Daily Finance | Bank of America Document Leaks Allege Insurance Scams

Bank of America Document Leaks Allege Insurance Scams


At one minute past midnight on Monday morning, a hacker collective released a set of emails on the website BankofAmericaSuck.

While all the allegations in the leaked documents involve Bank of America (BAC) — through a soon to be ex-subsidiary called Balboa Insurance — they also implicate many other big banks that are clients of Balboa, including: “GMAC, Aurora Loan Services [a subsidiary of Lehman Bros Holdings], IndyMac Federal Bank [a subsidiary of OneWest Bank], Saxon, HSBC, PennyMac [a collection agency started by former Countrywide Home Loans executive Stan Kurland after CHL and Balboa were sold to BAC], Downey Savings and Loans, Financial Freedom, Select Portfolio Services, Wells Fargo/Wachovia and [BofA].”

Note: Unless otherwise linked and stated without caveat, all the information in this article comes from the documents posted at the site.

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13 Responses to “Daily Finance | Bank of America Document Leaks Allege Insurance Scams”
  1. Jayne Briseno says:

    Here you go: Jayne Briseno v american Savings Bank et,al (Washington Mutual Bank

    Balboa Insurance kickbacks hmmmm Bank of America? Yup in my opinion

    I was the Plaintiff in a Class Action Nationwide lawsuit (winning that is)

    go get them

    Barbara.j.desoer@bankof america.com

    • Dianne says:

      If it is helpful to anyone, please be advised that two days ago I received a notice of cancellation from my homeowner’s insurance carrier.. reason was home no longer occupied. I was huhhh? We have lived here non-stop, never even went away for a vacation, lol. I called them to discover Bank of America contacted them, told them the house was vacant and asked them to cancel the insurance. WTH?

      I have the evidence if anyone needs… I have notice of cancellation in my hands. Luckily my insurance company reinstated the coverage but something was going on here. It was either insurance fraud, attempting to make investors pay 3 to 4 times insurance premiums – forced pay … through BOA’s own insurance company, or it might be because I have complaints with the Comptroller of Currency … another laughable outfit … but nontheless AG of NC says he has no control over Bank of Soviet Russia … sorry Bank of America … take it up with the Feds

  2. l vent says:

    What a surprise, the insurance companies are in on the fraud too. The whole political, corporate, judicial, federal, banking system is rampant with fraud and completely corrupt That is exactly why there is no justice for the people. When the whole system is corrupt and drunk with power then what we have is an Imperialist Oligarchy fascist dictatorship full of tyrannts who want to do nothing more than oppress and enslave the people. They are telling us all “Let them eat cake” The Oligarchs have their own Monarchy going here in America. Don’t vote for any of the liars. Everything is a rigged game and a sham. Never mind what is going on in the Middle East, THAT IS A DISTRACTION, We have a 500 POUND gorilla in the room right here in America that is WALL STREET/THE FED/THE BANKSTERS and they are stealing our wealth and our country from us right in front of our very eyes with the blessings of our own corrupt Government.. The foreigners are taking our country over without ever having to fire a shot and they are creating a NEW WORLD ORDER FASCIST DICTATORSHIP.. Just as Thomas Jefferson predicted would happen if we allowed the elite secret societies to control our banking system. WE WILL one day, wake up poor and homeless in the land our fathers conquered. THEY WILL COME LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT and it will be Weimar Germany all over again but with way more homeless and poor people. Then it will really be chaos and Anarchy by the people. Time for our Government to send the foreigners packing. Time for the people to demand National Sovereignty from the foreign tyrants who fully intend to bankrupt and destroy America. Then they will have their NEW WORLD ORDER with their one world dictator and their one world currency and we will then be their debt slaves.

  3. Mrs Doutfire says:

    I see a chain reaction here people. lets hope it will continue. Thanks to all of you who have done the right thing and brought the crooks to light.gather all the fire power we can and go FIGHT!!!!!! Hats off to you Anonymous !!!!!

  4. l vent says:

    100,000 protesters showed up in Wisc. today to protest the union busting. The entire country is rampant with fraud and corruption. There are upwards of 50,000 fraudclosure filings in my county alone. Obama’s strategy for the 2012 election? Reconnect with the people. I think he has ALOTof work to do and he better get busy stopping the FRAUDCLOSURES, FIRST AND FOREMOST. The vatican assassins want to steal our homes and sell them to the chinese and the saudis and the Indians for a song. American treasonists within our own judicial system are committing treason against us by aiding and abetting the financial terrorists. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE OF SEISMIC PROPORTIONS.. This is how they want to glabalize us and create the one world NEW WORLD ORDER here in America. THEY ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY OVER WITHOUT EVER FIRING A SHOT.. We The People must demand our NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY from the U.N. They are destroying America and stealing it right from under us and our President is letting them do it. They are using many distractions to divert attention from FRAUDCLOSURGATE.

    • losing my home in florida says:

      i do not hink people in america know how to fight back. most of us work , to feed our kids and keep a roof over our heads. how do we fight back????? give us some clues you can start the revolution. didnt our forefathers do it

      • l vent says:

        Nationwide Tax revolt, mortgage revolt. All of the people who are paying their mortgages have to stop participating in the fraud. Boycotts of gas, foreign goods, giant protests against the fraudclosures, Do Not Vote for any of them. everything is a rigged game. Take your money out of the banks, take your money out of your investments away from Wall Street such as 401k’s. That is a starting point. Everyone has to do this, it has to be nationwide.We have to get really nasty with them and they will hear us loud and clear.

      • Concerned and committed says:

        Checking out http://www.twelvevisionsparty.com would be a start.

  5. l vent says:

    Well we all knew they were scums here is just some more proof to further legitimize our claims. We all have proof of the mortgage fraud in our hands. No one wants to listen to us. Everything seems to fall on deaf ears. They keep ignoring us because they are protecting the criminals. What is going to stop them from protecting the criminals?. I had an attorney tell me today that this financial collapse was not intentional, the people screwed up. So there it is in a nutshell. Even the attorneys are working for them. I wish Mr. Assange would bring it on. The more ammo we have the better. Looks like the criminals are now in charge of running America and no one is safe. We need more insiders to come out and talk. They may not know that they are not safe either from the strategic class warfare because of all of the nationwide rampant fraud and corruption. We are all targets.

  6. Fury says:

    for abigail field to refer to Anonymous as a “hacker collective” is to minimize the importance of today’s Bank of America revelations released by Anonymous..

    Anonymous did NOT hack this information. it was sent to them by a brave whistleblower.

    i don’t know who Anonymous is…. we will never know. they are individuals all around the world.

    i can only thank them for publishing evidence of BofA crimes against unsuspecting homeowners.

    julian assange also has information about the fraud committed by BofA.
    he has telegraphed it.
    i hope he will release his info soon to help the millions of people who have been devastated by this bank..

  7. pamelag says:

    gmac & balboa stold my home even tho payments were made judge covered his ears they are ALL in on it., AG, Congresspeople, media,there is no forgiving home stealing. God Bless America

  8. Pamela says:

    Yup folks insurance fraud at it ‘s finest and brought to you by the people that we all trusted.Makes you look at your insurance agent in a little bit different light doesn’t it.Never mind the ins co. themselves blood sucking parasites looking for a new host to eridacate another species.It’s time to put them in thier place take away the money you take away the host .Get it.

  9. A FAT LOLA says:


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