Force Placed Insurance & Loan Mod Lies | Couple Sues Chase for Breach of Contract

Lesage couple sues Chase for breach of contract

HUNTINGTON — A Lesage couple is suing JPMorgan Chase Bank and Chase Home Finance after they claim the bank breached its contract with them.

Denise Ash and Matthew Ash purchased their home in 2003 for $91,000, which was financed with a loan through First Franklin Financial Corporation, according to a complaint filed March 24 in Cabell Circuit Court.

The couple claims the loan was ultimately assigned to JPMorgan Chase Bank and the servicing of the loan was assigned to Chase Home Financial.

In the summer of 2010, Chase Home Financial informed the Ashes that it would be raising their payments from $680 to $1,190 for repayment of force-placed insurance over the previous two years, according to the suit.

The couple claims they contacted Chase because they were concerned about being able to afford the new payment and a representative suggested they apply for a loan modification and stated that the couple should not may any payments until the loan modification was processed.

And I bet you can’t figure out what happened from there.

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  1. Jason Werner says:

    They should also include the whore (judge) in that lawsuit as a defendant because in most cases – speaking from personal experience – the whore wrongly influences the criminal (bank) to play the modification game even though of course the whore refuses to peruse the documents, which documents prove that the criminal bank strategically defaulted on their agreement because they deceived everybody in the matter from before origination and were insolvent and indigent in the process.

  2. l vent says:

    I don’t know why but this post reminds me of something my so called mortgage servicer, PHH MORTGAGE told me before I even applied for the LOAN MOD SCAM, _ YOU ARE ALWAYS IN FORECLOSURE_. WTF………

  3. tony says:

    ok Help me understand … Forced place insurance ? Did the couple have insurance and do they have proof or they had no insurance and the servicer needed to protect the property. I had insurance on my property and it was paid up for 1 year , the servicer took it upon themselves to say I had no insurance and forced placed insurance . I gave them a copy of the settlement/ closing statement the actually paid in full policy and they still took 800.00 dollars from escrow stating to me that the info I gave them was not proof I had insurance, to top it all off they required a paid up policy at the onset of the loan ….

    • pamelag says:

      illinois law requires one year prepaid homeowners ins to close…2 months intomy loan GMAC became the ‘servicer’ that is when the trouble began. i proved again and again i had sufficient coverage, but it didn’t matter, they applied mtg payments to ins escrow, then paid MY homeowners, then charged me again.ultimately, they were after my PMI (freddie mac). when i contacted them (FM), they told me to ‘reinstate’ i had to pay $ins$,lawyers fees,anyway $25k ransome, then at sheriff auction it was offered for under 50% of what i i ‘get’ why the whore judge covered his ears and screamed at me, if he listened, he would be part of it. my lawyer,? i think he took a dive. i pray for all of you fighting. God Bless America

  4. one sound says:

    There is only one thing i can say they the banksthe people that own them are war mongers

    I would like to see somembody from the banks make a simple agreement/con-tract (as in the pro’s and the con’s) that is not as thick as a brick

    Is writen in simple easy to understand language made just for the cos-tumer where anybody can under-stand/stand -under

    Is no more than five 5 pages where somebody named WELLS FARGO or B OF A and so on or even somebody with lawful power of ATTORNEY from the bank WELLS FARGO or B OF A and so on is willing to risk signing their name to the areeement/con-tract

    Handing the money over to the man or the woman that is now only puportedly getting a loan

    So they can by the home and write the check or hand cash to whom ever they wish to buy a home from !!

    Now thats what i would call a real change in the banking industry KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY

    HERE IS ANOTHER CLIP TO HELP you may have to cut and paste

  5. pamelag says:

    GMAC aka (duetsch,ally,homecoming) got me with Balboa ins diverted mtg payments to escrow, and successfully foreclosed. judge covered his ears because if he heard me he would be part of the fraud. it is 8 months and i am still mourning. am i crazy? i just can’t get over this. still full of rage. God Bless America

    • yvonne says:

      WOW! they tried that with me but did not work..this Balboa…owned by GMAC and BOA../Deutsche…some of this forced ins info is now coming to light for others also who were not behind like myself, not behind but opened a can of worms when I tried to get some insurance info from GMAC/Homecomings…will share that story one day…but still waiting to see what the bank plans to do…they had David Stern file a false copy of a so called original note when I was not around and then could not find the original for me to vet…so that is still filed at the courts with the jeffery robo signer false affidavit and assignment also…I was one of the files that the judge dismiss due to the bank not getting new consul…but I keep all my docs in order…so am waiting…meanwhile, more fraud continue to be exposed…why don’t you go an reopen the case for $50.00 bucks and object or file a new lawsuit against them with all the info that is now out you may stand a good chance…

    • yvonne says:

      I believe there is a five year statue of limitation….

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