Oregon Foreclosure Sales Stopped After Judges’ Rulings

Oregon Foreclosure Sales Stopped After Judges’ Rulings

Sales of hundreds of foreclosed homes in Oregon have been halted or withdrawn in recent weeks after federal judges repeatedly questioned their legality, according to a number of real estate attorneys in the state.

Lenders have withdrawn more than 300 foreclosure sales since February in Deschutes County alone, one of the Oregon area’s hardest hit by the housing collapse. About 130 of those notices were filed in the past week, attorneys say.

Dozens of foreclosure listings by ReconTrust Co., the foreclosure arm of Bank of America Corp., have disappeared from its website, attorneys say. A BofA spokeswoman said the bank was canceling certain sales to ensure that those homeowners had fully explored options to avoid foreclosure.

And, in a potential deal breaker for other foreclosure cases, one of the nation’s largest title-insurance companies is warning lenders that it might not guarantee title in some cases.

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A number of federal court decisions in Oregon raise questions about the legality of hundreds of foreclosures in the state:

Burgett v. MERS, et al

Ekerson v. MERS, CitiMortgage Inc., et al

McCoy v. BNC Mortgage Inc., MERS, U.S. Bank, Finance America LLC, et al

Barnett v. Bac Home Loan Servicing LP, Federal National Mortgage Association Fka Fannie Mae, Rec on Trust Co

Rinegard-Guirma v. Bank of America, et al

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  1. Pamela says:

    Imagine that a judge that actually had the courage to stand up to the banks .Wow I’m absolutely speechless,its to bad other states are not paying attention.Maybe at some point we can quit educating our judges with pictographs and they will become the learned people that they should have always been.

  2. pamelag says:

    RE “CON” ‘TRUST ‘hahahaha is that an oxymoron……….

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