WHEN DOES THE DOJ “break the ice” with CRIMINALS? Foreclosure Deal with U.S. Banks Elusive

Foreclosure deal with U.S. banks elusive

(Reuters) – Large U.S. banks are mired in negotiations with state attorneys general over mortgage servicing abuses, as bank regulators prepare their own enforcement actions against the banks.

On Wednesday, banks including Bank of America and JPMorgan and a group of attorneys general met at the U.S. Justice Department to kick off what could be a long and contentious negotiation.

It was a breaking of the ice,” said Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller who heads an executive committee comprised of 13 state AGs.

The Justice Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Trade Commission, and Treasury officials were also at the meeting, but the leading U.S. bank regulators were not.

Miller described the meeting as a good start but said the authorities and banks still have a long way to go because there are many differences.

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12 Responses to “WHEN DOES THE DOJ “break the ice” with CRIMINALS? Foreclosure Deal with U.S. Banks Elusive”
  1. Ali says:

    Oh and Pamila, get yourself educated on the subject, this was a equal opportunity fraud, you may be next. We can only hope. You know what they say about karma!!!!!!!!

  2. Ali says:

    I still can’t stop wondering if this is part of Obama’s plan to to redistribute the wealth. He is a anti colonialist. He is an equal oppertunity hater. He wants the banks to fail, he wants us to fail, he doesn’t care care about Vets (my husband is one). One would think that the VA deptpartment of Affairs would be more interested in this massive fraud, but they are not. I called them and they told me that our loan was “paid in full March of 07”. they could not tell me by whom or why or any of the details because it is so old. Our origination date was in 2005. Apparently no-one tracked these loans. The originator says they destroy all paperwork after three years! I want to know how that is possible. Sounds loke this was a well thought out plan on all levels. I still would like to know who in our goverment is holding mbs’ in their portfolio’s. This fraud is mind boggling massive!

  3. david black says:

    we can look at the countrywide settlement and see what may happen here. big headlines that the banks took a settlement from doj and hud and then the fed, fdic and occ make their own settlment and nullify like the countrywide settlement whose homeowners got nothing and the fed settlemen takes precedence. the banks get off scott free. this seems like the plan this time around too. we need to stop the fed and the occ’s little bait and switch this time.
    I just posted the folling petitioin under economic justice in change.org

    please sign it.

    best regards
    David B.

    homeowners discrimination petititions to U.S. Federal Govt HUD agency for bank restitution
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    The U.S. House of Representatives

    David Black
    vancouver, WA
    This petitioin is to the Secretary of the U.S. Federal Housing and Urban Development Agency, Shawn Donovan to change the agency’s apparent policy to suppress howeowners claims aganist the banks and mortgage servicers for mortgage discrimination. Under the Fair Housing Act of 1964, predatory lending is considered to be REVERSE REDLINING in violation of HUD’s official policy that that type of lending violates federal law. The law provides for a civil rights attorney to be appointed by…

    This petitioin is to the Secretary of the U.S. Federal Housing and Urban Development Agency, Shawn Donovan to change the agency’s apparent policy to suppress howeowners claims aganist the banks and mortgage servicers for mortgage discrimination. Under the Fair Housing Act of 1964, predatory lending is considered to be REVERSE REDLINING in violation of HUD’s official policy that that type of lending violates federal law. The law provides for a civil rights attorney to be appointed by HUD for the homeowner at federal government expense and full restitution to the homeowner. In other words, this law gives we homeowners that have been victimized by these alleged corrupt lenders in the U.S. over these last ten years, a path for full restitution of damages and possibilty getting our homes back or prevention of ultimate foreclosure.
    In my experience so far, the agency here in the Pacific Northwest, i.e, in Seattle has done everything they can to derail my claim. From suppressing evidence to falsifying my words in my claim that neutralize its efficacy and at the same time putting documents in front of me to take an oath when none is required by federal law.
    The beauty of this law is that it comes from Martin Luther Kings’ era and the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. It provides that once the homeowner perfects their claim, that is a BIG DEAL to have HUD perfect your claim, the burden of proof of discrimination shifts from the homeowner to the bank having to prove at their great expense that they did NOT harm the homeowner with their discrmiinatory predatory and/or reverse redlining mortgage loan and servicing practices.
    HUD has practically allegedly shut down taking these claims and this petition is meant to be sent to Secretary Donovan to have him direct that this law shall be upheld, that claims will be vigorously prosecuted on behalf of homeowners and that the supressing of claims by throwing them inthe trash, allegedly, will cease and desist.
    Finally, that Congress will make the statute of limitations 20 years and that this will be backdated to the year 2000 as to when its new enforcement period starts.
    This law is our path because it is FREE to the homeowner.
    I am being stonewalled by HUD in the Seattle Region and from my view it may be :”obstruction of an administrative procedure under federal law ie the Fair Housing Act that covers mortgage discrimination against seniors. like me as well as disabled veterans like me. In other words, targeted groups for predatory lending determined by the banks before they sold their bad loans by violating RESPA, TILA and other federal laws that prohibit using trickery and chicanery with intent to defraud the homeowner to buy one of these loans

    [Read More]
    Read Petition Letter
    PETITION LETTERProcess and Perfect more civil rights claims to HUD by homeowners for Mortgage Discrimination under
    Greetings, Secretary Shawn Donovan
    Dear Mr. Secretary,

    This letter is to request that you open the door and welcome we u.s.a. homeowners who have filed and wish to file mortgage discrimination claims against our lenders pursuant to the those provisions to do so under the Fair Housing Act of 1964. These practices include predatory lending, reverse redlining, predatory mortgage modifications, discrminatory interest mortgage rates to selected groups like seniors and disabled veterans.

    We ask that at a very senior policy level, that HUD commit to processing these kinds of claims, prefecting them and prosecuting on behalf of the homeowners against these alleged corrupt lenders and federal national banks.

    At the present time, it seems that discarding our claims in the trash is the order of the day and suppressing evidence to obstruct and derail our claims under this federal law is the unstated policy of HUD and your agency. We ask that you implement this policy change immediately and direct all Regional Manageres like Diane Nelson of HUDS Fair Housing Administration office in Seattle, Wa. implement this policy change immediately.

    We make note of recent change in HUD’s policy towards surviving spouses who have REVERSE Mortgages that resulted in the AARP Foundation in Washington, D.C. to sue HUD for making policy changes that would possibly harm surviving spouses in those types of mortgage loans. This may be a violation of their civil rights just like predatory lending has been declared by the U.S. Federal Court in Balimore, Md. to discrminatory under the Fair Housing Act of 1964 under U.S.C. 49 and C.F.R 24.

    best regards
    [Your name]

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  4. Fury says:

    break the ice?

    i’d like to see the perps on a chain gang breaking some rocks.

  5. Pamela says:

    Now it comes to pass,the Native Americans have a belief pattern that says you can not own what is not yours to own.When you come right down to it none of us really own anything because once Mother Nature decides to take it back all the paper work in the world isn’t going to tell her and the powers that be NO.{Does Japan ring a bell}.But we should always continue to fight for what is right.Break the ice my aching a$$.Thier never going to break that.They act like this is some date or something.If that is it then we are already way past Ice breaking and have entered the gone all the way aspect of it.Lets stop pussyfooting around and get right to the meat of the thing.Paternity and custodial rights are the place we are at.Step to the plate assume the responsibility,choice and so forth.It’s time to pay spousal alimony and child support and quit being a bunch of DEADBEATS.

  6. As Bob Marley said… “You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time, so now we see the light,


    One home at a time we can take America back from the Banks who have sliced and diced our real assets and sold them many times over. The truth is Federally regulated. Take the fight to the banks and make them prove they didn’t cheat the average American… The documents will support the truth, but you have to ask for justice. Just like the constitution gives you certain unalienable rights, like the pursuit of happiness. The truth is you have to catch it yourself… Use all the shared knowledge available to compel a sustainable settlement and catch some Justice!… http://diligencegroupllc.net/

    American Middle-class Homeowner


  7. Lit Gant says:

    The banks will win. They have money to buy all the officials and legislators. There is no way the American people can defeat the carpetbaggers. They can provide money, dope, women, exotic vacations, free houses, and secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. There is no way the America people will be helped by these officials. Even the AGs of the 50 states will be on the under the table payroll. As we watch the criminals work to make more criminlas and then have the goods to blackmail them, the banks will come on top. I do not see justice in this nation anymore. This nation does not deserve to continue. We need a new government, a new set of laws, and a new system of court justice. And we need a nation not owned by the big banks. I say to all of those still fighting for their homes to fight on. I mean if the present claim that the 12th Imam is coming within the next 72 months, it will not matter anyway. But just in case this coming does not happen, let us continue to fight for our homes. Keep these cases in the courts. Let the courts go bankrupt. Let the senion judges go back to their nursing homes. And let the robo system come to its destruction. So long as we are a free people, let us demand our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. And if these are infringed then let us rise up and take to the streets. Let a revolution begin. And if it begin not with us, let us join whoever rises to put the American system in its grave and demand a new America of the people and by the people: not of the banks by the banks; and not of the criminals by the criminals. God bless America and may this great country survive the massive fraud against the people by banks,corrupt judges and legislators.

    • l vent says:

      Mortgage Servicing News sent me an e-mail a few months ago with an article entitled: If the World Is Coming to an End in 2012, Why Pay the Mortgage? I thought that was pretty interesting and telling about the situtaion the Banks/Servicers are in. I think that was a clear admission that they are the ones who are screwed. They can’t prove they own shit because they don’t own shit. Fannie/Freddie can’t own this shit because that violates our Constitutional rights. By the GSE’s investing in the fraudulent MBS’s they have created an unconstitutionally held interest in our property. A lawyer told me many months ago that FANNIE/FREDDIE IS AN INVESTOR IN THESE LOANS. That causes an unconstitutional conflict of interest thanks to the 5th amendment”Takings Clause” of the U.S. CONSTITUTION. There is no 11th amendment immunity for the government entities because they violated the “Takings Clause” of the U.S. CONSTITUTION. This is the reason for the ORIGINATION FRAUD. THERE IS NOT ORIGINATION OF MY LOAN ON TITLE. THERE WAS NOT A MORTGAGE RECORDED IN ON MY TITLE FOR 14 YEARS. LOOKS LIKE NO LOAN EVER EXISTED, LOOKS LIKE THEY OWE ME MONEY, AND ALOT OF IT. We only need to look at the bottom of our morgages and notes and see the GSE’s FANNIE/FREDDIES DIRTY LITTLE FINGERPRINTS ARE ALL OVER THIS. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS the founding fathers because they were smarter than them, they were brillliant..They outfoxed the foxes.

      • housemanrob says:

        I VENT, CONSTITUTION, SCHMONSTITUTION! We have been forgotten, lost and now they walk on us! The way to fight, at this time, is to act. We just need to be as devious as they are!

      • l vent says:

        You are right housemanrob, but I want them to understand that we DO NOT believe their lies and that we know that we do have rights and laws that protect us from these tyrants and they are not fooling anyone. Lies and deception is exactly what got us all to this terrible place in our history and now America is almost completely corrupted by the U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER who is hiding behind the scenes and are posing as American institutions and they are liars.. Our U.S CONSTITUTION OVERRULES THEM. I believe the truth, though that is hard to come by I believe the truth will set us free. I get it though, about being devious. We all will do what we have to do to save ourselves whatever that might be. I think Dylan Ratigan said it best yesterday on his show when he said The truth will set you free and then it will piss you off. I just want them to know that we know we have rights and laws that protect us the victims from them the criminals and traitors of AMERICA. I want them to know that we know they are pissing on our property rights and the laws that have been around since the magna carta to protect our property rights from a tyrannical Government that acts like a KLEPTOCRACY and steals from its own people. I want them to know that WE THE PEOPLE do not believe their lies and we will be putting up a fight until justice is served and the criminals are behind bars and our stolen wealth and homes are given back to the people. I am calling them out because the truth needs to be told in order to get our country back from the hostage takers. THEY HATE THE TRUTH and they HATE SOVERIEGN NATIONS and our U.S. CONSTITUTION AND OUR BILL OF RIGHTS. NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY WILL PREVAIL, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

    • housemanrob says:


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