a Settlement with The SEC, the banks get more money to continue their charade of fraud and deception to the American People.
    The thing is, we had been talking about doing something, getting organized, fight back against all these individuals what at large they are a minority. How in the world a few people can do such a damage to a country and the people sit back and watch them do it without saying or doing anything?
    A recent survey from Fannie Mae just reported that more than 80% of the people don’t know what is going on in this country. It is amazing that the media has done such a great job to keep everybody tight up to their seats in front of the HDTV with Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and Survivor. The majority of the people think that everything is just fine, that the GPD is great, that jobless claims are so low that this week was reported to 8.0%, that millions of jobs were just added to the country, and yet, we are paying already over $4.00 per gallon for gas, $5.00 for a gallon of milk, Food prices are going up everyday that soon a higher inflation will make people realized that what is happening in Egypt, Lybia, and many middle east countries, like today started in Saudi Arabia, soon will be spread in the U.S.
    If the Federal Reserve decides to increase the interest rate even 1% the hyper inflation in this country will be catastrophic. If we don’t fix this nightmare economy in the next 6 months, we will be heading to a civil war.
    It is only a matter of time until the unexpected will happen. Then will be too late and thousands of people will perish unnecessary, not to mention that America will never be the same as we know it.
    God Bless America! and God Bless You!
    We just heard of another 2.5 million foreclosure for this year and another 2.0 million for 2012.
    This is the year for the second wave of Neg-Arm and Alt-A Loans that were issued in 2006 and are coming to adjust or reset this quarter. If you think we had it bad last 3 years, the next 3 years is going to be even worse.
    Remember all those million dollars homes sold with 1% tease rate and many people got in paying the minimum payments, well, after 5 years the payment will adjust from 3.5% to 6.5% making the payment more than double. For example, if their payment was $2,500 per month, now their payment will be more than $5,000 not including taxes and insurance. So millions of people will be walking away this year and next year. There is not way they will be able to sell those homes in short sales to investors or buyers that even if they qualified for a loan, where are the lenders willing to lend this kind of money these days?

  2. l vent says:

    This is what happens to nation when FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL BANKSTERS, FINANCIAL TERRORISTS and FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS, BIG OIL, BIG PHARMA, the INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX,, are allowed to infiltrate your Government and BUY and therefore CORRUPT the whole political and judicial system and then THEY ARE IN CONTROL to what happens to a nation and it’s people. . What happens next? A completely DESTITUTE, BANKRUPT AMERICA, a WEIMAR REPUBLIC then A NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE WORLD FACSIST DICTATORSHIP. This could very well happen overnight. They then will have what they want a NEW WORLD ORDER out of CHAOS. This is how they bring down nations. Didn’t a bankster once say something like Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws? CORRUPTION=WORLDWIDE DESTRUCTION.

  3. Pamela says:

    Isn’t this like foreclosing on Mother Teresa they are foreclosing on a major YMCA also.I mean come on is nothing sacred any more.Churches have fallen as well.Did anybody ever figure out if they managed to make the interest payment on 1600 Penn. Ave.We are losing everything here over the greed of a few.Whatever happened to liberty and justice for all or am I out here in left field all by myself?

    • l vent says:

      FOREIGN, MULTINATIONAL BANKSTERS and CORPORATIONS have bought and corrupted the world including the United States. We know these foreignors hate America, our Freedom, our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, Our right to bear arms and National Sovereignty from them of any kind. CORRUPION=BANKRUPCY=DESTRUCTION of the nations. They have done it in Egypt already. $25 for a loaf of bread and no jobs to pay for it was their tipping point. Where will ours be? They want chaos. We all have to think out of the box. We need Indivisible Leadership and Organization, They want to divide and conquer us. For one, no one should vote for any of these bastards in 2012. They are all a bunch of liars. Everyone has to STOP BELIEVING THE LIES they are being spoon fed on a daily basis. It is all a crock. Today the mainstream media is reporting umemnployment is at 8%. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? FRAUDCLOSURE FILINGS ARE EXPECTED TO BE IN THE MILLIONS THIS YEAR? Come on people. — USE YOUR COMMON SENSE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

      • l vent says:


  4. The banksters are working overtime, to prove they are selfish, thieves, and UnAmerican! Foreclosing on KFC, and on grandmothers, is each reason for a reaction somewhat greater than disgust.

    Screwing the Boy Scouts is a third example of banksters being from some other planet. This is one of their worst examples yet!

    There is a reason Hewlett-Packard (Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard) paid cash for their land and buildings. Using a bank note (correct term?) to pay for a property leaves a clear trail, with zero room for fraud.

  5. Hell NO - No More Bailouts says:

    Are the Boy Scouts going to be labeled ‘deadbeats’ or told they ‘bought too much office space’? Will their loan miraculously have no problem with the chain of assignments?

    Will this case do anything to unite those who are lucky enough to still be able to pay their mortgage (and the ones who THINK they have paid off their mortgage) with the rest of us?

    WHAT will it take to wake people and the judiciary up to the fact that allowing foreclosures with shoddy documents is ILLEGAL?

    We hopefully do not allow executions to occur based on shoddy court practices. Yet foreclosure of homeowners and the ensuing eviction can lead to death.

    When are we going to see wrongful death charges brought against these pretender-lenders after a foreclosure based on shoddy paperwork?

    A CA congressman has already raised the issue of such charges of wrongful death against the banks and servicers (and I add the LAWYERS) involved where members of the military committed suicide due to their financial woes with illegal foreclosures.

    • Officer of the Law says:

      Good points! Will the people rise up and demand justice? Hopefully, the Boys Scouts will take action and save the day!

      By the way, I was a Boy Scout, but now, like far too many who thought that they could help bring about justice, I’m trapped by the system that protects the criminal banksters who are trying to steal everything and impoverish everyone.

      Once again, the prosecutors are the ones who are protecting the banksters from being arrested and prosecuted!

      Will the prosecutors prosecute if the Boy Scouts push them to do their job? I expect so since the Boy Scouts are a force for good that is hard to resist. Of course, if they were joined by the Girl Scouts in demanding justice, then I think that no crooked prosecutor could refuse to take action.

      Hopefully, the Scouts will save the day by taking action which others seem afraid to take!

      By the way, when people fear even asking for justice, isn’t it obvious that something is really very wrong in our country?

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