Thank Attorney General Schneiderman for Standing Up for the Victims of Wall St. Crooks

Thank Attorney General Schneiderman for standing up for the victims of Wall St. crooks.

There are strong reasons to believe that major players in the mortgage industry illegally cheated millions of people.

But the Obama administration and federal banking regulators are pushing state attorneys general to accept a settlement with the major mortgage firms that would impose no criminal penalties for breaking the law.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is standing up make sure Wall St. crooks don’t get a free pass. According to news reports, Attorney General Schneiderman is unwilling to sign on to the settlement if doing so would prevent him from prosecuting the banks for violations of state law.

There’s no doubt that he’ll take a lot heat for standing up to the Obama administration and federal regulators (not to mention the big banks). So make sure Attorney General Schneiderman knows that New Yorkers have his back.

Thank Attorney General Schneiderman for standing up for the victims of Wall St. crooks, and tell him to stay strong.

And as the Attorney General of New York, someone who promised on the campaign trail that he would be the Sheriff of Wall Street, Eric Schneiderman has a unique opportunity and a unique obligation to stand strong for the victims of the unscrupulous financial firms.

The notorious robo-signing scandal is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wrongdoing by the mortgage industry.

Through congressional hearings and investigative reporting, the public has heard of numerous stories of big financial firms engaging in shady mortgage practices, many of which seem on their face to violate various laws and regulations.

Yet the there is a rush by federal regulators and the White House to settle with the banks and avoid prosecution. In exchange for fines and industry reforms (most of which arguably simply restate duties the banks already have), nobody goes to jail.

If we let that happen, we send the message to giant financial firms that it’s okay to rip off millions of people and make obscene amounts of money doing so. Civil penalties will simply be part of the cost doing business, the law be damned.

Last month, we delivered over six thousand signatures from members of CREDO Action asking New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman not to agree to any settlement with the mortgage servicing industry that doesn’t include criminal penalties.

Let’s keep the drum beat going to make sure he knows that we continue to support him.

Thank Attorney General Schneiderman for standing up for the victims of Wall St. crooks, and tell him to stay strong.

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33 Responses to “Thank Attorney General Schneiderman for Standing Up for the Victims of Wall St. Crooks”
  1. Fury says:

    the AGs did not even do an investigation!

    how sinister is that????

  2. Fury says:

    i’m glad that eric schneiderman seems to be doing the Right Thing.

    i am still shocked about pam biondi. her slide show showed that she understands the fraud that has happened.

    why on earth did she settle for such a paltry amount?

    i don’t get it.

    florida is one of the worst examples of the pillaging that has been done by the banks, foreclosure mills,
    unscrupulous law firms, rocket docket judges and robo-signers.

    the whole state is a freaking disaster!

    it is not too late for her to stand up to the plate and protect her constituents.

    “Better Late Than Never.” is the old proverb.

    DO IT, PAM!

  3. Flex says:

    When will we ever learn? The writing was on the wall. Once the AG’s were saying for so many months, they are investigating the banksters, we should have known better. Remember the wining and dinning everyday meetings with the banksters in the most beautiful accommodations. Well, this is when I knew something was cooking with the AG’s and the banksters. They will bribe them out by offering millions of dollars in campaign contributions and a few million dollar homes already confiscated from the homeowners.
    We could have predicted the outcome from those meetings when the media was saying that the investigation was going on and on and on, that it seems was taking forever.
    But how ignorant and stupid the AG’s are? Do they really think that the American people will settle for this crams. Now, we have to investigate the AG’s to find out how many of them got a FREE house and millions of dollars as kickbacks.
    What is $20 billions or even $30 billion dollars for the banksters, when they got $700 billions dollars from the government at zero interest and many of them bought other banks with FDIC guaranteed money?
    Did we forget about Indymac how it was sold to One West Bank at pennies on the dollar with a guarantee up to 80% of the difference of the sale price and the unpaid balance of the debt like an insurance policy from the FDIC?
    Not matter how they tried to cover it up, it was all over the news and in the internet for a long time.
    How about Chase buying WAMU for $2.00 per share? Who wouldn’t make money with this type of deal?
    Would you like to go on with Bank of America buying Merill Lynch, and many others overnight without even a hearing of the SEC?
    Why the hard working average American does not get a SBA loan at Zero interest even for a year to make money, create jobs, and improve the economy? This is the real way to help this country. Instead the government gives Billions of Dollars to GM, Ford, and who knows how many others that we don’t have a clue about it. Does anybody wonders why Obama appointed GE to his cabinet lately? We will hear a lot more about GE in the near future. Just wait till the curtains goes up in the White House.
    In a few months, we will hear a lot about 2012 campaign, and lot of diss and dirt will come out from all the parties that will run for the White House. How do you like the offer from Donald Trump? First, he will run for President then he will make an offer for $600 million dollars for the White House. Why don’t throw in the Senate and the Supreme Court and the Pentagon in the deal with a back up offer, just in case there will be a better or higher Credit Bidder, just like the ones they used at the steps of the court house at Foreclosure Steal the Notes.
    How about the latest at Wall St? Are we home yet? I don’t know if it is official, but rumor has it, we are going to speak German pretty soon. In case you have not heard, Deustche Bank is making an offer to buy Wall St.
    Achtung Baby! Bis do ferstich? or something like that. One thing is for sure, take a look at more than 80% of the Trustee Sales where the notes were securitized, they all belong to Deustche Bank. Surprise? Hell NO.
    Deustche Bank has been the number one investor in Wall St. for millenium of years.
    I just wonder if they will be paying Deustche Marks or Euros, because the dollar is so weak that you can not even buy a sack of rice in China with it.
    I supported AG Schneiderman and sent my friends emails to share the knowledge. If millions of people would do this simple task, there is not way that the pretender lenders and the filthy rich banksters get away with murder once again. If we want Change, we have to make the change. Let’s vote all the AG’s who sold out the American Dream, the homeowners and let’s vote all the corrupted politicians that accept bribes from the banksters’ Lobbyist. This type of corruption has to stop and made unconstitutional.
    If we elect our representatives to serve and create laws for justice and for the benefit of the people, why do we tolerate this type of abuse and behavior. There is a process of impeachment and we should use it to send a message to anyone who goes to Washington DC. Also, we need to once and for all to never re-elect a Senator for more than a second term, even if he has done a great job. Their time should be limited and no more incentives for bonuses, high raises, and pension plans for life. This is the most ridiculous incentive anyone should get just because they were elected Senators.
    This is why they are so corrupted. We give them an inch and they take a foot. No wonder they are so greedy once they get to be in their post for more than one term. They found their gold mine and they will milk the cow until the cow is dead.
    If we are still sitting on the fence watching the waves goes by, pretty soon will be a Tsunami and it will be too late. Ready or not, you are next. Like it or not, you have not scape. If you think you are not affected by this, I only hope you can sleep well tonight.
    God Bless You! and God Bless America!

    • Anne Robertson says:

      I hate to say it but I have mostly given up on any real change. It seems to me once the corruption is so wide-spread that it just kind of self-perpetuates. That’s why there is no one demanding impeachment of Obama.

      I by chance any politician is honest and sincere when he/she campaigns, it doesn’t take long for them to learn the way things really work and sell out just like all the others.

      I just am mad as hell at missouri senators and legislators because they have tried to or are going to override the people’s vote 4 times in one year. Do you think if they were campaigning that would be on their list to tell people? We plan to ignore what you want and do what we want?

      Everything the Missouri senate is doing favors big business. I feel overall pessimistic, I honestly think its gone too far and the only thing that will make a change now is when it gets so bad that there is a revolution, which is never easy or bloodless.

      ii worry about the world we are leaving to our children.

  4. Anne Robertson says:

    You have to wonder – how did we get to where we are? How could we have lived that other life on top and now look. This is no game. When you look at the way things are – what do people think is actually going to turn this around? It’s isn’t Obama printing out more money 24×7 that’s going to turn this around, that’s no answer.
    There are no jobs. People with no jobs eventually loser their homes to the guys at the top of the food chain who won’t even ADMIT what they did.
    We, the little people, have been made to crawl on hands and knees, dancing to the tune of Bank of America and all the other banks too big to fail. We’ve been forced to submit the same paperwork 5 or 6 times, we’ve been told if were were good little boys and girls that we could get a modification (that they agreed to do when they waltzed off with their bailout money and went straight back to Wall Street and started handing out bonues the the people who did this to us. They are getting raises every year, they have got jobs, and they did this? Does no one see the irony in the fact that the people who have us dancing, begging, hoping, calling to try to talk to somebody but all that happens is you get transferred to somebody else who can help, five or ten times until finally the last transfer they sweart this is the person you need to talk to and then you here the announcement “this is not a working phone number please consult your directory and try again”. Lol, funny that TRY AGAIN. That’s all we have been doing is trying again and again for what?
    You know what, everybody including Obama the nobel peace prize winner and actor told us he was mad when he found out about the bonuses being passed out WITH OUR BAILOUT FUNDS, everybody made a big show out of how outraged they were. For the little people it was no act or no show, we had every right to be angry. So then these deadbeats finally promise, okay we’ll give our bonuses back but just like all liars they never followed through. And Obama did nothing. The judges know about these FORGED DOCUMENTS being used to take people’s homes and after a temporary halt for everybody to do a little tap dance routine at which we were all duly impressed, okay, now somebody’s is finally taking note about how this is wrong. The AG’s got together and they were gonna fix it but with one or two exceptions they sold us out and gave us platitudes. AND OBAMA actually said let’s get those foreclosures going forward now IT’S NOT FAIR TO people looking to BUY A HOME (our foreclosed homes) to keep them waiting, like there aren’t enough empty houses anyway. That is a fact, Obama said DON’T STOP FORECLOSING. The attorneys AT LAW who run the foreclosure mills from the legal processing side give bonuses to the attorney who manages to foreclose on the most homes. And the judges are still letting it happen. EVERYBODY, right straight down the line KNOWS the facts that this is arrogant, unabashed daylight robbery sanctioned by hizzoner in a black robe not saying “no” foreclosure denied. At most he tells them to get better paperwork and come try again and they do and eventually some judge signs the paper and your house is gone.

    HOW did we get here, when it hasn’t been that long that everybody was outraged with Clinton and they wanted him impeached because he lied about having sex with some bimbo named Lewinsky and Ken Starr was a face we got tired of seeing but the media never let up, every night we had to sit there and watch a president get grilled for doing wrong no doubt, but how does what Clinton did even begin to compare to what’s going on during Obama’s watch. Obama who refuses to honor our flag and who goes to foreign countries to make deals for oil that our children are dying for and he apologizes to these foreign oil barrons because we don’t treat ILLEGAL immigrants nice.

    All this endless parade of outrageous acts and daring daylight robbery where the robbers don’t have to bother wearing masks, we can all see exactly who they are but nobody stops them, nobody has answers, the media does sound bytes but then move along to the next thing. Times past they would have kept the heat on like they did with Rodney King putting that video on every news channel so nobody could say it didn’t happen. The media doesn’t do that anymore, the courts don’t work anymore, JUSTICE doesn’t work anymore.

    So however we got here – where we are going is the same place that all oppressed people go eventually. Eventually they have a revolt because there’s no hope anymore and our lives are expendable so go for it. And lots of people will die. I really liked watching people like Saddam Hussein and Nikolai Caucescu and his mrs finally get their just reward and that’s what going to happen here to but people still don’t believe it. They can’t look at far down we’ve gone and accept we are still going down. They say the U.S. is too big to fail, we are the rulers of the world. Lol to that. We might have been once but with everyone unemployed and no hope for a job and our country is running on monopoly money. NOTHING is working. The Supreme Court, the Solomon-like figure we learned about being the ultimate seat of wisdom and justice has sold us out and said its okay to kill little babies and its okay to make videos of people torturing animals so some perverts can get their fetish fix and their rocks of and its okay for big business to buy themselves a couple of senators and everything is vile and corrupt as hell and its just a matter of time, not yet, but soon when we will be the next “story” about a government getting overthrown. Why do we have to go there?

    We have to go there because all the “wealth” of this country is vested in a few privileged people whose job it is to keep us from getting any of it and they will lie and cheat and steal the bottle from your baby’s mouth because they have no conscience and because SURPRISE, the United States is no golden land of opportunity it has obviously the same susceptibility to corruption as all the other places that went down.

    When there is no law and order then even if you have a home you are not safe in it because if you have food people who want it will come and take it and maybe kill you and your kids too while you sleep. Revolutions are bloody nightmares and we are headed for one even though some of us sit in our easy chairs totally oblivilous to what the truth is.

    I am no genius for sure but I can see what’s going on and so can a lot of others but we aren’t the people who have any power so we just sit here and watch and wait until its our turn to go on the world stage so everybody can see the seat of democracy collapse into chaos and violence and bloodshed.

    Deny it if you want to, its still going to happen. If we think we are above all that then just chalk it up to the arrogance of those who aren’t suffering YET.

  5. Linda says:

    Thank you, AG Schneiderman.

    Does anyone know if I can do a TRO based on evidence of robo -signing or something else?
    We are trying to stop eviction. Anything else we can do at this point?

  6. Rachel Jackson says:

    You grow up your whole life learning and believing that “Truth and Justice are the American Way”. Then you learn that it’s “Dog eat Dog out there”. Then you learn that the dog fight is rigged. Then you learn which dog you are in the fight or, that you are not a “Dog” in the fight at all you are a sheep being led to the slaughter by “Wolves in Sheeps Clothing”, and that the wolves fully intend and are having YOU for dinner, breakfast, AND lunch. And on top of that the wolves aren’t even bothering to put on the sheeps clothing anymore, they are just ravaging at will with full support and assistance from the cyotes, hyenas, piranhas, and lets not forget the snakes. Thank GOD HE MADE LIONS, TIGER, and BEARS (oh my)! WE MUST PRAY FOR THEIR RELEASE and fortification! We have a few out there trying to stave off the relentless attacks but we need more. And we need to support them. Thank Attorney General Schneiderman, Dylan Rattigan, Matt Weidner, John Stewart (Arizona), Dave mack, Angela Stark, Rod Class, and a whole bevy of others (they know who they are, to numerous to mention all) who are standing up and helping mount the defense and assemble and hold the perimeter. We must be and remain “WISE AS SERPANTS YET GENTLE AS LAMBS” never forgetting the FIRST lesson, “Truth and Justice ARE the American Way”!

  7. Anne Robertson says:

    You know how it goes in these cases where there are more than one parties at fault. Whether its from the small time drug pushers to the drug king pins. Same way with the government, you got your small time crooks and then you got the top guys. the thing is to keep the ball in play, as long as you can keep it bouncing then the last person holding it doesn’t have to confess and take the fall for the rest of them.

    That’s what this is, in some respects, a waiting game, to see who actually drops the ball, who is the one holding it when it goes down?

    Plea bargains are had everyday. The guy selling drugs on the corner rat’s on the bigger guy one or two up from him, and it keeps going that way, each coward trying to save his own skin but by then its too late.

    Obama, he’s got his finger in the pie too. Anybody remember all the saber rattling he did in the beginning? he promised us transparency? It’s not transparent ultimately YET. But all those threats he made about what he was going to do if loan servicers didn’t start delivering home modifications? They never did deliver anyhing other than a token offering. I do think obama is feeling the heat though. But amazingly enough there are still those, THE REAL RACISTS, who will insist to the last day that Obama’s doing fine it’s just those dang racists who are bringin him down.

    There is none so blind as those who refuse to see. The emperor has no clothes on and its time everybody admitted it.

  8. Anne Robertson says:

    I know the media will say “hey look, we are exposing what’s going on”. And that’s true, the problem is there’s no follow through. Once exposed, they are vulnerable. However it never goes beyond that. Apparently its enough for the media to have a hot juicy story without the round-up. It used to be zorro and tonto showed up towards the end of the show and saw to it the bad boys were taken care of. We never get to the finale, though. there’s no resolution, just continued corruption being exposed over and over.

    And no, we can’t expect any help from our government or our courts because they are knee-deep in the much themselves. Why else would there be all these demands that Obama be impeached that never go anywhere. Granted, slick willy was a bad boy and discredited the office of the presidency, but what he did in no way compares to the clash of the titans of corruption all vying for the most top spot among the group of candidates. There’s too much fraud to go around, it’s everywhere. With the majority of the government being involved somewhere along the food chain, they are all hiding behind each other. If the heat gets too hot all the crooks have to do is point their diseased digits at someone else and off we go in that direction.
    There are plenty of people fed up with the way things are going but no one seems to be able to make the push from disgruntled citizens to vindicated citizens. Because with so many fingers in the pie who do you go after?

    If all the crooks were in prison where they belong, along with all the crooked politicians, we’d have to admit we’ve been had. There is no more bailout money although I’m sure if we had some there would be some wall street execs and bankers taking time out to detour their vacation bound jets long enough to pick up the next prize. But you can only bleed the sheep dry for so long until it dies, then what?

    The people who are the backbone of this country are not the president or the politicians for the bankers, its the average person who works 9 to 5 or used to until he lost his job. they are the fuel that made this engine run. But the engine is broken and we’re running out of fuel. i wonder if the guys at the top have a game plan for when that happens. Then they will have no one left to go after but themselves. that ought to be interesting. Not that any of us will be around to see it. The blue marble is in trouble folks. I don’t see any happy ending coming like they usually have at the movies, probably because this is real life and we are past the point where there is a believable easy happy resolution. The end is going to be painful. There’s evidence enough to go around of that. People lost their jobs, the economy is in the tank. the United States doesn’t make anything anymore, mostly we’ve become purveyors of technology. But in order to have technology you have to have a viable thing going for technology to work on and nothings working, its all broken.

    The fat cat guys at the top haven’t thought that far ahead, what to do when the bottom falls out and all the cash cows are dead, then what? they want to blame it on retired people collecting social security but it ain’t their fault. There was plenty of money there until they started raiding social security to make “adjustments” to the budget which was getting siphoned out to feed the porkers at the trough.

    I’d like to say there is a happy ending but I don’t see one. If somebody else does, now is the time to step up to the plate and clue us in coz seems to me we are running out of options.

    Our sons and daughters have been sent off to foreign soil as sacrifices to the god of oil. Our sons and daughters, our children, have always been where our future lies but what kind of a world is there for them. Those not spilling their blood to protect the oil fields are here at home unemployed and out of luck and out of hope eventually.

    Anybody have the answer, please step forward now.

  9. M.SOLIMAN says:

    The issues are never fully disclosed. It’s true. The D’Oensche Doctrine appears to overcome anything you throw at the lenders. Why, THERE IS NO LENDER. Stop the madness love ones. The FDIC owns repudiatory powers that stay a federal or state action for declaratory relief and other injunctive remedies. The FDIC is the acting arm of the Department of Treasury. If they repealed SarBox, FAS140; SEC enforcement of 1122AB servicing requirement’s, delisted these SEC pooling and servicing agreements, and FIERREA from being plead; if the state AG’s ask you to TRUST YOUR LENDER, not the attorneys who are viewed as unscrupulous; if the President remark’s “deadbeat” homeowners; and the entire European community of accountants view the unraveling of devastated assets as, well, the biggest joke since the evolution of Derecognition ….then my question is. .. ..



    • Anne Robertson says:

      I don’t know what one lone AG expects to accomplish but at least he’s trying. If each one of them would at least try there might be a resolution. So yes, one AG cannot turn this ship around by himself. If each AG had enough foresight, enough cajones to take a stand, but they are still hedging their bets and between you and me I think the side they picked is losing too. We’re all losing, there is going to be no winning side. who is going to fund the next bailout? Nobody that’s who.

    • l vent says:

      @MSOLIMAN: You are right it is going to take alot more than one AG or a few honest people. The whole country needs to stand together INDIVISIBLE on FRAUDCLOSUREGATE. We must keep calling them out. Our voices are starting to be heard. They hoped we were stupid enough to believe this was all our fault. The truth about the PONZI SCHEME HEIST is spreading as rampant as the mortgage fraud and WE THE PEOPLE standing together will not back down until WE THE PEOPLE, THE VICTIMS GET THE JUSTICE THEY DESERVE. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. NO FANCY WORDS JUST WE THE PEOPLE USING OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION TO PROTECT US FROM THE TYRANTS AND TREASONISTS WHO HAVE HIJACKED AMERICA. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION, PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE DO SECURE THESE BLESSINGS TO OURSELVES AND OUR POSTERITY, DO ORDAIN AND ESTABLISH THIS CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I hope I got it right, this is the preamble from memory somewhere around the 8th grade. The general idea is here. GOD BLESS AMERICA. LAND THAT I LOVE.

    • Maria says:

      Step by step! NY = America!

  10. debi J says:

    This is only a start. Pam Bondi just signed a 2 million dollar settlement with marshall watson!! Why in the world would she allow that? 2 million and 1/2 goes to legal aid. Gee thanks. Kind of sickening and actually quite appalling… And watson? He’s laughing all the way to get the petty cash for the payment. No one probably even looks there right!? Petty cash? What are they going to help like a few people with legal aid? What will that do now? They are fucked. The attorney general fucked the homeowners by this and I will tell her to her face. Grow up! Stand up! Think for a second if u can– 2 million for fraud— how many people are homeless ms Bondi? What are they going to get? Oh yeah they probably already are homeless and jobless. Way to go this really helped alot—maybe u think it helped u but that’s about it. Why can’t Florida have someone with some backbone if not balls. Pam- u r a sissy and need to get a grip and maybe some lessons from the NY AG who apparently is the only one with any balls or backbone at all. She really needs to be impeached for her stupidity or her inside connections that paid her 2 M too. There has to be something she could gain. It wasent for the homeowners that’s for certain so it must have been for her personal benefit as well as the crooks. Since when do felons get to pay their way out of jail free card. So sick. So fed up. Debi

    • l vent says:

      Legal Aid means the joke is on you if you believe in free legal aid. Now, would the Government actually investigage themselves? They just keep passing the hot potato around. This is a game to them. God help the poor person who feels the need to turn to the Government for illegal aid. Then we are asking the criminals who allowed the crime to be perped the crime on us to actually save us. My brother in law called one of these free GOV. attorneys and they interrogated him like he was a mass murderer. He asked the so called free lawyer if WELLS FARGO can sell his home when he has the deed. Mind you he was not even in default on his mortgage, he was a couple of months behind on his homeowner’s ass. fees and that got him evicted, without a day in court in a JUDICIAL STATE!!!! The lawyer told him yes wells fargo can, then after he hung up the phone the lawyer called him back from a cell phone and told him no they can’t sell his home without the deed and he needs to hire a private attorney. WTF!!!!!!!

    • Tim Bryant gave the info as to impeachment of AG. and if they settled for the agreement with the banksters. The comments are on one of the comment pages. I believe if they settle with the banks, and ( they also admitted to seeing the frauds) and not reporting the frauds. that would be a crime. He had a good rough sketch of an impeachment. Just need to find under what article it was on.

    • Anne Robertson says:

      Debi, since when do crooks get to pay their way out of jail free? Since about the same time the congress started voting for its own raises while the rest of the workers were doing without. They’ve been setting themselves up with a pretty nice cushion, they got this fantastic health and retirement plan.

      What I’d like to know is how is it that the hired help (aka congress, senate etc) have incomes and safety nets the rest of us, their employers, can only dream of.

      they don’t care about making a difference in D.C. Their goal is to get to D.C. and get onboard the gravy train. It could be funny but it ain’t how they have the rest of us tightening our belts but I don’t see any of those telling the rest of us to suck it up doing any sucking of their own.

      But like I said, ultimately they will go down to when there is no cash cow to bleed dry. But just like the con artists on Wall Street who set these wheels in motion, they didn’t look beyond the end of their nose to the point we arrived at where the bubble burst and then they turned to us, the people they screwed over, looking for a bailout and once they got it they didn’t miss a step. How arrogant it is of them to criticize us fo not making it, for losing our homes, for escalating foreclosures and bankruptcies. Eventually somethings gotta give.

  11. Fury says:

    John Hart,
    i thought Obama would be like FDR bringing a New Deal to all of us who have suffered from
    being the victims of Fraudclosure.

    i was sadly mistaken.

    we have power within ourselves. i want all of us to stand up and reclaim our country that has been
    snookered by the greedy few.

    this is NOT who we are as a People. we are smart. hard-working, resourceful .
    are comprised of many races, skin colors and religions. we are America. we are strong!

    i am encouraged by the latest happenings – the protests and everyday people standing strong.

    we are all in this together.

    stay strong and fight like hell!

    • LOL….far cry from FDR….BUT…the writing was on the wall when he campaigned…..people just do not see thru body how they fold arms or hand gestures…eyes that glance to the left…mouth/lips tighten together…how they answer questions…time it takes to answer…look at the for where that person has look at ..short period of time in Senate..lost in that shuffle… organizer…COME ON FOLKS…THE GUY YOU VOTED IN …OBAMA…..NO BACKGROUND…AND HE IS DIRECTING ORDERS TO BOMB COUNTRIES?? USING HIS TERM AS PRESIDENT FLYING AROUND THE WORLD..AT OUR EXPENSE… SPEAKING ON THE NWO….HAS NOT DONE ONE THING TO STOP THE TERRORISM RIGHT HERE ON THIS LAND…WHY??? BECA– USE HE IS A TRAITOR….RIGHT UNDER EVERYONES NOSE….AND THEY TRIED TO CALL ‘ WIKILEAKS ‘ A TRAITOR…..NOT EVEN A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY…SO IF OBAMA CLAIMS HE IS A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY..THAN HE SHOULD BE CHARGES AS A TRAITOR….OTHERWISE HE IS NOT A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY….AND HAS LIED….UNDER OATH. UNDER OATH…THERE IS A CLUE……………….WHAT HE HAS FAILED TO DO.

  12. l vent says:

    Isn’t this what Elliot Spitzer wanted to do, bring down the fraudsters? We all know what they did to him. He fell for the bait but they set him up with the high priced hooker and that scandal brought him down.. They are very deceptive about what they do. We The People are now on to them. THE JIG IS UP.

    • Fury says:

      well,spitzer did break the law by hiring hookers. he was the top law enforcement chief at the time (AG) so it was bad and hypocritical. you can’t enforce a law for others that you are breaking yourself.

      but he is smart and he was certainly after the wall street crooks and they were targeting him..

      is it enough that he has a talk show? i don’t think so. i wish he would really come out swinging for the defrauded homeowners.
      i know he could do it.


      • l vent says:

        Your right Marilyn, JFK had the same problem but the media in those days kept their mouths shut about a presidents personal life. When he took on the evil empire that got his head blown off. Spitzer is keeping an arms length from FRAUDCLOSUREGATE.. He has brought up the Wall Street crimes on his show and even remarked that there should have been hundreds of affidavits being dropped on the fraudsters. He even had a show on about MERS and what they did with the mortgages. He knows what they all did. I think he even made an appearance in the movie Inside Job. He is no doubt a very smart man. He can’t go it alone though. No one can.

  13. Anne Robertson says:

    I HAVE SEEN New York doing good things for its consumers and especially the struggling/working poor. I wish all states would be as proactive as new york seems to be. For example, Junk Debt Buyers have a tougher road, thankfully, in New York.

    If New York can do it, what’s up with everybody else?

    In Missouri where I live, the legislature is too busy helping promote disreputable puppy mills to care much about consumers. In fact, puppy mills owners are part of the problem, consumers buying dogs that come from Missouri Puppy Mills have a huge risk as to whether or not their puppy will be healthy and / or survive and if so, how much will the veterinarain bills cost?

    WAKE UP MISSOURI POLITICIANS IN JEFFERSON CITY – there are more important things to look after than protecting disgraceful puppy mill owners.

    Do it on your own or do it when people rebel and boycot Missouri, either way, kudos to New York.

    • Fury says:

      so your state is protecting puppy mills and fraudclosure?
      2 utterly despicable acts!

      God help you in missouri!
      hang in there!

      • Anne Robertson says:

        Yes, here in Missouri we have a tripple whammy – fraudulent foreclosures in a non judicial state, senators that are sticking up for inbred puppy mill owners (maybe that’s part of the problem, how can they get it right in a business that depends on responsible breeding for its “product” when the people overseeing the breeding are themselves apparently lacking.

        If they want to prove to me I’m wrong and that they aren’t throwbacks from Deliverance, I say go for it, but I’m not holding my breath.

        I think the puppy mill owners and the sleazy senators are tied neck and neck, its a dead heat for second and triple whammy as that our senators and legislators have proven themselves so wrong for the task at hand. Their only measure of right or wrong is the dollar bill. How sad is that?

      • Cynthia Farmer says:

        Puppy mill law modifications may come out reasonable. But this issue is taking too much time away from what the legislature in MO needs to do. I know people who are asking their representatives to change state law to judicial foreclosure. In MO, note and deed of trust work like “rent to own.” We need judicial foreclosure and MO lawmakers also need to understand damage done by MERS privatization of public records and not recording land titles and liens in the county where property is located. Titles are flawed. And this shorts counties on recording fees. Foreclosure fraud results in lower property values and real estate taxes support important things like school districts, ambulance districts, etc. Our representatives are clueless. Let’s give them some real information to chew on.

  14. John Hart says:

    Dear Mr. Obama,
    You just loss my VOTE

  15. Lit Gant says:

    You mean 1 out of 50 will stand up against the crominals? This means 49 AGs are right in their with the shysters but pretending they are for the people. And the banks will give them a few million in kick-backs otherwise called a settlement, just to buy them off. Are there any people left in this nation with a brain? Or are all of us just part of a herd and cannot do anything because of the stampede that has us squeezed in.

  16. Fury says:

    Go get the crooks, AG Schneiderman!
    I hope the other 49 AGs follow your lead.

    we have been ruined—devastated by these criminals.

    it is FRAUD! massive, premeditated FRAUD!

    • Anne Robertson says:

      Am I wrong or 20 years ago or even 10 years ago would we not have tolerated this? It seems to me like, with a few exceptions, the media is part of the problem. Where are the media who used to hold the master con artists of corruption’s feet to the fire until they cried uncle?

      I’ve tried to draw attention to the corruption in Missouri courts and in our senate and legislature in Jefferson City. i’d get more attention trying to sell ice on the North Pole.

      No one cares anymore apparently. The people are divided into those who are in with the scoundrels, those who are being done in by the scoundrels and those untouched as yet who insist that the scoundrels are not the problems, its the deadbeats losing their homes who are the problem. If they continue long enough, they too will be judged deadbeats, its just a matter of time. Once they finish off the first round of deadbeats they’ll be heading on to the homes and neighborhoods of those who refused to see reality. It’s way easier to blame the victim until you become the victim but hey, by then its too late.

      • Katheryn says:

        My sentiments exactly. Where is the media when we have the government running a ponzi scheme against it’s own people. The government has become a large scale mob robbing the middlle class right out of existence. Pathetic. Mass media is the key to shake people up, get them thinking. The world is in such a frenzy most people can barley get through a day much less worry about their own government defrauding them. How pitiful we have become. We are like hamsters on wheels spinning faster and faster and going nowhere.

      • Cynthia Farmer says:

        Local media are part of the problem, not drawing the connections between Wall Street and Main Street. Local newspaper editors haven’t a clue what MERS is and does – privatization of formerly public records as well as scrambling title. Yet they just celebrated open records, open meetings week. Doug Ommen, head of MO AG’s investigation, talked to a group in St. Louis a week ago, saying “fraud” and “forgery.” Did any newspapers cover it? Naw. Just one St. Louis TV station. Perhaps some letters to editors about MERS and “secret” records might help our newspapers wake up to the real problems. They think they know what’s going on. Naw. Tell them.

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