Pastor, Family Arrested After Refusing to Leave Foreclosed Church

Pastor, family arrested after refusing to leave foreclosed church

Sheriff’s deputies led a pastor out of his Richmond church in handcuffs Thursday afternoon after he refused to obey a court-ordered eviction notice.

Pastor Sidney Keys, his wife Patrice and his elderly mother all went to jail from the Bible Way Apostolic Church at 201 Macdonald Ave., where they stayed continuously since receiving a formal eviction notice Tuesday.

Two protesters also went to jail after sitting down in front of a sheriff’s car in the church parking lot, near the corner of Macdonald and Second Street.

“We just got our license for child care and a preschool,” said parishioner Gracie Ivy, part of a crowd of about 40 at the church gate. “It’s for the community. It’s for a need.”

Protesters shouted and chanted “Let them go!” as the deputies led off Keys and his family. His 11-year-old daughter watched from the sidewalk, tears in her eyes.

“We never wanted it to reach this point,” Contra Costa sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Lee said. “But we have to enforce the court order.”

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  1. Caryl says:

    ALERT: There will be a press conference at 3:00 p.m. today, Pacific time, called by Congressman George Miller at the Church location at 201 MacDonald Avenue, Richland, CA regarding the foreclosure of the church. The bank failed to answer the Congressman’s phone call…this press conference is being televised.

  2. MARIO KENNY says:

    I recall in the early days 2007 , Neil and I would think that the Church was the place to get support, so I went on a mission to get support from the Church all on my own, with my RC hat and all, LOL they rolled their eyes on me and sent me running out of the Roman Catholic Church here in Miami, then I went to the Haitian Church in the parking lot of wall Mart on Biscayne, no show baby, the pastor told me that I needed to donate something to get his blessings, his church comprised a tent in a parking lot every Sunday. Well I do not see him no more, and the Haitian people have been plundered by the Bankster, without mercy.

    When will the people wake up and do the right thing? maybe never, they are all too ashamed, they cannot show their face and they will not give a correct name, nor will they come on a blog to rant the head off, like Allan said, “they disappear into the silent night” never to be seen again, most of them never waited for the 90 day notice.

  3. Fury says:

    maybe someone will turn the church into a nightclub or trendy clothes boutique (eye roll).

    when the real owner (God) reclaims the church for his flock at Bible Way…look out !

    churches serve the community in many ways not only spiritual.
    they are feeding the homeless and hungry
    from all walks of life who have been destroyed by Fraudclosure.

  4. StuckinSoPa says:

    What the heck are you going to do with an abandoned church. I say abandoned, not foreclosed, because no one is going to buy it.

    I wonder if the banksters get to keep the property’s tax-free status, while they try to figure out what to do with the building, since it was zoned non profit/religious when they seized it.

    Oh, that’s right! It wouldn’t matter either way, since we all know that banksters are above the law, and not paying property taxes would be meaningless to them.

    • Katheryn says:

      They don’t discriminate, they’ll take whatever they can get from whomever they can get it from, even the Lord above. This life in the whole scope of things, is very short lived. All the money they gather in this life will not mean a thing when the foreverafter for them will be eternity in Hell. You reap what you sow and what goes around comes around, even if not in this life, for sure in the next!

    • MARIO KENNY says:

      I would love to be a fly on the wall when it goes into disrepair and squatters misuse and severely abuse the building, and it falls in disrepair, like any abandoned building does when no one is caring for it and I will also love to see when they have to demolish it, WOW, that will be a site, really I would love to see that, and these people preach religion daily, the cop, the bankster and the clerk of the court and the Judge, WOW you have to swear on a Bible to be in court, to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but, and it was a lie, then the same god fearing people change the locks on the house of “God” LOL, Did they lock God out, or just his people?

      These people are church rats, yet and if they think this is the house of god, what have they done, crazy Christians, one more mad than the other, hey I am Roman Catholic and I have a hard copy certificate to prove this, but hell see if you find me in this “house of God” if this place was a holy place no man was gonna be able to do this vile crime, I was the one who knew this was going to occur, the day when all the church going people lost the job, and the pastor got no more collections, to pay the banksters, these banksters pray to god too, or they pray on God, for more money, I guess God loves them more, right?

      So who is going to buy this church at the auction? its gonna be a credit bid, you know? we need a virtual place of worship, you know like utube, we need ugod, that is cool I think, this way the bankster will have to eat all the churches, this is not the first god building to go under, the Catholics lost many churches to bankruptcy, and so did every other denominations too.

      I would not call no other religious names, but I can talk catholic all day as I have the permission to talk Catholic all the time, its my birth right, as I said I have the proof.

      If people find peace inside it would cost less, as a matter of fact its free, I do not need a church, as I know what they think is in the church I know its inside me and mine is free, no banksters allowed or are able to get in me less they kill me.

      This is not the first Church to be owned by a bank, and you know what? the Catholic Church is very invested in mortgage backed securities, is this an oxymoron? I read where gaddafi gave Wall Street 700 billion to invest in trusts, then they froze the money, this Church could be in his Trust and he is Muslim, LOL.

      I am going mad all on my own now, question if the church is in his trust and they seized his dough, does that mean the the Church has to pay back wall street or pay back Gaddafi?

      We bombing him now, so if they kill him, no one owns the money right? so it should be a free and clear Church right? nah, the god fearing, Bible swearing Court will not have this, give the Gods property to the banksters, and all these banksters are foreign companies, including BOA, but no one thinks of this tripe, for sure, the pastor did not get a good lawyer, that was the deal, he should have called me, I would have found the gaddafi trust and gotten him a kick butt lawyer, for sure.

      Bet yuh the lawyer was a free Church going lawyer, and he knew nothing about foreclosure in the first place, but he had a good Bible and got the job. I wished I could have seen the Judge when he signed the order to foreclose and then the break order to change the locks, and wow the cops put the holy man in the lockup, that must have been a sight to behold, well they said Jesus dies for our sins, he did not know about foreclosure defense and CA non judicial law. I could rant on all day on this one topic, but I know it must be painful, but my Roman Catholic training made me free of them, thank God for that, these are words I hate, they blame this man for everything, poor dude. People go to Church on Sunday, buy the Bible said its a day of rest, gosh how can you work God for seven days running, I think the seven day adventist might have a point they go to church on Saturday, and rest on sunday. Opps this is foreclosure blog here, not holy stuff. Another question, how come all the Church going people did not put up and buy the Building or how come they do not buy it at the steps? nah they do not believe in it that much, and they may have all lost their jobs with the gobberment too.

      The banksters control the religion, but a few hundred years ago it was the other way around, the banksters needed the power of the Church and the needed a blessing to do business or to go to war, and to die they need the Church too, but now they got money, and last time I looked the money said in God we trust.

      Who was it that said “common sense is uncommon”

  5. Fury says:

    when the evicting sheriff and officers show up at Heaven’s Gate what will say,
    “we were only enforcing a court order”?

    this is truly sad when pastors are being evicted from churches.

    all of our stories are full of terror and heartbreak, too.

    when is this madness going to end????!!

    The SF Chronicle used to be the place to get the truth. pity that they are not living up to the standard that they used to hold.

  6. Military officers and enlisted are expected to refuse defective orders. Evidently, the police obey them.

    The say-nothing bankster should have been put in with his victims! Better yet, put the bankster in jail, and leave the people alone!

    Richmond is across the bay from the San Francisco Chronicle. Indeed, The Chronicle has a scab-labor printing plant, in Richmond.
    The San José Mercury News is more than a one-hour drive from Richmond. So, why is “The Merc” covering this, and not “The Chron”?

    Checking Google shows ZERO stories <> from The Chronicle. This makes sense, as all The Chronicle’s “mortgage fraud” stories (I checked this, a week or so ago) are about people defrauding banks.

    The San Francisco Chronicle, then, is a disinformation source, about mortgage fraud, and foreclosure fraud.

  7. John R says:

    That really kinda depends on the Court Order don’t it Sheriff? Your oath is to protect the Citizen’s and if the Court Order is based on erroneous information, which could only be found through a thorough investigation of the foreclosure documentation by knowledgeable and competent individuals, then you just may have been colluding with an illegal Court Order! And if so found, then aren’t charges against the Sheriff appropriate?

    Gone are the days we can just sit back and accept the “Court’s Orders” as if they were proper when it has been shown/proved time and time again in every State of this Country that the Court’s, through apathy, ignorance or just plain ole laziness are colluding with the Lenders and upon us are the days when we should be starting to call the last line of the defense of our rights, the Sheriff’s, into this fray.

    As Congresswoman Marci Kaptor (Ohio) shouted on the Senate floor “you be squatters in your own home… don’t you leave. ” “If they’ve had no legal representation of a high quality, I tell them stay in their homes”

    So I say to all evicting Sheriff’s, these foreclosures are, by in large bogus! Study the issues, educate yourselves on them. Many are so new even the Judges and Attorney’s don’t understand them. You have sworn an oath to defend us. You are us! Every time a Judge legalizes an illegal foreclosure, it’ YOUR pension fund that suffers! Help us… it’s the Legal thing to do… It’s the RIGHT thing to do… it IS your job.

  8. MARIO KENNY says:

    I know you bloggers will hate me for saying this, and I know that some of you know what I am going to say, even if I have not said it so far in this sentence******THIS IS GREAT NEWS****there you go have at, it blast me, tell me you are going to beat me up in public, if you see me in public, send me threatening emails, but this is the sort of things that must happen for the situation to get better, it must get super bad first, before it gets better, in the early days when people like me[not me alone] called for a stoppage no one listened, as a matter of fact they called me a loser, well who is a loser now I ask? but we have not gotten to the 50 percent vacancy yet,[no my house ids not in that number because I fought and won] Lee county is only at 30 percent vacancy, and the state of Florida is only at 20 percent vacancy, we got 30 ore percent to go, are we squatting yet?

  9. Officer of the Law says:

    Will the banksters be held responsible for fraud? No, not until the people demand that the prosecutors enforce the law.

    Will homes, businesses and churches continue to be stolen by the banksters? Yes, until the people demand that the prosecutors enforce the law.

    Why have the prosecutors refused to take action to hold the banksters liable fore their crimes? It is because the prosecutors take bribes to look the other way while the banksters steal everything.

    If you want the law to be enforced, put pressure on the prosecutors to do their job, and if they don’t, fire them and demand that they are prosecuted.

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