Foreclosure Filing Fee Based Court Budget = Florida Courts on Brink of Collapse

It’s clearer now.  The foreclosing entities were fully funding the court system.   Rocket docket auxiliary courts & extreme judicial bias in favor of plaintiffs who are forced to fabricate evidence because there exists no other proof to win their lawsuits?  Why of course!  Can’t bite the hand that feeds you!

Florida Courts on Brink of Collapse

TAMPA – Budget cuts and Florida’s economic problems could soon hit courthouses all across the state, possibly shutting some of them down for good.

Governor Rick Scott and lawmakers are delaying action on a request for emergency funds, and taxpayers in Hillsborough County are already getting hit because of what Tallahassee is doing — or not doing.

Foreclosure fees were the legislature’s cash-cow — fees that boomed with the real-estate crisis.

Just the fix, Tallahassee thought, to avoid a major court funding crisis as the economy tanked.

But now that legal challenges have slowed foreclosures, a whole new crisis has developed.

The court trust fund, which is dependent on foreclosure fees, dropped from a $100 million surplus to a 72.3 million deficit nearly overnight.

Court officials say it could mean shutdown.

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4 Responses to “Foreclosure Filing Fee Based Court Budget = Florida Courts on Brink of Collapse”
  1. I do not think that the courts will ever shut down, as they will always be funded some way.

    Courts certainly can be and have been slowed down, by the discovery process and when someone requires a continuance or when a jury trial is actually held or when someone actually even appears to do battle and not just default.

    Traffic courts are a prime example of ignorance and when the officer hands over a traffic ticket and tells the person they must appear by a certain date and time. Only the clerk has the authority for this notice and not the law enforcement officer. Appearance does not mean in person as in body present, but that you file an appearance form and appear with a written filing to have a continuance or to counter sue or to deny and offer affirmative defenses and so on. The traffic courts are clogged with people there who do not understand anything and delay the process for those that are trying to fight the ticket as most are there just to say something stupid before they pay the fine and costs that they could have paid electronically or by check to the clerk and not missed work, etc. STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE!

    What all of those should do is at least file for a continuance and deny the allegations and see if the witness for the State, the policeman that wrote the ticket shows up for trial and if not or is at least fifteen minutes late,l demand that the Court dismiss for failure to prosecute when the witness is not available for the case in chief.

    If people did this then the courts would be so overwhelmed that police would be told only to write tickets when there is something really bad involved, such as when someone is going 200 mph in a school zone while children are walking across the street coming or going from school.

    Michael-Lynn @ The “MIXED WAR” Room and The Trials of Life.

  2. MARIO KENNY says:

    Well they were living off the homeowners, this is a judicial-bankers war, its a ploy to get the courts to foreclose our homes, banks create war and financial strife to tip the scales in their favor, banks make money on war and discord, this is what this is its a civil war happening in the court, the banksters along with the lawmakers are pitting the courts against mus by holding back money to the courts so they can get their way, I think this will not work in the end as we will put more pressure on them than they can fathom.

  3. Hell NO - No More Bailouts says:

    Make sure the first courts closed are the ‘rocket dockets’ or this could also backfire. Make them keep the REAL courts where the laws are applied, not the ones that budget a minute to dispose of each case.

  4. Officer of the Law says:

    If the courts shut down, how will the banksters rob and steal? Who will suffer? It seems like a great time to demand a court system budget cut.

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