ALERT – HAWAII LEGISLATURE PASSES SB 651! Posted by VIRGINIA Netra Halperin called and alerted us that SB 651 just PASSED!  We’re not sure of the effective date – may be as early as October 2011.  We need to lobby hard to get it in play as soon as possible.  It has some very good … Read more

SB 1259 | Now this is Getting Ridiculous – AZ Rep. Carl Seel Drops Amendment 2 Days After Servicer Grants 56% Principal Reduction

Time to break out the tin foil hats? It looks like the SB1259 “conspiracy theory” just lost more of it’s “theory.” It is becoming more apparent that it is actually a full blown conspiracy. We discussed the events on this bill here, here, here, here and here… And now it just got a little more … Read more

Broken | U.S. Courts Face Backlogs and Layoffs

Or, does it really matter anymore? ~ They’re “flooded with cases from the bad economy, yet denied the resources needed to deliver justice” ~ U.S. Courts Face Backlogs and Layoffs Prominent lawyers warn that court budget cuts will harm the economy Stephen Zack, president of the American Bar Assn., compares the effect of recent state … Read more

Just Remember, It All Goes Back in the Box…

It All Goes Back in the Box [youtube=] In the end… it all goes back in the box… “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” -Albert Pine Remember that next time… I’m going out to have a beer… ~

Federal Agencies LPS Consent Order Allows for SERVICER Restitution

Federal Agencies LPS Consent Order Allows for SERVICER Restitution Posted by L I’m compiling the time line and came across part 2(f)(v) on page 11 of the LPS consent order here. (v) measures to reimburse the Examined Servicer or borrower, as appropriate, for financial injury from the document execution services provided by LPS; Here’s the … Read more

MERSCORP Names Bill Beckmann, Formerly of CitiMortgage, New President & CEO

MERSCORP Names Bill Beckmann New President & CEO | Mortgage Industry Veteran Will Also Lead Subsidiary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Janis L. Smith, Vice President of Corporate Communications Tel: 703-738-0230 RESTON, Virginia (April 29, 2011)—MERSCORP, Inc. today announced the appointment of mortgage industry veteran Bill Beckmann as president and chief executive officer of MERSCORP, Inc., … Read more

Fraudclosure | Mortgage Review Urged at Bank of America

  Mortgage review urged at Bank of America 2 advisory firms support requiring study, up for vote at bank’s annual meeting. Excerpts from the report… An advisory firm on Thursday backed seven out of eight shareholder proposals up for a vote at Bank of America Corp.’s annual meeting next month, including one that would require … Read more

The Foreclosing Adventures of Pinocchio | Two Foreclosure Cases, Four Assignments, on Same Note and Mortgage

The Foreclosing Adventures of Pinocchio Posted by L The industry is scrambling to clean up their mess – yes, the one that crashed the global economy & left millions of Americans jobless, homeless, dispossessed, destitute.  Their puppet politicians, regulators, & law enforcers have been, with a few notable exceptions, compliant with their marching orders.  Much … Read more