Anonymous | #BlackMonday – Fidelity LPS Navigation for Foreclosure Info

#BlackMonday – Fidelity LPS Navigation for Foreclosure Info

While some lenders do utilize web-based proprietary systems (MortgageServ,, etc) for insurance and foreclosure tracking, the majority of the lenders in the US (including Bank of America, Aurora Loan Services, and OneWest) utilize the Fidelity LPS system, which is maintained by Fidelity National Financial. It seems almost impossible to believe all of our banks would allow a single point of failure in our nation’s financial systems, however a certain level of cockiness is certainly warranted after successfully pulling off the largest series of cons in our nation’s history.

The LPS system can be accessed several ways. Using Internet Explorer, Balboa and Assurant agents are able to query every field within the system via the web based Lending Portal Login for all of their clients. The information is then used to build all of the AxsPoint/Cool reports utilized to track Force Placed and REO information on the CCS & PAC systems. The tracker then places the information on Clientsource for the servicer to view.

These systems are all web-based, because while the banksters do practice “honor amongst thieves,” each individual banks still likes to hide a certain level of information from each other to allow the possibility of stealing from each other while stealing from you. Web-based systems allow them to control the information visible to each other.

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  1. trillionsofdollarsinfraud, Great suggestion !

  2. Fury says:

    thank God for whistle blowers like Black Monday and Liz Mills.

    Thank God for Anonymous for posting Black Monday’s revelations.

    i am eager but i don’t want them to rush. i want them to take the time to do it right.
    they have the goods and they are going to deliver. i just know it.
    it is what all of us have been praying for……..

  3. Fury says:

    LPS = the worst of the worst.


  4. l vent says:

    Spread the word. The truth MUST to be told. These unconstitutional fraudclosures need to stop. These are peoples homes here and this is a game to them to illegaly grab as much of the peoples property that they can. No one is safe in America when our entire system is completely corrupt and the people that are supposed to be protecting our rights the Judges and the Attorneys are trying to make us believe we have no rights and the criminals are saints and lies are now the truth. We The People have equal rights and laws under the U.S. CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS that protect us from a Government of tyrannts that OPPRESSES ITS OWN PEOPLE.

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