Florida’s Courts | $12,000 Bonus for Judges and Cuts to Eliminate One-Quarter of the State’s 2,800 Judicial Assistants

Okay, earlier today we put up an article about judges getting bonuses to push through cases faster then they are now. I’m not sure how they possibly can seeing most hearings are less than 2 minutes already…

Now there is a report that there are proposed cuts that would eliminate one-quarter of the state’s more than 2,800 judicial assistants?

How in the heck can the judges dispose of more cases with less resources?

Oh, I know, throw what’s left of our civil rights and due process completely out the window.

Hell, why don’t we just go back to erecting public gallows with a thumbs up, thumbs down public hearing method to decide cases.

That would give a new meaning to the term DEADbeat…

From the PB Post…

House spending plan could cut hundreds of judicial assistants

TALLAHASSEE — As tough as things are this year for the state courts, which are running a $72 million deficit, they could get tougher next year under a spending plan unveiled Wednesday by the House Justice Appropriations subcommittee.

Proposed cuts would eliminate one-quarter of the state’s more than 2,800 judicial assistants, leaving judges to do much of their own research, scheduling and brief-writing, to save $13.6 million. Judicial salaries also would be scaled back, letting the state pocket another $11.4 million.

Chairman Rich Glorioso, R-Plant City, said the action stemmed from the low allocation handed out by House leaders. House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, has been at odds with the Florida court system, already outlining plans to dramatically overhaul the state Supreme Court.



5 Responses to “Florida’s Courts | $12,000 Bonus for Judges and Cuts to Eliminate One-Quarter of the State’s 2,800 Judicial Assistants”
  1. If the courts ran a proper system and knew what to look for in the documents back when foreclosures started to plug the system…this would not be an issue now of no money. The judges were not ‘ educated ‘ on foreclosures…did not know what was a fraud.,,and this also goes for the people working on the forclosures before the case went to the judge. One hand did not know what the other hand was doing. .The courts gave 5 minutes or less per case…no time for anything to be argued or even mentioned…it was slam, bam and a rubber stamp. With all the frauds that went thru the courts..passed with approval of the judge….should have been fined a stiff fine for each document missing and all frauds. The Mills were well aware that each case was to be in order, every doucument, nothing missing…before filing the case in court. If steep penalties had been given…the money would be there to carry on the court system. But the choice to not fine the Mills was the courts decision…so now the courts will suffer for what they failed to do…

  2. I guess the Republicans are cutting everything so they can give the tax breaks to the super rich, next they will cutting electricity, water, trash, etc. in the the city, we are going towards towards a banana republic
    The courts will be only for the super rich that can pay for justice

  3. Pamela says:

    First off do away with theHouse Justice App’s. subcommitittee cause you can’t even say it much less spell it and give thier wages to the judicial assistants so they could do thier jobs since no one else seems to be able too. I agree that judges should side with the homeowner cause supposedly they work for us.Just another way for them to get out of doing thier jobs.What a friggen joke.It is time to call in the clowns.

  4. John says:

    It would go faster if the judges would rule real quick in the homeowners favor.

    • FAITH says:

      Yes John! that is the truth!
      We need the Judges to realize that in the long run it will help the court system to side with the homeowner. The fraud will eventually be realized by all when the general public is more educated on the reality of what has happened.
      Fees should be paid to lawfully record mortgages again. MERS will be gone. There will be more money to pay court employees and IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.
      We all need to do our part in educating our neighbors and community. Call into your local town tv shows and ask your local politicians if they are aware of how and why so much revenue was lost in the court system.
      We need to protect our property rights starting with ALL mortgages being recorded at our Counties Registry of Deeds.

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