Yoss LLP (Adorno & Yoss) | Another Florida Firm that Processes Foreclosures Bites the Dust

And once again, more chaos for our courts…

The firm released the following statement to employees Monday morning:

As we are sure you are aware, these have been extremely difficult times for the firm. Over the past few months we have been dealing with many issues that have had a negative impact on the firm’s ability to continue. After meeting with the Bank and evaluating the firm’s status and financial position the decision was made to wind down its operations.

Accordingly we are giving to each of our employees the following notice:

It is anticipated that the firm will continue to provide legal services to its clients and will continue to conduct its regular business through March 31, 2011. Effective March 31, 2011, the firm will permanently close most of its facilities and will cease to provide legal services and will begin winding down operations. We hope to accomplish this with the least possible disruption to the lives of our employees, our clients and the community.

With the exception of several employees needed for the wind down period all employees of the firm will be laid off between now and March 31, 2011.



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  1. Pamela says:

    Lucinda, the FBI is not coming to the rescue nor the police nor any other agency they are all bought and payed for by the banks.Thier pensions are bought and paid for by the banks.As corrupt as it is and I agree with you theres no knight in shining armour on a white charger goung to come riding in to save us all.Its going to take hard work and lots of it barring that it will take civil war to clear this up.Not something anybody wants but the people are being pushed to this,because there is no one to help.The police, FBI, and so forth are not going to bite the hand that feeds them,no matter what they should do.

  2. lucinda says:

    the scary thing about this fraud is some of them are willing to brack into someones home to change the locks on your home,our mortgage servicer sps comes out and takes photos every 2 months sometimes 2 times a month.i have sat and wached him take the photos he sets there in his new truck looking at the house,we have peaple knock at our door leave before we can come to the door,i will notice after that are fees on our acc gos up to 200.00 to 700 a month,everytime i make a mortgage payment the fees will go up to 155 to 200 more a month,and they post our payment 6 to 10 months late every month,im sorry this is not right i hear the same things happened to peaple all over 50 states,this is corrpet and illlegall it as to stop and the att and mortgage servicers ,robo signers should be put out of bussness for good,where are the FBI when you need them.

  3. MARIO KENNY says:

    Suchers stopped paying my property tax, geezz now I have to pay $6000.00 per yr in tax for a house worth $85000.00, I recalled Deutsche paid $12000.00 in tax days b4 my last summary judgement, that was in 2007, well they lost, anyways they continue to pay $18000.00 in insurance, so I know the storm ion coming this summer, eviction by hurricane is what I am expecting, but I aint movin, for sure, at least now I do not have to think of putting up money to rent a tractor to move the house in the swimming pool, because I do not expect eviction just yet.

    I tell yuh you people have to start thinking of third party debt collectors, learn the FDCPA and the FCRA quick and yuh have to quiet that noisy title, b4 the tax certificate buyers come by, they work for the bank did you know, its LPS, they pay tax for the fraudsters.

    So I am filling up the pool now and I am not thinking of merging the house with the pool, that was going to be a huge hard job, siht I do not know even how to drive a tractor.

    Lawyer is saying he is going after the mill for damages, good luck with that is what I say, hell they are all folding, good luck getting blood from them stones, right?

    Mohtrer fceokrs never knew small people like me and you would like to fight them past forever, its like the lion that tasted human blood in India, they normally have to kill such animal.

    I need money to short the public traded law firms nationwide, they may all fail, the boutique law firms will not make it either, they do not have sufficient staying power for the likes of the litigants fighters who have tasted the blood of foreclosure law, when you find the aggressive lawyer count yuh blessings, they are worth their weight in gold.

    Hang tight yuh have to play them at their game, and move the goal post just like they do.

  4. Ken says:

    Alberti Law Firm in Tampa Florida is another Foreclosure Mill that needs to be shut down

  5. Pamela says:

    See, I couldn’t agree with you more, maybe some of them will be eligable for the ramped up HAMP program so they can get first hand knowledge of how to be lead completely astray and have nobody to help.Sucks to be them!!

  6. see says:

    At first the employees of these firms probably didn’t know what they were doing was totally wrong. They most likely had the attiitude, “Well they didn’t pay their mortgage so they deserve to be kicked out.” Most of them had to have caught on eventually that what they were doing was not on the up and up. But they had jobs and they did not want to end up destroyed like the people they help to destroy so they continued to their crimes on the homeowner. Better them than me. They are all morally bankrupt and somehow the employees will try to make themselves victims. Look at what Stern’s former employees did. As for the owners and attorneys who did know better they will rot in hell. God does not reward bad behavior. What goes around comes around.

  7. losing my home in florida says:

    so may law firms in one state. doesnt thhis ring bell at the state attourneys office you think?
    how come they committ fraud. take peoples homes 9the judges beleived them over us) and no recourse. yet we have to lose our homes, our marriages and our nest eggs that we so willingly gave up to own a home that the same entitiy not helping us letting this happen passed laws to make the mortgage intrest deduction the only deduction we can have to let us itemize. whose cruel joke is this. then they allow modification fraud, dual tracking is a cruel joke to. this is quite an experience. to find out how inept all these people really are

  8. MARIO KENNY says:

    This is totally unacceptable, who are we gonna fight now? they are all leaving the battlefield, leaving some of the victims hurt, we do not get to take them out and get all their money, and as a matter of fact they get to move on with bags of cash. Those third party debt collectors are lining up, so I guess we will have to get revenge from them then, right?

  9. Pamela says:

    You would think some of these people would have been bright enough to catch what was going on in thier firm and say hey sorry I can’t be invovled in this because I have morals,values,and a sense of right and wrong.Isn’t that in the code of ethics?Oh I forgot what code of ethics? Didn’t ever have any and never will.Bought and paid for by the banks.So much for being held to a higher degree.Now when they are faced with the same circumstances all of us faced,I hope they encounter all the graft,greed,corruption,that all of us encountered 10 fold over.I don’t anticipate anything changing anytime soon but wow it’s good to have a bright spot to hold on to.Who’s next?

    • It would be rare for any employee working in any of these law firms (working for the fraudsters) to say they can’t be involved cause of their morals. Money is the root that keeps them involved….a job. If they did express their views…the door would slam behind them. Same goes for employees at all the banks…they will do anything or any orders thrown their way…just to keep their job. The code of ethics went out a long time ago…right along with trust. The old mighty buck is the root of all evil. truer words were never spoken. Ask any fraudster bankster or any one in government. They all only see dollar signs, the dollars that line deep pockets. So this pattern follows right down to an office clerk who needs a job. This pattern proves that crime breeds crime…..willing to do anything for that old mighty buck.

  10. lucinda says:

    the law firms are corrept they hirt alot of peaple,we lost our homes to thes frauds and illegal forclosures,i cant beleave this law co. is feeling sorry for themselfs,look what they did to us,say your sorry for what you did to us,you should be in jail for forgery and fraud,i say GO TO HELL TO ALL OF YOU HOPE YOU GET WHATS COMING TO YOU?

  11. John says:

    The Sun doesn’t shine on the same dogs ass all the time!

  12. Litgant says:

    Many lost their homes because of the fraud of these employees. Let them all lose their jobs, their homes, divorce come to them, and their families destroyed: just like they caused. Maybe they will feel some shame and tell us the shameful and criminal things they did.

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