NYC Event | We Shall Not Be Moved – Stories from the Grassroots Struggle Against Foreclosure

We Shall Not Be MOved at the Julia Richman Education Complex

Opening Reception:
Join us on April 7 for an opening reception of the We Shall Not Be Moved exhibit at the Julia Richman Education Complex in Manhattan! The evening’s program will include presentations by bank tenant activists and organizers from Boston and neighboring cities, as well as a street theatre skit by members of the Bank Tenant Association. Please come out and be inspired by the organizing success happening in Boston as we talk about the challenges facing NYC and the surrounding areas.

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Getting here:
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The Julia Richman Education Complex is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on 67th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues.

About We Shall Not Be Moved:
We Shall Not Be Moved combines compelling photography and moving audio testimonies to tell the story of families fighting to protect their homes and communities against the devastating impact of foreclosure. Documentary photographer Kelly Creedon, in conjunction with City Life/Vida Urbana and the Bank Tenant Association, captures this timely grassroots struggle in the Boston area.

About the Julia Richman Education Complex:
Built in 1923 as an all girls commercial high school, Julia Richman flourished. But by the 90’s, after years of budget cuts, unsuccessful reorganization, and academic decline, a new approach was called for. In 1995 the building was redesigned from a single school into small autonomous learning communities. As a multi-age, multi-service learning community, its building-wide programs and shared common spaces rely on thoughtful planning and building-wide collaboration.

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7 Responses to “NYC Event | We Shall Not Be Moved – Stories from the Grassroots Struggle Against Foreclosure”
  1. M.Payne says:

    We had a good out of state loan mod lawfirm that stopped our foreclosure twice, then they passed the law that said you can’t use out of state firms and you can’t pay anyone upfront to help. The good firm went out of business “for our protection” and suggested another firm and gave them our money so we weren’t “paying them up front.
    Then it all fell apart and the new lawfirm apparently was not paying the people they hired to finish the loan mods from the first firm. It was confusing, and our double tracking mortgage co, Wells F’m used the time to foreclose.
    I didn’t know what to do and prepared to move. I saw some stuff in the mail – we had dozens of attorneys mailing to us – and this one thing caught my eye. I showed it to my husband and he said make an appointment. Then after meeting with an attorney in state face to face and a mitigator who said “this is the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the U.S.” I asked my husband what he wanted to do. I had been laid off from this crappy job I had. It was the only thing I could get tho I am well educated.
    My husband said he wanted to fight. The attorney and mitigator said there was no way to get them to judge it an unlawful foreclosure without taking them to court and that most people don’t know their rights and fold and move out.
    So, my husband said “Let’s take them to court. He was adamant.
    I know there are still some honest judges out there. There’s a guy named O’Brien in Massachusetts who works with people and is fighting for some honest outcomes. I think he’s in Salem. OK, I looked it up. A man named Kevin Harvey emailed me back said “hang in there” and that he would forward my comments to Register O’Brien. Keep him in your prayors. Each time we don’t fight back they are going to take more until we are paupers on the land we used to own, as Thomas Jefferson said.

  2. losing my home in florida says:

    i have to agree with you all. this is the crime of the century. they think princible reductions is the answer? they have stolen our equity. it is not us that is doing all the suffering. it is sad that when they decided to do this ponzi scheme and steel our equity, that this money was going to help fund alot of college educations. so it it is trickling down to the colleges and universities that the high school graduates are not attending because their parents can not help them. when me and my son went to visit university of north florida and found out it was over 7k to livr on campus for the year and he would to pay this as a student loan he thought about it and decided to attend the local college and live home. thank god for a good friend whom would not let a day go by when my son was in 4th grade tell to sighn my kids up for florida pre paid. although i moved away for that moment in my life she was an angel. we did not know then we would lose everything we had to this depression, but my children have their prepaid plan. it only covers 60 credit hours at community college but it is enough to get him going. what about the thousands of florida residents that didnt have that angel and do not have a prepaid and their graduation is this year. they sure did not thinkj about our children when they devised this ponzi scheme. they tried to hurt us. they have look at the tim 3am. the stress i am under is immense. nothing i ever felt in my life. we have the banks lieing to us denying these hamp loans yet no end in site to the fraud. please god help us all

  3. l vent says:

    We at this website know this country is screwed up. Many people are starting to get what has really gone down in America and are begining to realize we are all living a huge eliteist conspiracy that was meant to destroy our wealth and security. I just hope the people can unite for the election in 2012 and we can find a candidate who will have enough integrity to uphold the U.S. CONSTITUTION and therefore our NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY. Alot of people might not know that our NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY IS IN REAL JEOPARDY as well as ALL OF OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. THE REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRAT PARADIGM IS COMPLETELY CORRUPTED and neither party is any better than the other. Both parties lack the INTEGRITY to do the PEOPLE’S WORK. They are all a CORRUPT CABAL OF LIARS AND THIEVES. I hope the people do not fall into the same trap as they did the last election when they thought the repubs were the answer and they were going to fix the problems and here we are, things are getting worse and worse. Look what happened in Wisconsin with that Republican Governor. Both of the parties expect the American People to keep paying for the continual cover-up for the PONZI SCHEME HEIST. Though Obama did say that this financial crisis was not the fault of the people he does not reiterate any further than that. That is because he allowed GOLDMAN SAKS and the Chicago Banking Cartel, the SYNDICATE, to fund his campaign. The Governor’s of the States have done nothing in the way of a Foreclosure Moratorium as I was told that has to come from the State Governors. When I called my state Governor’s office, he is a Dem., his rep said the Legislative Branch has to draft and pass a bill to allow the Governor to impose a Statewide Moratorium on Foreclosures and they will not do it so therefore, his hands are tied. See what I mean? Smells like more bullshit. I say don’t vote for either party, they are way to corrupt and therefore they are no longer LEGIT to LEAD AMERICA. I say it is time for a NATIONWIDE TAX REVOLT. Hit them wear it hurts and they will stop the fraudclosures. The people have to stick together and do this though. Division is the biggest enemy of progress and they know it. I wish people would just stop listening to the mainstream media like Fox and CNN.. They are all a bunch of MULTINATIONAL CORPORATE/MULTINATIONAL BANKSTER OWNED LIARS. They are paid by the same CABAL THAT ROBBED AMERICA BLIND. For the love of God and Country the people have to start thinking outside of the box or we are doomed to become a nation of slaves that are owned by A DIABOLICAL PLUTOCRACY OF FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL TYRANTS.

    • I VENT….. It just seems so many people are living inside the box and can’t find the open end to exit from it. Weird way to explain it….but so laid back like not a bit of energy to put an effert into saving our homes, our country.. .. and most a future for our families…..WELL, actually I am thinking of today, tomorrow and next week…we all need a break now… it seems we eat and sleep this crap…I guess the real plan should be to make it all happen in one big street ‘ party ‘ … over and done. It just keeps dragging on and on..and the blood boils faster.
      I also believe the 2 parties in government have proven it’s time to consider what is in the future for them…at this point in time…not much. They themselves have no one to blame but themselves….it is time to move on in the right direction….without them…The past eleven years has proven only destruction to America….for the sake of evil and greed.

  4. Fury says:

    i have had many discussions with my neighbors. there is so much suffering from the fraud that has rained down upon our country. it covers everyone – those w/ mortgages, refi’s and those who paid all cash. everyone is broke. destroyed. their dreams and retirement have been smashed to smithereens.

    an MD and wife store owner who cannot afford college for their sons?
    what the hell?????

    we aren’t all watching Jerzy Shore, American Idol and the Karsdashians…….

    the banks need to pay back what they have stolen from us or we will all sue their greedy asses for many more times in damages.

    • I certainly agree with you….the word trust is now just another word. In all my years I never thought it would come to this…and to have our government turn on the citizens tells us the terrorists are right here in our country…no wonder Homeland Security has not come to the plate…it is part of the government. The whole damn bunch should be hung up and stoned by the people…tell death do us part. And the financial industry needs worse punishment…150 years in a 5 X 10 cement walls call their home..confined with only a toilet and concrete slab to lay their frig’n bodies on…that’s it.
      Yes, the anger runs deep…and it ain’t over till the fat lady sings…GOD BLESS AMERICA……AND EVERY HO– USE HAS AN AMERICAN FLAG WAVING…….

  5. Fury says:

    grass roots is where it is.
    i trust my neighbors and like-minded people. We have the Power to make the world a better place.

    sadly, i don’t trust the courts, govt., elected officials and certainly not the banks or wall street.

    what a bitter pill to swallow.

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