Smalley v Shapiro & Burson LLP et al | Maryland Foreclosure Mill Shapiro & Burson Tagged With Federal Robosigner Suit Seeking Class Action Status

Law Firm’s Robo-Signers Defrauded Thousands, Class Action Charges

Suit says Virginia law firm illegally foreclosed on “potentially thousands” of Maryland homes

A federal class action claims that thousands of Maryland homeowners lost their homes because of the illegal robo-signing operation of the Shapiro & Burson law firm, with offices in Baltimore, Md., and Fairfax, Va., and six of its attorneys.  The suit also charges the firm charged excessive fees.

The suit notes that the State’s Attorney in Prince George’s County, Md., has opened a criminal inquiry into the firm’s practices and has received statements from a former employee who said he was told to sign thousands of affidavits without seeing any evidence that the statements in the affidavits were true.

The plaintiffs, Charles Smalley and Pamela Ball, lost their homes in foreclosure actions involving the Shapiro & Burson firm, even though the firm allegedly did not have possession of the documents necessary to justify the actions.

Ms. Ball said that she lost her home in Bowie, Md., which she had purchased in November 2006 with an adjustable rate mortgage for $355,700. She lost her home in a foreclosure action little more than a year later, even though none of the defendants had possession of the note, although they swore in affidavits that they did, the suit alleges.

“Defendants sold Ms. Ball’s home without ever seeing the promissory note,” the suit alleges.

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Smalley v Shapiro & Burson LLP et al

Full Affidavit of Jose Portillo of Shapiro & Burson

15 Responses to “Smalley v Shapiro & Burson LLP et al | Maryland Foreclosure Mill Shapiro & Burson Tagged With Federal Robosigner Suit Seeking Class Action Status”
  1. m brew says:

    Same situation happened to me with Indymac and Shapoiro & Burson> only this was the office in Virginia Beach, Va. but they are all affiliated trust me> they have the same bosses igning off on all of this fraud. how can i be part of the class action lawsuit against Shapiro & Burson? feel free to email me. Thanks

  2. m brew says:

    Same thing happened to me with IndyMac Mortgage and Shapiro & Burson> the exact situation>

  3. JP says:

    What is the latest on this law suit? I have not found anything further aside from the initial filing?

  4. angry & NOT TAKING IT says:

    i vent… so why would you think that GA is going to flush their pensions?? not a chance. You are expendable their pensions are NOT. If its gov its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about the pension.
    start searching for the state pension investment plans,you’ll see its tied big-time to MBS = Mostly Bull Shit!

    • l vent says:

      @Angry and not taking it: We are not soo expendable because who is going to pay our hyper-inflated property tax bills and utitlity bills, and the sheer cost of maintaining these homes year round? What good will millions of empty homes do them? There are bulldozed businesses everywhere so the property tax bills are less. Are they going to bulldoze half of the homes in the country? That makes no sense either. Who would want to rent these homes for 4-5 grand a month plus the utility bills and the maintenance? I haven’t seen a house in my area sell in the last 2 years. I think the judges know without us they might not only lose a pension but also have to take an early retirement. They can’t have their cake and eat it to. They can’t draw blood from an orange either. We have already been financially crucified. We did not create this disaster so maybe they ought to be looking at the criminals who did and make them start paying for the catasrophe they caused. My house is paid for because of their Ponzi Scheme and I have already paid way too much for this house. They screwed up, not me. The judges should be sueing the trustees of the fraudulent MBS’s for their pension money. We can’t pay for the PONZI SCHEME heist, we have already been forced to pay way too much and it is a disgrace and we are all busted down here on mainstreet. .

      • Elaine Williams says:

        I have documents signed by Erik Yoder too that don’t match. I also have an 3 undated alonges with very questionable squiggles for signature from S & B that mysteriously appeared after I fought back. These arrogant criminals apparently have no idea what they are in for.

  5. Biggio says:

    i have 3 documents signed by an attorney with this Shapiro & Burson by the name of eirk yoder , with 3 different signatures….looking for info on Robert Rybarczyk from B of America

  6. William A. Roper, Jr. says:

    The common denominator is Gerald M. SHAPIRO (b 14 Jul 1943 – Chicago, Cook Co., IL), Northwestern University, B.S. 1965, DePaul University, J.D., 1969 ( and the LOGS Network (

    See also:

    • l vent says:

      You found out Shapiro comes from Crook County, Ill? That figures. There must be some heat on the crooks in Chicago, a judge actually threw 1700 “faulty” fraudclosures out of court a couple of weeks ago that were filed by none other than Fisher and Shapiro. But yet there is still no Fraudclosure Moratorium in sight. Not a word from Gov. Pat Quinn about the rampant mortgage FRAUD. His office is blaming that on the Il. Gen. Assembly. Last Fall, before the elections I was told THE ILGA are the ones who don’t want to draft and try and pass a bill to stop the fraudclosures. HA!! This is exactly what I mean. Democrat, Republican, even after the election nothing has changed. The song remains the same. MUMS THE WORD or it is the BLAME GAME. They tell the people it is not me, I want to help the people, but I cant. That evil Gen. Assembly, they have my hands tied. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. It smells like the same old bullshit. Time for a change. We have to stop voting for the Dems/Repubs and if there is no one else, don’t vote at all. They are all so corrupt, they all just need to go away. Time for the people to send the rats and the cons a clear message, if they can’t get the job done and stop the fraudclosures and stop taxing the living hell out of the victims to cover up for all of the rampant corruption, we will be sending them the horses head. Many people think a TAX REVOLT is in order. These politicians are completely out of control. We The People are sick and tired of paying for their robbery of our wealth..They are all a corrupt cabal of Kleptomaniacs. Almost no one showed up to elect the mayor and next time, if things don’t change, no one will show up. Rahm Emannuel got in as mayor with the lowest amount of votes in County history, just a meager, 37% . Clearly, the people have had enough of all of the corruption.

  7. Lit Gant says:

    And Elizabeth Wellborn of Deerfield Beach, Florida has not withdrawn a single robo-signed affidavit or assignment she has submitted on behalf of her plaintiff clients. She and other lawyers representing these criminal banks, lenders, and servicers, are hiding under the radar and laying low. They hope to escape undetected. And they hope no one will file compaints against them and the signers of these fraudulent documents. So far she enjoys her breakfast, lunch, and supper. Maybe some day she can eat them wearing blues.

  8. Scott D says:

    Does this Shapiro and Burson law firm have affiiation with the Shapiro and Swertfeger law firm in Atlanta, GA.?

    It seems that I have seen before the the Atlanta Shapiro had used this method of lending his name to multiple law firms in other states.

    Can anybody confirm this?

    • Elaine Williams says:

      @ Scott D. look up L.O.G.S. Law offices of Gerald (or Gerard) Shapiro. Huge network of foreclosure mills.

  9. l vent says:

    That name Shapiro is everywhere. WTF? They are not so slick.

    • Scott D says:

      I’ll second that! “WTF”!

      I’ve shut down the Atlanta operation a couple of times with carefully crafted “eat-shite” letters.

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